Flipkart’s First Private Fashion Label Divastri Will Be Launched Soon

Flipkart is to launch its first private label in the fashion category to take advantage of the high demand of Women’s ethnic wear. Company will target the unstitched garment through Divastri and it will be driven by the tail merchant to take control over the quality as well as pricing in the segment.


Company has some basic line

Rishi Vasudev, VP of fashion (retail) at Flipkart, said that, “We have some basic line of private label but Divastri will be our first brand in the fashion space. We have selected over 20 sellers, some of whom double up as manufacturers to licence the brand and sell on the Flipkart fashion marketplace. We have started with a selection of 1,500 and will soon ramp it up to 2,500”.


Major sold unit is Fashion unit 

Flipkart announced that fashion units sells more than 60% of all units on its site. Of this, half of the fashion sale is of ethnic wear and Indian contemporary wear.


New label will fulfill fashion need

As per Vasudev, Flipkart will introduce new private labels as part of the fashion vertical in nearby future. He also said that the line will be aligned in order to fulfill the need of quality and design.

As per RedSeer, Fashion category has added a static value in the company’s gross merchandise value between the quarter period of 2016 and 2017.

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