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Types of Android App


Android Native App Development

Native App is destined and developed for use on a particular platform or device. It is sort of Smartphone application coded in a particular programming language. Comes with a fast experience with the simplest reliability. Our programmers have an utmost experience and keen eye in making these apps and also adept in the practice to design apps which can be used without an internet connection.


Android Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps come with cross-platform compatibility and developed by using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Accessing hardware features such as camera, contacts, and accelerometer, this app can run on almost all the platforms. Our professionals make these applications in a way that they can easy to maintain and work fast without any delay in the functioning.


Android Apps Design

Our development team in the android discipline is adept in developing applications for phone, tablet, and phablet as well. Optimizing the design of the application as per the client’s requirement and maintaining an optimal user experience with the graphically enticing design. Always striving hard to deliver the design which can tempt the prospective user experience.


UI Compatible in all Resolutions

Our core strategy rightly works from the conceptualization of the application to its induction on the different app stores. Our prime focus has always been laid on the user-interface compatibility by abstracting the new APIs, using the version aware component, Proxying to the new APIs, and creating an implementation with the older APIs as well.

Technical Feature

Having an exceptional expertise in API’s, SDK( Android software development kit), Open GL, Android security structure, 3D graphics, Wi-Fi Apps, and the other technologies needed to establish unique app platform. Our every app comes with the structured navigational structure, ability to run on any device, and adaptable to any change in the technology.

Android Apps

Online / Offline Access

When every app is using an internet connection for their functioning, we are still able to make some customized apps which can be used without the internet and Wi-Fi connection. Offline apps mostly come in the domain of e-books weather, and document viewer and we are proficient in developing these apps through the best space management.

Admob Integration

Admob comes with a best-in-class technology for making revenues from the app. You can gain the insight information of users, drive more in app purchases if your app is integrating with the feature. Here we can do it for you through construct an interstitial Ad object and subsequently set up a unit id for the ad. About 650000 apps are using this, so you can’t miss the opportunity to earn revenue.

Push notification & in-app purchase

Most optimal tool to re-engage the user through a notification or message when the user is not active on the application. Push notifications always show the application and a crisp of a message in the status bar. Designing apps with push-notification and in-app purchases so that user can remain engaged with the application and in-app purchases can bring a more revenue to your application.

Reliable Google map navigation

Gone are the days when individuals asking addresses from the other individuals. People are now accessing Google maps to identify a lane as well. Our developing professionals have also designed apps for on the same lines, on which someone can navigate while walk, ride, and drive as well. Where ever you go our navigation service is always with you.

GPS-based Service Integration

Our android application developers are much acquainted with the technology of global positioning satellite using space and local Bluetooth enable chips integration for the beacon services as well. Well-aware with the geo-fencing and other proximity indicating services integration according to the requirement of our patrons.

Application Testing

Making optimal use of testing approach, device methodology and tools such as jmeter. Test designs are customized as per the requirement of the mobile application. Our testing process is inclusive and multidimensional so that all the aspects can be covered. Our testing process comprises of- HTML5 testing, Widget testing, Browser compatibility, and native browser testing.

Support and Maintenance Services

Our technical team is equipped with the experience of developing and maintaining android apps on a large scale. Taking care of the aspects of crash and unnatural behavior, we regularly maintain the apps for smooth working. Our android developers operate with the optimal methods for the performance enhancement program for the new versions also.

The Roads of Our Android Development Services

Connect interactions from any channel or device, combining customer data and behaviors to create real-time relevant communications. Connect interactions from any channes. Connect interactions from any channel or device, combining customer data and behaviors to create real-time relevant communications. Connect interactions from any channes

Android App Development Services

Seamless Execution

Offering application development services backed by the painstaking research and constant efforts in android division. By having a large experience in back-end integration with the systems like SAP, CRM, propriety systems, and 3rd party tolls, we have always been delivering an integrated and seamless mobile strategy.

Aligned Services

Your priority is our foremost concern and we always incorporate your ideas, priorities and make an ideal consortium with our defined strategy and mobile landscape. By gaining a keen knowledge of the nature of your business and its challenges, we help you to single out our optimal technology framework, tools, and architectural patterns as well.


We have adopted this strategy like a philosophy and our first focus is always on the purpose of the application and its target users. Formulating an easy user-interface on the lines of easy-navigational structure; incorporating a unique combination of design patterns like- Controls, color, menus, widgets, and much more.

Quality Checks

The presence of wide variety of devices, mobile networks, operating systems, and the band width as well causes many glitches in the functioning of the users. So we have set-up various project specific testing protocols to weed out every possible glitch in the application. Our refined procedures always ensure a high-performance with a sustainability.

Why choose us for Android App Developments?


Secured Data & Process

Securing an open platform like android requires security architecture of highest order and refined security passage. Our designers always take care of that and provide a multi-layered security cover for all the applications. Application is the matter of the public domain and any security threat can malign your image, but if you are with us, then be sure.


Our prominence is our advantage

Earned a high-technical expertise through a decade of experience in the application development and the mobile technology as well. Our testing protocols, prebuilt code libraries, optimal framework comes with a guarantee of a quicker turnaround. Our professionals are aware with the requirements, launch necessities, and certification for the app development process.


High Flexibility & Scalability

Measuring scalability through innovation and maintain it through constant dedication. As web is not mathematics, so always been undergone some change. Our Professional developers also have an eye for every innovation and adaptability according to the update and implement the change subsequently. We inherited the flexibility of the highest order from our experience in the developing area.


Time & ROI Centric

Development of an app has always associated with some purpose, but to earn through it remains the most formidable one. Our strategic process of development is also focused on this aspect and comes with an assurance of high ROI. Always committed to the promise of time-bound delivery, our professionals have always been in the sleepless nights until the delivery.


Seamless Communication

We are so died in the wool to provide 100 % customer’s contentment and we commit the same even after the delivery. Though we firmly provide the error-free android applications in every delivery, but in case if you encounter with any glitch, our 24/7 customer support is at your service. It is aimed to resolve your any query in no time.