Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Ideas

The world has shown a fast progress in the last decade and the impact of the same has been felt in Digital Marketing as well. For companies looking for lead generation in B2B, the advent of digital marketing has made things easier and cost effective. However lead generation can be a demoralizing process especially if the results do not show within a stipulated time. We are mentioning here top 10 B2B lead generation ideas that are sure to make the process uncomplicated for you.

1) Using Social media

That social media has gained in proportion and become an important tool for marketers is a fact which cannot be denied. Using it not only to inform your B2B customers about the functionalities of the product but building up a strong relationship with them eventually will lead to conversions. The key to success, however, lies in discovering which form of social media works best for your target customers and as soon as you get that devising a social media strategy becomes a cakewalk. Linked in is one place where most B2B users look for information and you can use it well to get your message across.

You can join multiple groups on Linked in to reach out to your customers.

2) Website conversions

An updated website not only provides leads but clear and strong call for actions would make them move forward and consolidate their association with you. However try to simplify the process of his reaching the final point of sale for greater conversion. You can offer login through social media as an option. Also keeping the entry forms short and simple has the ability to keep your customer glued to your website. The content of the website plays an important role here as regular blogs on topics of their interest make people come back to your site to find answers to their questions.

3) Go Mobile

Most users these days spend a considerable amount of the day on their smartphone. The free time that they had has now been replaced with spending time on the mobile. They use it not only to do the basic jobs like chatting and accessing the internet but also for making purchase decisions, research and social networking. Apart from having your own app, it is advisable to have a responsive design website which they can easily access on the mobile as well.

4) Content marketing

There is a huge amount of content available on the internet for consumption but how much of it is effective is the question to ask. In spite of being such an obvious method of reaching out a majority of content goes unnoticed. The important thing is creation of content that is addressing and satisfying any unfulfilled need. It is imperative to promote your content well so that it reaches the correct audience.

5) Webinars

Though fairly recent webinars are one of the most successful ideas for lead generation among your B2B customers. Establishing an instant connect and providing them information which would give them the kind of advice they need is necessary. The webinars can be live or can be scheduled at a later date that depends on the kind of response you are receiving. Creating a webinar series will also make your B2B customers come back to you again hence leading to a strong affinity with your brand.

 Template of Webinar

6) Help videos

Create some interesting videos for the demo of your product or service and place them on your websites at places where they just can’t be missed. In cases where you want your customers to sign up for further services placing a value defining video at that position can be one of the lead generation ideas which cannot be missed. Apart from that testimonial and case study videos can also influence the signup process as most businesses are likely to believe information from a trustworthy source.


7) Email course

Since most of your leads are going to get convinced only if they are given a need fulfillment proposition an email course can be a handy tool for that purpose. Compiling a series of valuable insights and information can lead to your customers getting information which they would have to go all over the internet to find. This approach is extremely effective for topics which are difficult to grasp and require an example wise analysis to understand.

8) Free trial

Before signing up for the final product if giving them a free trial of a smaller duration would influence them to make a positive decision later. This is because a trial gives them a scope to explore the product and see whether it fulfills their need or not. In other words, we can say incorporating a free trial is another way to encourage buying without putting much pressure on the user.

 Jigsaw free trial of webinar

9) Guest blogging

Since B2B requires you to get in touch with other businesses you can do so effectively by posting details of your service on industry related forums. However, guest blogging can definitely get you more traffic to your website but getting them converted is something which your website content can only do. Guest blogging also gives you the chance to earn some crucial backlinks however that should not be your primary objective of doing so.

My guest blog

10) Organizing a giveaway

You can easily organize a giveaway for the people landing on your website. However the entire event needs to be planned smartly otherwise you might end up with a lot of fake people there just to reap the benefits of the same. Also the gift being provided should be something which your target customer actually needs. The giveaway ensures leads through email subscriptions and even if the customer loses the giveaway he would keep coming back to check if there are any more chances of winning.

There are multiple lead generation techniques for B2B that you can experiment with when trying to expand your B2B customer base .However, it would take some time for you to find out which strategy actually works best for you. Do not get into implementing all of them at the same time. Try and achieve the perfect balance between some of them in order to get the kind of results you want.

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