7 New Features of LinkedIn which we Cannot Miss Out


Online marketing is something which possess the tendency of globalizing a particular person and a trend. You may not be an active user of LinkedIn but even its minimal use can increase your SEO and can rank you among top LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn currently being the world’s biggest professional networking platform is something that provides every basic to all its users. LinkedIn was primarily used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and the seekers posting their CVs. It stills holds the mainstream responsibility of connecting the users to different recruiters and serving them job opportunities from different parts of the country. After its acquisition by Microsoft, it launched a new desktop version i.e., a more compatible user interface. So, if you have been using it for past few weeks, you may notice these LinkedIn new features and I am sure you a would feel overwhelmed.


    1. A brand new homepage

      We enjoy those things which are easily accessible and easy to use. If we go for a dynamic and attractive homepage feed, what would be better than Facebook? LinkedIn new features include a brand new homepage feed for its users, one like Facebook. Users can post and comment whatever they feel like. The profile photo updating is made easier as it fits in a circular outline. You can go for different sizes of photos to update. Make your profile summary the best. Try to portray yourself using two lines because now people will have to click on ‘more’ button to see more than just your summary.



      It also gives you a plus point to let your profile be updated. Highlights are shown for recent stories. Well, there is one more impressive thing. You could view when you last updated your profile. This gives you an idea about the scale you need to boost up to develop your social network.


    2. Easy viewing of others profile

      Every data has been managed more efficiently and analytically. Now you can not only view who likes your post or who comments on your post but easily view details like their companies and what is their designation in the company.



      When you click on “My Network”, you can view the pending invitations, the people you may know, your connections and you can add contacts to your connections. You can have an easy view of their profiles by this new LinkedIn features.


    3. Messaging Center

      You may be very fascinated with this chat type messaging center. You can directly send a message to the person whom you want to develop a contact. You don’t have to leave the homepage pane. You can still continue to the formal e-mail type chats but after the introduction of this chat-type center can let you drop down to being some casual. Yet it should be kept in mind that it is a professional platform and there is some decency to be maintained. You can’t just strike a message to any recruiter like- ‘Howsyah’.



      Well, this premium LinkedIn feature is something not to be missed. So, go, avail the benefit of starting a conversation with a more comfortable appeal.


    4. Notifications

      LinkedIn has come up with a more beautified notification panel for the users instill of LinkedIn features. It still contains your ‘pending invitations’ and the other notifications such as ‘who recently viewed your profile’ and the confirmation of your connections.



      The changes made in this panel is more cosmetic. There are no much efforts for any technical changes. These would be worked upon in the due course of the advancements in the site.


    5. New Interface for Blogging

      This is the best among new LinkedIn features for people who love to blog. In the recent years, the creation of content on LinkedIn had increased so much.



      Now, LinkedIn features a new platform for people to create original content. Before, publishers used to open LinkedIn Pulse to write a blog. But now, they can avail the benefits of a smart, reliable and easily accessible platform for publishing blog posts.


    6. Use your skills

      Skills are the foremost thing which has been pushed up lately. You can choose your skills and update your profile for them would be so many people looking out for you. This is one of the new LinkedIn features that would prove very beneficial for you.



    7. Let Recruiters know your Preferences and try an easy reach to them

       It would be fun if you just log in your LinkedIn profile, sort what you want and just sit and wait for jobs. The new interface allows you to Update Preferences in your profile. You also have to select the type of job you want; the size of organization you would prefer etcetera.



You can then select among the many choices you have. You will also receive a confirmation on mail regarding ‘sharing interests’ and you can also drop it off if you possess a job now.

So, this new updated interface has removed the time lags and made it more creative for its users. Go on and enjoy the new design and LinkedIn premium features and overcome your job fears and problems.


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