Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Career Growth

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India, according to various researches done by reputed foreign and Indian organizations. Rightly so. Because over the last five years, several initiatives such as Digital India and Startup India are seeing most services from almost every sector, available digitally. 

Furthermore, mobile data and smartphones are available at very affordable rates in India. Therefore, people living in villages also now have access to various facilities including online shopping, online banking, and online reservation of train tickets, to name a few.

There’re projections that India will emerge as the single largest market of e-commerce and online shopping in the world. And as the single largest user of digital marketing services in the world too.

What Does This Means For Me?

You might wonder what this means for you and me? Actually, it means a lot. The growing popularity of online or digital services heralds a complete change in the way we live or our lifestyles. It also means lots of savings. Instead of driving down or riding public transport to a place to buy something or avail a service, you can do that from the comfort of your home.

And it also means something very important. That digital marketing is the topmost career to pursue right now. Because the demand for digital marketing professionals in India is set to grow exponentially. As I mentioned earlier, there are extensive researches by foreign and Indian companies that clearly indicate this trend. 

tremendous scope for a career in digital marketing
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There’s also tremendous scope for a career in digital marketing as increasing numbers of organizations go online and start providing services. The only way to make people aware of these products and services online is through digital marketing. Since digital marketing is also possible through various apps and websites accessible on a smartphone, this career gains extra significance. Because mobile data and smartphone usage in India is also on the upswing.

Careers in Digital Marketing

If we consider the above facts, you’ll clearly see that digital marketing isn’t only a trending career. Instead, it’s a career that provides long-term scope and excellent opportunities for growth. 

However, there are some essentials you need to bear in mind to become an excellent digital marketer. That’s possible if you follow the top common and most effective digital marketing strategies for career growth. 

Careers in Digital Marketing
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What are these strategies? There Are countless. However, I will focus on a few that you can easily adapt if you’ve already done a digital marketing course or, are considering doing one in the near future.

Top Common, Effective Strategies for Digital Marketing Careers

Before I tell you about these top common and most effective digital marketing strategies for career growth, here’s something you should remember. Digital marketing isn’t an easy job. It requires extensive efforts and dedication to become a digital marketing professional. 

Therefore, you should be willing to exert extra efforts and rapidly adapt to changes in technologies to retain your edge as a professional digital marketer. If you’re willing to go that extra mile, here’re my top common yet most effective digital marketing strategies for career growth.

1. Take an Excellent Digital Marketing Course

Taking an excellent course from a superb academy is the first top common yet most effective digital marketing strategy for career growth. That’s the very first and most important strategy to make a career as a digital marketer. Most people falsely believe that a digital marketing institute that advertises multiple modules and makes tall claims are good. Because these advertisements attract people.

Instead, I have another definition of an excellent digital marketing course. I would recommend a digital marketing course that’s conducted by a celebrity or reputed bloggers and faculty member that’s currently working with large companies. Faculty members should also have a proven track record of their achievements in digital marketing. 

Take an Excellent Digital Marketing Course
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When you find the right institute with the right faculty there’re several amazing things you’ll learn from their success stories. Of course, you’ll also learn all the digital marketing processes. But these faculty members will also provide tips, tweaks, and tricks on how to adapt these various digital marketing processes to meet specific situations.

When you learn from topmost bloggers, social media experts, and content writers as well as other digital marketing experts, you’ll have enough expertise to enter the profession and work for steady career growth.

2. Look for Free or Paid Internships

Learning digital marketing at an excellent academy from well-known industry experts is one thing. And putting these processes into practice is another. Therefore, internships- paid or free- are one of the common yet effective digital marketing strategies for your career growth. Generally, most of the digital marketing company will pay you a small amount of stipend. But that’s fair enough considering you don’t have any experience and you have a lot to learn.

A free or paid internship in digital marketing usually is of three to six-month duration. And sometimes, the organization can also offer you a regular job, provided you learn quickly and are able to fulfill their digital marketing needs. 

Look for Free or Paid Internships
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An internship is the best strategy because it provides you a stepping stone to this booming profession. You’ll get firsthand experience about what it is to work as a digital marketer. You get opportunities to network with colleagues that have greater experience and learn a lot from them. And above all, you get excellent opportunities to fine-tune the skills you learn at a digital marketing course and test your own capabilities in a real-world environment.

Another excellent advantage of internships: you get to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Just in case you’re unaware, digital marketing consists of several processes. Obviously, no person can become an expert in every process at the same time. You will discover the processes where you can perform exceptionally well. And somewhere you lag behind. You can focus on those digital marketing skills that are difficult while further advancing your stronger skills. This makes you an overall expert in digital marketing and doesn’t leave any gray areas on your resume or CV.

