5 Tips To Optimize Your PPC Campaign

We are surrounded by ads, anywhere we go we can see ads staring at us be it ads on TV, ads on magazines and newspapers, vehicle wraps etc. And now, we are so much habitual to it that we can’t give a second look to these ads.
Like any other ads, online ads face the same difficulty of people’s knee jerk reaction.

So by what way Google Adwords, which only allows a few characters of ad copy, can help you to generate leads and sales?

It greatly depends on gaining and holding the attention of potential visitors. If you plan and execute properly, PPC ads can do wonders for your inbound marketing planning. Below given are some useful tips which can help you in the bottle neck competition of search engine results pages and convert visitors to your customers.

1) Try to reveal your prices very clearly on your ads

It doesn’t matter whether end-user is a bargainer or a luxury client, he/she can consider your ad only if the prices are clearly mentioned. Nobody has the time to click and open unless you provide clear idea of prices of your products/services on your online ads.

2) Prices should be competitive

Today everybody understands the power of internet and end-user will compare prices of the same products which you are selling in a couple of minutes to typically 4 to 5 different stores. So you can’t help but being price competitive. It doesn’t mean you are required to offer the lowest price but search for your competitors’ prices and try to be close enough to their prices to give a room to other factors which can compel end-user to give a thought to buy your products.

3) Keyword list matters the most when it comes to running PPC campaigns

Many will give a knee jerk reaction to me if I say long-tails terms are better to opt for. But to the matter of fact they are greatly targeted, and many of the times more cost-effective in comparison with more competitive terms.
To find relevant long-tail terms you have to carry out some research. For example, if you sell laptops, your long-tail terms could be like ‘Where is the laptop store in x place’ or ‘place to get best deal on laptop’.

4) Make eye-catching ad copy

Your ad copy should be able to catch eye-balls (and clicks) in order to ensure you show up distinctly from your competitors. Mere having a good budget, keywords etc. won’t help unless you have a compelling ad copy.
Concentrate on making titles that draw the interest of your audience and flare up their inquisitiveness. Moreover, you can create compelling ad copy by talking about discounts, offers that draw their attention.

5) Continuously monitor your ad campaigns

You are required to set goals for your ad campaigns and they should be examined on a continuous basis. Make certain you are relishing ROI results. Without any doubt, Google will get paid on every click, but this isn’t in your case, you need to monitor rate conversion rate, cost per conversion etc.
It isn’t reasonable to expect a huge success at the very beginning; you need to be patient for some time and meanwhile constantly maintain a hawk’s eye on the campaign data. Analyze the keywords which are performing poor and remove them from the list and try new keywords which could perform better.

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