Top 8 Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is a new technique evolved in marketing whether it is an online business or offline store.  Activities related to selling, purchasing, and advertising of any products and services using mobile devices are classified as mobile marketing. Of course you always want to be on top in your business and mobile will help you …

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Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a new definition of internet marketing. Mobile has become an integral part of our life and consistent use of smartphones in daily life brings forward an idea for the development of this technique. And of course, Mobile First Index experiment of Google will affect your online business. This technology is going to …

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Google Mobile First Indexing Impact (Algorithm Update) – A Big Shift

google mobile first index

Mobile First Index This is a technique used by Google which will consider mobile site ( as primary for page ranking. Traditionally, Desktop Sites were used to determine ranking but mobile first index will change this priority to mobile site( According to Google – Mobile First Indexing, Google will first consider the mobile version of your website to …

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