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PPC Campaign Setup


Campaign, Adgroup & Ads Theming

We are the leading providers of PPC management services in Gurgaon. This campaign is directed to draw the searches from a specific geographical location targeted. Targeting the customers who are not only potential, but also showing interest in the services.


Keyword Match Types

Our PPC company focus on the Keyword Match Types to optimize the PPC campaign. This is primarily focused on to choose phrase matched keywords, modified broad matched keywords because most of the time Google acknowledges a keyword used with three or four variations in a specific ad group.


Ad Extension Creation

If you are looking for adwords management company in India, We are here the PPC management service provider in Gurgaon. Regarded as the extra feature included in the Ad creation. Through this, we add some extra relevant information with the Ad, such as address, phone number, store rating, and some value website links.


Managing through Devices

Setting-up the campaign that targets the prospective audiences through devices and incorporating the most strategic technique of click-to-call, we targets the online mobile traffic of marketplace.We provide the PPC Management Services which enables the campaign to be targeted on all devices.


Location Targeting

Location targeting allows to put your ads on specific geographical location. Helps to focus advertisement on the areas where you find the prospective customers with a similar interest. Location can in the country, local area, and the radius around the area. We (PPC Management company in Gurgaon) create the PPC campaigns which are location or geographical targeted.


Negative Keywords

Our PPC Management service experts helps to make sure that ads only appear to the section of people looking for what you offer. Sometimes Google not show your ad for the phrase trends in searching, so it’s our foremost concern to avoid negative keywords.

Campaign Analysis & Optimization

Keen analysis should always be the first step to run any campaign. Our team of PPC Management Service also follows this universal strategy and always do many keen checks for the ideal analysis and its subsequent optimization through innovative and proved techniques.

PPC Monitoring

Ad Variations

Our PPC Campaign Management team highly recommends the split testing of ad variations. Operating with highly optimized ads with the split test against one another. Inducting ad extensions into every group of ad and subsequently optimize them to improve click-through rates.

Quality Score

It’s not about getting traffic; it is about getting quality traffic. Targeting the right terms and phrases for SEO which can target a particular section of customers or can be called potential customers. Most optimal way to process towards the innovative trend.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Most advanced feature of Adwords and We, the PPC service providers are using this feature to update your text to the exact keyword for which customers have been searching the items. As the name suggests, it dynamically improving sales.


PPC is the only optimal technique which allows to target the peak hours to cater potential customers. Giving you the full value for money, we are also targeting ads on the peak hours and on the specific geographical location as well for the maximum sales.

Geographical Targeting

A tool which allows us to target ads on specific locations or languages. This option comes with all the major search engines and we make your ad highly target specific as possible and generate high-quality traffic which sustains for a period. Our PPC Experts make sure to target the needful audience.

Bid Management

By using the proprietary bid management software we specifically bid on the particular keywords and websites that brings the traffic of audiences in the most pocketing prices. Our bids also go through the frequent adjustment as per the market.

PPC Advertising Helps You Get

PPC advertising is undoubtedly the tool to get the maximum ROI within a short span. But it must be backed with painstaking market research and that you will get from here.

Paid Search Strategy

Maximized ROI

Working through an ideal consortium of SEO and PPC, Our PPC Campaign services helps in improving your return on investment by targeting the customers who have been searching the same business and services you are providing. It also paves the way for brand exposure.

Speed up to the market

Market has not only become competitive but diverse as well. So we deal with the most innovative PPC campaign backed with extensive market trends to match up the speed of your business with the market and make it competitive.

Testing Competence

Through blogs and PR of informative and precise mode, we educate the customers about your offerings and services and tempt them to do business with you. The process rightly starts with the planning, creation, and promotion on word press and other optimal platforms.

Highly-targeted Website Traffic

Through keenly designed ad copies for some particular business keyword and target it on a location, we can add quality traffic through an unprecedented rate. Apart from this, we also set-up your ad campaign on the peak sale hours.


A ubiquitous brand presence always paves the way for its expansion and profitability. Our PPC experts will be doing the same for your website and inviting a bonus traffic on your website so that your business can reach to every nook and corner and you can emerge as a frontrunner.

Re-engage your Customers

Keeping your brand image intact in the minds of the customers by the tempting display of your banners by tracking their activities. This paves the way to convert first-time visitors into potential ones. PPC campaign is designed in a way to Re-engage the customers who are approaching to your website.

Why Choose us?


Dedicated Account Manager

Our indefatigable and proficient PPC campaign account managers use multi-dimensional technology to create a highly optimized account structure, error-free execution and generate lower CPCs and higher CPCs for your campaign.


Google Certified Partners

Accredited Google partner with dedicated and seasoned professionals; this allows us to employ secure and innovative methods in getting ahead of the competitors and to deliver overwhelming results.


Detailed Performance Reporting

By Uttering in a precise statement, our foremost concern is the transparency and the contentment of the customer and on the lines of it, we always keep our customers in the loop of information, so that client can envisage the direction of the work.


Complete Transparency

Most determining factor to utilize by search engines to rank the websites for targeted keywords. So we increase the quality and quantity of link building so that your pages can be perceived important by search engines and can rank better.


Landing Page Recommendations

Strategically designed PPC campaign generates more leads and results than a plain campaign. Negotiation on that is just not possible on this aspect. Our well-crafted optimized PPC landing page always comes with 100% gratification.