7 Easy Customer Engagement Strategies For Businesses

Who is the biggest asset in your business? Well, it is your engaged customers. Research has indicated that those companies that have the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategy are likely to retain about 89% of its customers as against those businesses that have weak customer engagement strategies. 

Almost two-thirds of a company’s profit depends on effective customer engagement strategies. If you want your organization to be customer-centric it comes from various customer engagement ideas and strategies.  

Having a successful customer engagement strategy is an ideal and great way to make your business grow to a larger extent. Dealing with proper customer engagement is an ideal way whereas how your business sets up.

Having discussed so much about customer engagement in the above paragraphs, but then what is customer engagement? 

Well, customer engagement deals with all ways about inspiring your customers to cooperate and share their experiences with you for your business to improve. When a business engages its customers in a good way, then it becomes a success. After all, business success depends on its customers. Various ways how to retain the customers should be thought of. When the customer engagement strategy is well executed then your brands grow well, and the customers would become loyal as well.

When a business focuses more on customer engagement, it gives room for them on value creation rather than revenue extraction. It gives more meaningful stuff apart from a sales pitch like the following:

  • An excellent and full customer experience
  • Good content
  • Real-time and interactive customer support

Importance Of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is important for the following reasons:

  • Recognize customer requirements and expectations
  • Find out facts that inspire customer involvement
  • Find out customers who are ‘at risk’ and implement measures to prevent any client defection
  • Finding ways to reduce churn, identify selling opportunities, and increase customer retention
  • Increase company reputation and brand loyalty
  • Customer acquisition through the word of mouth marketing

Customer Loyalty

So, the focus point is customer engagement strategy and below we would discuss the best customer engagement strategy to build customer loyalty. 

  • Customer Experience – For an effective user engagement strategy, customer experience plays an important role. It contains every point of contact that you need to have with your customers and the communication with your brand’s services and products. Customer experience is an important customer engagement strategy for all retail businesses that face a lot of competition. Customer’s expectations are rising, and companies should find out ways to improve their customer experience. Customers prefer all their interactions with the company to be the best and they should feel satisfied after their communication. The following points tell us the ways to create a great customer experience that would help to improve customer satisfaction thereby increase revenues:
    1. Create a clear vision for customer experience
    2. Understand well about your customers and who they are
    3. Connect with your customers emotionally
    4. Get customer feedback more often
    5. Make use of a quality framework for your team development
    6. Act on the customer feedback
    7. Measure the ROI out of delivering from delivering great customer experience

Customer experience is higher than always and the word of mouth travels faster. When the customers are more empowered, the customer experience increases. 

Customer Experience
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The customer experience area requires a lot of development and care and a larger focus on its strategy.

Customer experience starts with your company culture and ensures that your customer support team and your business frontline is empowered enough to provide an incredible customer experience. The customer experience provided by your business is important as it provides the business owners and marketers a platform to increase loyalty, advocacy, and increase satisfaction. So, to provide a smooth customer experience, think about the following:

  1. Analyze your business model and ways to serve your customers to their best
  2. When are you most required by your customers?
  3. What time are you available to them?
  4. How long would it take to resolve their concerns and clarification?

It is all about looking at your customers and delivering a great service no matter what your business worth is. Always remember that your customers are responsible for your revenue.

  • Improve Your Brand – In the middle of all the processes, it is critical to understand that all the customers should be aware that you understand their requirements and then can relate that to your brand. This is easy for a few brands and businesses should be humanized without trying to congest themselves into an unnatural identity that would not vibrate on the audience. Build up opportunities for your customers to build their presence and to promote your brand. Motivate and encourage your customers to regularly blog on your website and in the way of a guest blog for others. Make use of video content, present various webinars, engage in speaking opportunities, be able to publish eBooks and white papers. Find out all ways to set your brand voice with a reliable face. Using your customers, you need to expose your brand and increase your brand awareness as well. By using this effective customer engagement strategy, you can improve your brand and increase customer retention. As we had discussed, having customer retention is the best success of the business. So, think of various ways to increase your brand using various user engagement strategies. 
Improve Your Brand
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  • Get Lively On Social Media – All of us are aware of the various social media platforms and it is a great place to take your brand off to a great level. Voice level personas are quite common on various social media platforms and is a wonderful way to get a good grip on your brand. For example, the brand Wendy has gained much attention for the entertaining tweet of their burger chains. This has got them with a lot of attention where the Twitter users were actively posting on the brand. 
Get Lively On Social Media
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So, one effective customer engagement strategy is to be active on various social media platforms. Also, ensure that the content for different social media is different as content for Facebook is different from that of Twitter and LinkedIn. Encourage customers to get into your brand and like, comment, and share your post. Keep sharing a post on your brand at regular intervals. Reply to their comment immediately that would engage the customers more. The following ways would guide you as to how you could engage customers on a social media platform:

