How to create content that speaks voice of the reader?

To create a content that speaks voice of the reader consumes a lot of time. I, being a writer always keep on thinking what I should put in my pieces of content so that it can engage visitors. Majority of the people writes for search engines and try to fool them by finding loopholes in their algorithms to rank better on them. But thanks to the continuous updates released by Google which give priority to originality, so in this way you are compelled to create content for humans and not for search engines. But the thing stuck on the first thing how to create content that speaks voice of the reader? In this blog, we will discuss a few important points that help you achieve this.


Your whole article should stick to the title

Your article should be firmed on the title and shouldn’t fluctuate from it. No doubt, an end user has opened your article by skimming the title of your article amongst a lot of articles that are in the list of his keyword search. If he doesn’t find inside your title what your article’s title is speaking of, he would take no time to steer to the other links. It doesn’t matter in how many points and paragraphs you are dividing your article, it should be focused on the title from the start till the end.


fresh content increse web traffic


Write content that will always be Fresh 

This practice will provide consistent traffic to your site. Writing this piece of content has some added advantages beside better ROI results and high quality traffic like you needn’t to put date of publishing on your pieces of content as they are ever green.


Try to write while keeping in mind your reader’s perspective

Clearly define your target audiences and write for them. Try to suppose what you would like to read if you are at their places. Spend a little time to think what your target audiences would like to read before writing any piece of content, vividly jot down all the points which can engage users.


Sleep on your article for a day or two

Once you completed your write-up, avoid proof-reading and editing it on the same day, it will not give you any new idea to do any cosmetic changes to it. It is advised by experts to put it aside for some time and then come back and do the required changes. This is critically important, most of the time you can simply transform a trash into a wonderful write-up.


Read, read and read

This practice can open up your mind and will make you creative and resourceful. You can learn things and can become a story teller (story telling written style is much enjoyed by readers).

read more content

You can read fictional novels, nonfictional write-ups, comics etc. to take your writing skills to the new level. Many times reading detailed-oriented intense technical stuff can help, I know it could be a little tiring and boring, but it can help though a lot.

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