4 Most Prominent CRO Tools To Intensify Your SEO Efforts

Receiving colossal traffic is an excellent signal for your website, but is your work over here? Contributor Stephanie Leonne says “it’s time to implement a conversion rate optimization campaign.”

Every search engine optimization specialist understands that SEO is a never-ending process. Every time you think, you have implemented all the algorithmic changes to the website, Google rolls out a new algorithm to keep you working. You have to constantly think of small changes that can bring a significant impact to the website ranking. Which will always keep you ahead in the competition.

You might have come across a situation where you want to change your website design for more user engagement, but you can’t evaluate the effect due to the lack of data. Such situations generate the need for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization is an organized process to increase the no. of visitors to the site who chooses to perform some desired activities like filling out a form, subscribing to services or any such actions.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

The CRO process helps you to understand how a customer is navigating through your website, what activities they are performing, and which loopholes are preventing them from achieving your goals.

It’s not easy to decide which one is more critical SEO or CRO. Whether our focus should be laid on:

  1. SEO strategies to generate the webpage traffic first and then on optimizing the conversions,
  2. Or you should first invest time in creating a smooth path for increasing the conversion rate and later focus on the content.

So, it is recommended to maintain a balance between the both to maximize the result.

Here Are The 4 Best CRO Tools to Boost SEO

The following tools are used by the search engine specialist and conversion experts to upgrade their leads and extend their reach. Follow the given points to escalate your SEO efforts.

  1. Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the most robust, conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool available to the marketers right now.


The tool allows you to modify your data collection fully. Where most tools follow the same old method by repeatedly gathering data from all the pages and visitors, Hotjar is different. It gives you the option to put a control on the data capturing and also allows you to make the reports quickly.

Hotjar facilitates the smart sampling techniques.

How it applies to SEO: It combines features such as visual heat-maps (provide cold and hotspots on your site), visitor recordings, conversion funnel tracking, analytics, polling, surveys and more. If you are looking to focus heavily on CRO and customer acquisition strategies for your business, Hotjar is the perfect solution.

  1. EyeQuant

It is a heat-mapping tool that helps you to examine the design metrics of your web page. It generates a map to identify the most attractive features of your site and highlights the “hotspots,” areas of interests and more.


EyeQuant is continuously working to improve the online banner ads by focusing on display elements useful for marketers. Using the tool, the company can easily dwell into the data and utilize it for better performance.

How it applies to SEO: The most prominent feature of this tool is the Attention Map. It provides you with an insight of your landing page through which you can see, which area of your landing page is more impressive. Adding to this, EyeQuant helps you to understand the main points of a page to pinch the design references.

Furthermore, the “perception map” helps you to highlight those components which a user will notice within 3 seconds of their visit on the page. Also, it can categorize the data based on how a new user or returning user will view it.

The most exciting feature of EyeQuant is that it is dissimilar to other heat-mapping tools in the area of collecting data. That means EyeQuant helps you to upload screenshots of your landing pages and receive the feedback within a few clicks. You can evaluate your landing pages in the performance environment, and make repetitions before your page even goes live.

  1. Crazy Egg

This tool allows custom user tracking and also enables you to get extreme gritty with your data division.

Crazy Egg

Here, you can analyze the behaviour of logged in visitors against those who aren’t logged in. You can easily separate the users based on their previous action history, or employ custom JavaScript to segment users.

How it applies in SEO:

Crazy egg takes off the burden of expensive software purchase by allowing A/B testing. Unlike EyeQuant, this tool helps you to have a close look at the visitor’s click behaviour.

You also get the benefit of “Confetti Map” that allows you to categorize clicks by referral source, device type, keyword, and many more.

  1. Optimizely

It is one of the sturdy A/B multipage testing platforms. Optimizely is helpful in creating custom experiments and tests without the need to code. It provides full access to traffic distributions, custom segments, and audiences and many more. You are already a champ in the game of CRO if you have a paid subscription of it.


How it applies in SEO:

It analyzes your web page and sees if there are any elements which may give themselves well to the A/B test. Optimizely allows you to simultaneously test two versions of the same content without worrying about getting hit for cloaking.

Using these CRO tools, you can use real data to back up your ideas for creating changes in your site. If you have a significant amount of traffic to your website, then it’s time to start optimizing for CRO.


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