  1. Get to know who your social media audience
  2. Understand what your customers talk about you and where they are active
  3. Engage with your customers fast and regularly
  4. Analyze the way customers respond to your posts
  5. Make sure that your content is more accessible
  6. Show that your business has a human side as well
  7. Be clear on the social issue
  • Have A Boundary For Your Liveliness – Being lively is good but should not be aggressive. Every social media manager suffers if the brand fails and keeps haunting them always, right from the pre-scheduled posts. If one brand is attempting to tease another popular brand, it would offend many people on social media. This might not lead to a proper customer engagement strategy and might cause many triggers for your brand. In such a case, you need to send a post justifying the same. 
  • Have One To One Customer Communications – Communication is the core of human interaction and it could win or lose business. Having a proper communication with customers is likely to increase sales and bring more referrals. In case your communication is not proper it could decrease the sale and might also lead to a negative word of mouth. Many of the US retailers make use of customer personalization as a top priority. Personalization takes place in many ways. It could be in the form of auto-generated messages or complex algorithms that include recommendations to the customers based on their browsing history. So, businesses should find out ways to improvise their communications with customers. This would help them to grow their business to a larger extent. First, you need to improve your communication when the customers call your business. It might feel that phones are an outdated way of communication, but it is still a primary channel of communication. More than a social media platform, phone communication is more for customer communication. Keeping this mind, the four techniques to improve on the communication and customer experience to drive business are:
    1. Get The First Impression Better – All of us know that the first impression is the best one, the same is true with business as well. This would easily trigger your competitors as well. So, respond well to the customers when they connect with you either through social media channels, phones, or emails. Answer them immediately or in case you are not sure as to how to respond, buy some time from them. This would make the customers happy and relate to you always.
    2. Keep The Hold Duration Short – Once the customer comes to you with their complaints or issues, you should try to immediately respond to them. This would make them feel good. Customers do not prefer to be held waiting for a long duration for your reply. In case you don’t get the fix with them immediately, inform them that you would get back to them and specify the date when you can. Sometimes, a well-automated system might work on a few scenarios. 
    3. Make Customer Service On The Top Priority – Customer service is the main backbone of customer and business communication. So, when this is at the top priority business cannot afford to lose the ball. Ensure that you address the customer’s concerns immediately. Maintain a proper customer service team in place and they should be trained on the ways to handle customers effectively.
    4. Relate Well To The Customers – When you provide communication to your customers oral and written communication plays an important role. Frame the communication positively so that the customers would feel good with your business.
Customer Satisfaction
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  • Create Useful And Interesting Content – For an effective customer engagement strategy, ensure that your content is to the point and interesting. Content has a major role and content in customer engagement is to be relevant as it provides value. It also means focusing on emotions, values, likes, and behaviors. When you talk about content production, customer engagement would always depend on customer value. Feedback surveys would help you to create and share content basis customers purchase in the past. Content is always a channel to communicate with customers. Posting relevant content in the right way and that touches on the customer is an ideal way for a successful customer engagement strategy. Moreover, content marketing is an ideal way to drive leads and for customer acquisition, but having a custom content is used to nurture and engage the current customers. 
Create Useful And Interesting Content
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  • Listen To Customers And Other People – One effective customer engagement strategy is to listen to customers as what they are telling you. One best side of social media is the way for brand differentiation, and it listens to customer complaints and responds well. There can be customer-service oriented. In a social media platform, every few minutes businesses should respond to customer complaints, provide a quick solution to their complaints and issues. Social issues listening should be a part of your goal and people hear your brand well and always remember it is a great way to get negative feedback as well. At times, some negative feedback is hard to hear but it can help to change an organization to a larger extent. But ensure that you are consistent with whatever customer experience strategies are in place, and always think about the brand messaging you employ. 
Listen To Customers And Other People
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As said rightly that customers are the core of your business. So, customers should be satisfied for your business to flourish. For any of the business goals and processes, think it from the customer’s point of view and then take it forward. Try out the above-listed customer engagement strategy and see the wonder that your business makes for you.

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