TeamIndus Preparing Students for Moon

The CSR arm of the TeamIndus foundation, is working on the Moon Mission which is the first private space mission of India, is to launch a Campus Ambassadors Programme for College students.


Main object is to create excitement

Madhumita Bhattacharya, programme lead at TeamIndus Foundation, said that, “The idea is to create excitement about space and engineering, not just the Moon Mission. We want students to be aware of the work happening here and the opportunities present in this nascent industry”.


50 students are already assigned

Before its formal launch in August, company has already assigned 50 college students and looking for addition of few more.


How it will work

  • A part of the initiative would require students to interact online with the engineers and scientists at TeamIndus so that they would better understand the complexities of the moon mission.
  • The other part includes setting up of space clubs or talking with students to connect with more students and familiarise them woth the industry.
  • Some of them can be chosen for the internship programme at TeamIndus in nearby future.


It will increase academic awareness

The TeamIndus Foundation was founded to increase the academic awareness for moon mission and utilization of the provided education opportunities.


Lab2moon contest

In this context, it had initiated a contest called Lab2moon and engineering colleges across the whole over world had participated in this.


Moonshot Wheels bus

Now, the Moonshot Wheels bus is moving across the country to create and increase the awareness on science and technology education.

TeamIndus foundation , Campus Ambassadors Programme

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