Customer Acquisition and The Strategies to Boost it

Customer Acquisition is one of the basic goals of any organization refers to customer engagement in the company. It is the lifeblood of any organization as no company can make money without the clients. Acquiring new customers is referred to as ones who purchase the products or services of the company. Businessmen consider customer involvement to be of a great value.

There are certain methodologies which should be taken into consideration to build a good relationship with customers and address their issues properly. Following the methodologies properly let one to target the customers in a cost effective way.

Given below are some Customer Acquisition Strategies

1.Content Marketing

Any business taking its first flight can take help of content marketing. The magic of words is more than anyone can imagine.Engage the people and let them know what you are up to, what is your potential through content. Update them with all the latest happenings. Relax and watch the power of words then. It is one of the most wonderful tactics to reach people easily.

Content Marketing

2.Search Engine Optimization

The good thing about creating content is that it naturally helps the web page to rank better on the search engines. Once the ranking is achieved it becomes quite easy to gain visibility by the audience eventually helping in lead generation and client acquisition. Some of the SEO tools which might prove to be helpful are – open site explorer, screaming frog, SEMrush etc.

Search Engine Optimization

3.Engagement Through Unopened Mails

The objective is to increase the number of emails opened and engagement through it. After 48 hours of sending an email to the customers, opt for software like Yesware, Contact Monkey etc. and find out who all have opened the mail and the ones who did not try sending a new one. When you resend the mail with a new subject and making changes in its body, there are chances that those are opened. A study has found that in email marketing campaign, only 22.9% of the customers open the mail so this is a good tactic.

Email Matrix


4.Industry, Feature and Location Pages

The type of traffic where the customer is constantly looking to buy your service or product is actually what you want for your web page. To increase the commercial intent on your web page through customers, rank the keywords according to industrial based queries and location based queries.

Talking about industrial based queries, first of all, find out the industries you would wish to connect with. Then find out the keywords and prioritize them according to your need. Try to focus on each one of them separately.

Feature based queries tell you to use a keyword related to the feature of the product and location based for using the keyword as the location.

Try mentioning features of the product in detail and against each feature tell the users how it solves the problem efficiently. This will also let the probability of the customers to purchase it.

facebook pages

5.Viral Mechanism for the Product

Making the product viral is the key. Virality is the term which is largely misunderstood these days. The core benefit is that Virality takes one to the new acquisition. Here in, talking specifically about Dropbox, it suggested that if you suggest somebody this application and he registers on it through your reference, then you both will get an extra 500 MB storage, in this, both the parties are in equal benefits and also the application got a new acquisition. This is how it works.

Go viral

6.Engagement Campaigns on Facebook

You need not pay extra every time to target through Facebook ads while receiving the same amount of customers from years. There are many overwhelming factors that lead to engagements. Such factors are – comments, feedback, chatbots etc. Make sure you create your Facebook fan pages, upload all the information about your firm and connect with people through chatbots, comments and feedback form. It allows a very little amount of CPC to pay to Facebook. If you are already using the fan page, make sure that you check every obvious thing even in the spam box.

Engagement Matrix

7.Setting Up an Affiliate Program

Now you can generate new customers easily. There are basically two affiliate programs. Talking about first one, it is known as traditional affiliate program – where you give a blogger or any other site a referral link and whosoever clicks on the link, you pay to them accordingly.

Talking about the second one, it is more used when there is a presence of business partnerships. Let us assume that your product is the result of the integration of other persons. Then every time somebody reaches your product through the original one, you can easily transfer some amount to your integration partner. Running a successful integration program offers a ton more benefits than just money. This can also have a very positive impact on your acquisition channel.

Affiliate Program

8.Answering Quora Questions

You can generate targeted traffic to your site by answering relevant Quora questions. It’s, being one of the most famous discussion forums used worldwide, may help you gain more site referrals than any other platform. It is also known as a question based social network. Jason Lemkin, CEO of Saastr answered more than 2000 questions over quora which generates over 1 million views every month to his web page. SEMrush is a helpful tool for listing you all the relevant questions present on Quora.

Quora discussion

9.Unique Content

Try focusing on creating a unique data. Pick up a topic relevant to your product, after that explore that portion and ensure that each topic you choose to publish on your web page. Map out and gather all the data. Also, get updated about happenings and try to update your customers as well. Do not forget to add on relevant and most searched keywords to it.

Content Uniqueness

10.Long Tail Keywords

It is noticeable that people even after uploading the best possible content on their page, fail to gain good ranking. To ensure good ranking over Google, try using long driven keywords so that you tend to appear more on the searches of any of the search engines.

Long Tail keywords

11.Understand Potential Customers 

As content is the king in today’s time, identify the physical location of your target market as well as those pages on your website which delivers the maximum traffic. This will lead to increase in the number of downloads like mobile Apps and Ebooks, when the audience will come across the quality content and its updates, through organic traffic.

Potential Customers

12. Third Party Email List

To get more visibility, you can look up to the publication options which will provide a targeted subscriber’s list prepared by them and you can get yourself mentioned in their emails or might be a substantial mention within an email and this will help in reaching up to the target audience. You can ask the online publication about how big is their email list, what kind of subscribers are in their list, what do they charge, and other details before moving ahead.


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