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Different Platforms


IPhone App Development

Our experienced and professional I-phone application developers are well acquainted with the iOS technological developments. Our expert team of developers stay updated with the latest developments and versions and the innovative devices of iOS as well. By using iPhone SDK our app developers build customized iPhone apps.


Blackberry App Development

Our experienced developing team is very much proficient in building the most basic and innovative features of the blackberry application. A fully-fledged blackberry application is ready for the delivery only after the robust testing and processes of back testing. Our framework is a consortium of C, C++, graphics, GPS enabled service, and gaming engine support as well.


iPad App Development

When we talk about iPad applications, our utmost emphasis is on user experience. Our keen attention is on UX/UI and creates high-quality designs with enhanced visuals. iPad users are considered as most discerning one in the application users, so we are creating something unique and overwhelming that can tempt the users of iPad.


Android App Development

Android apps reside in a fragmented multi-device world. The rules of API are less strict, so we have made our testing process is more intensive. Our developers have been successfully developed hundreds of android applications on releases from 2.X TO 5.X. From simple phones to custom devices and from Gingerbread to Lollipop, we can do it for you.


Windows App Development

Our windows mobile application developers are efficient in developing the apps with the rich feature and the easiest user interface. Having the proficient knowledge of visual studio IDE( integrated development environment, SQL server mobile edition . Net compact framework, our developers are well equipped to deliver the best results.


Cross-platform App Development

Technians has an experienced and focused on the cross-platform mobile development team that indefatigably works on cross-platforms on different verticals. We have worked with different clients on their mobility journey and assist them to maximize the potential of their cross mobile platform and successfully delivering results to them.

Miscellaneous Mobile Services

Gone are the days when app development for mobile restricted to some single discipline. Today, most of the enterprises of all the verticals require this platform for the overwhelming growth. So to realize the market requirement, we have built a strong team that can work for all the disciplines. These are some specialization we have-


Wearable Devices App Development

As a proactive member of the technological solutions, we have conducted many painstaking researches into wearable technologies and develop the customized apps for the wearable devices. Our services in this domain are- Develop glassware for Google glass, custom app development for wearable devices, IOS app development, and upgrade apps for compatibility with wearable devices.

Enterprise App Development

Our apps are customized to facilitate the tasks of employees and the enterprises as well. Helps in to achieve customer gratification through functional user experience with the business flexibility. Our apps can ensure data security protocols of highest standards, seamless data connectivity, and increased business efficiency by enhancing productivity.

Mobile Commerce App

Given your zeal and experience of mobile application development, we have also found adeptness in mobile commerce development because of its potential. Providing an inclusive range of mobile commerce that can ensure you a total contentment. Like mobile banking services, mobile online shopping services, e-commerce information services, and auction services.

App Prototyping and Strategy

App strategy is a cornerstone that lays the foundation for design integration and subsequently a prototype. Prototype is also vital because it reflects the insight view and provides the idea of its look and feel and if required changes can be made as per the client’s requirements. We also work on an idea and nurture it with our expertise and deliver optimal results.

Cross Platform Development

Mobile application development is the one that experiences most of the innovation in the market. Al the prominent platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and many more are competing with each other by coming up with new ideas and creativity. All the platforms have some pros and cons as well, so to single out one for the development in an onerous task and development apps specifically for all the platforms is costly and time-consuming as well. This is where cross-platform development plays its part.


Phone gap App Development

Opting for all the platforms can be afforded by the person with deep pockets. But PhoneGap can work on all platforms with the price of one. Target more customers from all the platforms by accessing this cost effective option. Our services in this domain are- Custom PhoneGap development, Testing and migration to mobile platforms, PhoneGap eCommerce development and more.

Sencha App Development

Sencha touch allows our developers to develop a HTML5 based mobile applications for the purpose of cross-functionality. It has the quality to leverage features of myriad platforms and has already become imperative for the business to ensure their customized app can run smoothly on all the platforms. Providing you the flexibility and optimization of the highest order.

HTML5 Development

Today, most of the users are demanding comprehensiveness without negotiating on the aspects of easy-user interface and technical features. Combining these elements through HTML, we develop apps comes with high user-interest and engagement. Providing you the app like experience in browser interface, high resolution on small screen, streamlined navigation and much more.

Responsive Web Design

Adapting the website for different screen resolution with UX/UI remains constant has now become essential as the mobile and tabs users are on the verge to surpass the desktop users. Here, responsive web design comes into play and if your website designed on this model, then you possibly can target a big user base. And it is highly recommended by Google also.

Adobe air App Development

Myriad reasons can be counted for the consideration of adobe air for the purpose of cross-platform app development. It’s secure, fast, and powerful as well. Better quality apps with the low-cost development. It is easy to install and configure, can run without a browser, and it is highly flexible with almost all the application platforms.

Why us?


Cross-platform Expertise

Our professional developers have an eye for every technical detail relevant to mobile application development and have built robust mobile apps across all the platforms. Having a prominent history of success in making apps of android, iOS, and other wearable devices.


API Customization

Our app developers are having a seasoned experience of working on several API integration and optimization projects. This experience on API ensures delivery of secure and scalable app.


Architectural Framework

A sustainable architectural framework always paves the way for the success of any work and this also holds true for our mobile application development process. Before starting any project, we conduct a painstaking research and analysis and identify the optimal requirements for the purpose.


Timely Deliverables

Be firm on our promises is our first principle. And our foremost commitment is to deliver the app on time, as we know that more delay can put you behind in the competition race. But timely delivery of project doesn’t mean that we negotiate on quality, this is something out of the question for us.