6 Things About Web Design Your Boss Wants To Know

Website designing plays a great role in deciding your marketing and communication targets. It can be proved a challenging task in your website development procedure but if you aware of the imperatives, this thing can be greatly be tackled. The design should provide functionality and add life to your content.
Great care should be taken when it comes to website design as it could backfire if it is badly designed, on the other hand it could do wonders if it is fairly designed.
When a visitor comes to your page, you have a very short frame of time to impress that visitor and convert it into leads and so on. Typically in 2-4 seconds of time, a visitor can decide whether to be at your website or steer to another. Your website should have the ability to impress the visitor within that short frame of time.
So, here we come up with some useful tips which can surely impress visitors within that few seconds.


professional website feature

1) Loading time of web pages should be fast

This thing can’t be avoided as nobody has time in this fast paced life to waste, and with the passing of time in loading of the web pages, chances would be continuously lessening that a visitor will stay on your site.

2) Try to use easy and comprehensive copy writing

Many will not agree with this point, but to the matter of fact, many users will not understand jargon which are in fashion in your industry. So, attempt to sell only that thing what your buyer can easily buy. Furthermore, don’t use long sentences as it can bore your visitor. Your copy need to be simple, short, and to the point.

3) Use of fonts and typefaces

Don’t employ too much typefaces as it could destroy the whole copy. Moreover, constrained use of fonts can add weight to your project. You should understand the fact that many of the great looking websites can be completed by employing just 2 to 3 typefaces.

4) Understand the importance of simplicity

You need to understand the essentially of interface simplicity and how this element plays part to display CTA and making your site visitors concentrated on what is more important. Without any doubt, simplicity revolves around effective info architecture.

5) Simple navigation is essential

Social Media and keywords can bring traffic to your landing page, but if you want to convert those visitors into leads, customers, and promoters, navigation needs to be simple. Here you aren’t required to employ creativity, just use plain and quick to grasp terminology to make your navigation easy.

6) Make it responsive for mobiles and tabs too

We are living in the age of smart phones and tabs, if your website isn’t responsive and optimized for mobiles and tablets you are losing a big market and a number of potential clients.

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