10 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape Your Business in 2018


As another year passes by, 2018 has witnessed some dramatic shifts in the digital marketing trends. Gone are the days when people awaited for the morning newspaper searching for news and completely relied on their radio. As technology is no more a newborn baby to the society, digital marketing trends are having tremendous changes.

There are certain parameters such as – PPC, Social media, content and video marketing which a normal business can no longer take for granted.

Below given are some digital marketing latest trends that are ruling 2018 –

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in studying the customer behaviour over the web. To track the status of any business, you always need to calculate certain parameters such as – how customers react to your website and how much time do they spend on it. This can also be counted under customer acquisition strategies for a deep understanding of its behaviour.

artificial intelligence

  • It extracts all the data from blogs and social media, studies it carefully and analyses the behaviour of any customer.
  • For the improvement and more engagement of customers, AI provides certain tips and tricks.
  • Not only it will foster the growth but also save the money of any business.
  1. Chatbots

It allows the brand to connect with their customers at any time, be it night or day. Internationally you can have a strong hold on the customer query resolving process and can save customer acquisition cost. To meet the customer demands, this AI-based technology is helpful. So it is considered as one of the best current digital marketing trends.


  • It has been estimated that in next 4 years, chatbots will save more than $8 billion of businesses per annum.
  • Chatbots provide accurate and quick answers to the customers. You can learn deeply about any service or product within seconds.
  • You can even save information to not to ask the same things again and again.
  • You can directly be asked for an email address so that you can have details of it saved in your folder safely without any human involvement.
  1. Video Marketing

Today, technology has brought some changes in our lives and the major change is that we can now search for videos more than content and pictures. It is giving the industry a new direction.

video marketing

You can refer the marketing stats

  • Web traffic of about 80% wants to watch a movie for their query instead of any other way.
  • 64% of the conversions happen after a customer watches the relative video.
  • 94% customers have admitted that video admires them to purchase a product.

Although it is already in trend, not all businessmen are focusing towards having lots of videos on their page. By going through such stats, we can conclude that video marketing is another one of the latest digital marketing trends.

  • Not only Youtube but Facebook and Instagram have witnessed gain in popularity by the videos.
  • Live videos are gaining a huge popularity these days. Many celebrities and bloggers are seen sharing their moments via Live video streaming.
  1. Messaging Apps

If you think, social messaging apps are just there to chat and exchange memes, then you need to have a look at the following stats –

messaging apps

These stats are there just to satisfy the statement which says that social media apps are very popular. Many of the money makers have focused their effort on social messaging apps where they can directly contact the customers and create new contacts. Many people nowadays prefer talking over the social media applications because it has become more reliable.

  1. Visual Search

As the name suggests, people often wish to search for any stuff which appears with an image. It has gained a lot of popularity in past few years.

visual search

  • Pinterest has gained a lot of popularity these days. It has drastically improved tons of things such as the addition of lens to snap a picture, search tool etc. Pinterest is the one and only visual search available.
  • Google search lens is an app which is able to recognize the things through its camera. If you capture any book, landmark or anything, you will get its information.
  • Bing visual search is production by Microsoft which again does the same work i.e – recognizing the stuff through the camera.
  • Camfind search is a mobile application for the same purpose. Gone are the days where we all had to type a sentence long query to find something. Visual search is shaping tomorrow.
  1. Voice Searches

In today’s world, where there is no room for errors, many search engines have improved a lot so that the searchers can get quick and accurate answers. Here, voice search plays a major role.

voice searches

It has to be noticed that such drastic changes have led the influencers to rethink and restructure their digital marketing strategies. It is counted to be in digital marketing latest trends.

  1. Social Media Stories

Starting from snapchat, social media stories have always remained in the digital marketing trends. This time, it has been seen that Instagram has launched their story options along with live stream video. It is a good opportunity to grab for brand awareness. It is a crucial time for all the brand influencers to tailor their marketing strategies. The best part about the stories is that they disappear after certain time. Influencers can take great advantage by working on them as most of the users do watch the story in short span of time because of fear of missing out. Just accelerate your thoughts and put them into your stories. Not only Youtube but Facebook also has the option of stories and live video streaming.

  1. Influencer Marketing

An influencer is the one whose actions have a silent impact on the crowd. Influencer marketing is a type of brand promotion through renowned people such as – bloggers, celebrities, fashion icons, etc. It is a trendsetter activity which is being followed by almost every brand.

influncer marketing

Endorsements happen and the local crowd gets informed about it is through Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. It tempts the local crowd to have that service or product quickly. These influencers engage a large amount of the crowd through all their social media accounts. Hence the role of social media in digital marketing can never be neglected.

  1. Personalization of Content

It has a vital role in marketing. Today, a majority of the marketers endorse their products in their own way by working out with the consumer details, purchase history, geographic location and interests that help the marketers to achieve the targeted customers with their well-researched and distinguishable content. Most of the brands these days completely rely on personalized content and being an influencer, this should be considered.

  1. Programmatic Advertising

It is a way to automatically buy advertising space on the internet depending on behavioural insights of the customer. The data is being used by the computers to decide which ad to buy and how much to pay for that ad.

In the nutshell, this year is quite promising as well as tough for the brand influencers. You can meet your target market if you include your strategies based on these trends. So, these were few digital marketing trends which are being followed and will continue to follow through the year 2018. For better conversions, you cannot ignore these trends as they will play a vital role in your brand’s growth.

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