3. Get Your International Certifications

Usually, any excellent digital marketing academy will prepare you to appear for online exams that will earn your international certifications. Who gives international certifications? You’ll be surprised. It’s companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft-Bing, and several others. There’re at least one dozen such certificates you can apply for by appearing for their online exams. 

Since these are internationally recognized certificates, you qualify to work as a digital marketer not only in India but anywhere in the world.

Get Your International Certifications
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There’s one more distinct advantage with international certifications. These certifications have limited validity. That means, to continue retaining your international certifications, you’ll have to pass their online tests either every year or at periods these companies specify. That involves updating your skills daily to ensure your certifications remain valid and you’re able to appear for online tests to retain them every year.

Understandably, it’s not possible to appear for all exams for international certifications at the same time. Therefore, you can appear for them whenever you acquire adequate skills necessary to pass the test. However, getting these international certifications is the best and most effective digital marketing strategy for career growth. Any employer would definitely give you priority over other job aspirants that don’t have such international certifications.

4. Master Content Writing

Content is the king of the blog, as any veteran digital marketer will tell you. Unless you have excellent content on a blog or website, all your digital marketing processes will fail miserably. You also need to remember that content writing is the most difficult part of digital marketing. There Are strong reasons for this, which I’ll try to explain in the following words.

Digital marketing depends upon your knowledge about how to perform technical processes such as Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and various others. And there are specific guidelines available for these processes. Furthermore, there’s various software available for digital marketing processes.

However, there exists no guidelines or software to create content. Instead, you’ll have to create content using your own writing skills, creativity, and imagination as well as a personal interest in a specific topic. The only software you can use is for SEO processes. And its use is limited too because you can only find different keywords that you can blend with the content. This can help you rank an article or content for a limited period only.

Master Content Writing

Mastering content writing is important for several reasons. One of them is to gain a wide number of readers. When an increasing number of people follow your posts or those written by others, the popularity of the website grows too. Also, if someone else is contributing or writing articles for a website, you can guide them on specific keywords to use in the article for better targeting the audience through various digital marketing processes.

Also, when you know content writing, it’s easy to distinguish between an article that’s well written or poor. And you’re aware whether any content can land your employer or you in legal problems.

5. Open Your Own Blog

I strongly recommend opening your own blog as part of the common yet most effective digital marketing strategies for career growth. In fact, nowadays almost every company that hires digital marketers looks for employees that have their own blogs. There Are several reasons why employers check if you have your own blog.

The first reason is that, when you have your own blog, it’s very clear that you’ll be performing all digital marketing processes for its promotion and gaining popularity. Why? Because it’s your personal blog and you would love to see it successful.

Secondly, a personal blog also speaks about your own personality. People usually blog about their profession or passion or sometimes, as community service or for a cause that’s personally dear to them and their beliefs. Therefore, a blog indicates your nature, likes, dislikes, and inclinations very clearly.

Open Your Own Blog
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Actually, opening a free or paid blog also offers you an excellent benefit. When you post excellent content and perform digital marketing processes, a blog can make you fairly rich. It can earn you a lot of money. That means you’re not depending upon a single source of income for your livelihood. And you can also become a celebrity blogger such as hundreds of other people worldwide if your blog becomes successful.

Additionally, you can also help your employer to make more profits and advance your digital marketing career. That’s through various processes such as Affiliate Marketing and online sales.

6. Understand Media Buying

Media buying is a very important digital marketing skill. And it will come very handy as an effective digital marketing strategy for career growth. To explain in simplest words, media buying involves bidding for online advertisements on various platforms such as websites, promoting your own website, and through social media.

Understand Media Buying Strategy
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Prices of advertising on digital media vary. It usually depends upon bids and immediate as well as long term needs of your employer. Therefore, media buying skills are something you’ll need to fully understand and gain perfection to become a successful digital marketer. Of course, you’ll be learning these skills at an excellent digital marketing course. However, working in a real-time environment during an internship or your own blogs will help you gain that perfection.

Other Common, Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Career

Networking with other digital marketers in your own country and abroad is an extremely important part of an effective digital marketing strategy for career growth. The best way to develop a network of digital marketers is through LinkedIn and Facebook. You can request free or paid assistance from these digital marketers when necessary for your employer.

You can also learn various other things such as web page designing, proper use of apps, plugins, and widgets to promote your career in digital marketing. As I mentioned earlier, digital marketing is a collection of processes. Hence, you can learn a lot and practice them at work or at home.


These tips are common yet effective digital marketing strategies for career growth. Before concluding, I can confidently say that these strategies would help you in developing your career and making money from your own blog.

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