11 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2021

Technology is making progress at a very high speed; new and better techniques and technologies are being developed. All this coupled with new and always changing algorithms of established companies such as Facebook, Google, etc. have forced various digital marketing companies to be alert all the time.

A critical aspect today is that you should stay alert and be aware of the latest trends in technology. With the rapid advancement in technology, many new trends come up in very less time. The latest digital marketing trends 2021 that are especially important for a business or organisation to sustain, grow and compete in this challenging scenario are highlighted in the following section.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a big thing in today’s time. AI is transforming the way businesses or organisations and even industries operate. AI in digital marketing is changing every sector, be it finance, retail, etc. It is transforming how the company connects its brands with and reaches its customers. If the current trends in digital marketing is to be believed, then AI will be the heart or the centre core of the worldwide business and global industries.

Artificial Intelligence Trend For Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Trend For Digital Marketing

There are various significant reasons why AI is booming so much. The first reason is the AI’s ability to analyse and interpret the patterns of search and the behaviour of consumers. All this, along with the information gained from social media and blogs, enable them to get an understanding as to how their consumers found the goods and services. AI is very flexible, and it has very varied usage such as in recommendation of products, personalised e-mails, product or service recommendations, content creation, and the list is endless.

2. Chatbots

The concept of chatbots is gaining more and more momentum, and it is among one of the most important trends in digital marketing today. Nowadays, people are interacting the majority of the time with chatbots without even realising the same. This is because of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Due to the above-mentioned factors, chatbots have become very much sophisticated, and as a result, they can also handle complicated requests of the customers. 

Chatbots Latest Digital Marketing Trends
Chatbots Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Chatbots have various advantages such as they are available all the time; they respond to customer queries in no time; they handle multiple queries of the customers without getting tired or losing its mind or patience. As the chatbots manage so much, it allows you to focus on more pressing matters at hand.

3. Personalisation 

In today’s time, the competition is extremely high. So, it is quite easy to get lost among large numbers of competing organisations. But this can be avoided, and you can make yourself stand out from your competition with the help of personalised marketing. A particularly good example of personalisation is that of Netflix. Since it operates in many countries which have customers with varied tastes and preferences, it has personalised content for different countries according to the like of its customer base in different countries.

4. Influencers

Another latest in digital marketing trends is gaining a lot of momentum these days is marketing via an influencer. Under this kind of marketing, your brand or its message is broadcasted to the audience using a word-of-mouth marketing and promotion done by an influential personality. An influencer can be anyone such as a movie star, sports personality. But most of the times, they are well known Instagram personality or YouTuber with a remarkably high following using which they can promote your product, message or organisation among a large audience. 

Influencer marketing works particularly well because it entails a crowd that is already a fan of an influencer or personality. When such a well-liked personality endorses a product or service, it is highly likely to be considered favourable by the followers of that person.

5. Visual Search

Visual Search, as the name suggests, involves using pictures or images instead of words to search for something. In this search, the user can take a snap of an object or item they would like to know about, to search for or to buy and then use that snap to get the search results. 

Visual search has taken the user experience of searching something online to the very next level. Some of the visual search providers are Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, CamFind and Bing Visual Search. 

6. Voice Search

Another major digital marketing trends is of voice search. It has gained so much popularity that companies are adapting their digital marketing strategy according to this trend. Voice search provides a very convenient form of searching for something without going through the hassle of typing something. This is especially true when the words are overly complicated; your hands are busy or dirty, etc. 

Voice Search Trend In Digital Marketing
Voice Search Trend In Digital Marketing

Whatever may the case be, the added convenience of using voice search coupled with a smart speaker is too good to ignore. As a result of this, smart speakers have become incredibly famous these days. You can activate and ask a plethora of questions from that speaker just by using your voice and not having to touch anything. The benefits of voice search can even further be maximised by integrating ads while providing audio search results. The answers can include or promote a product or an organisation.

7. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR have gained huge popularity and has become one of the top latest marketing trends. The technology entailing AR and VR is so impressive that the organisation, the product or service that use these in their marketing are easily able to amaze their customers. As a result, it easily convinces potential customers about such a product or service. 

This technology allows the customers to have a life-like experience of the organisation, product or service without actually being present there. Various companies have started using this technology like Ikea. Using it, the potential customer will be able to see how a particular piece of furniture will look in their place.

8. Social Media Messaging Apps

The social media apps are no longer platforms merely for making friends or friendly interactions; they can also be used by businesses or organisations to communicate with and to promote their product and services to their customers. These social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. are in trend because they provide the businesses with an incredibly unique, customised and personalised form of marketing. 

These apps are greatly beneficial and can be used for varied purposes. These can be informing the consumers about the product or service, customer feedback and support, building great customer relations, attracting new and retaining the existing customers, etc.

9. Smart Advertising

It is a remarkably interesting concept that involves the usage of artificial intelligence to target specified customers using automation. An example of smart or programmatic advertising is real-time bidding.

10. Video Marketing

This trend is also hugely popular today and will continue to be so for the coming 5 to 10 years. When a person thinks of video, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. But there are a lot of options available today besides YouTube. You can do video marketing by making promotional videos and post them on Instagram as IGTV video. Another famous trend is going live, i.e. doing a live video broadcast on apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can choose the app based on the number of presence of your potential customers on that app. 

A major reason for gaining popularity of video marketing is that of shifting towards smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. On such devices, reading material is not very popular. So, marketing and promoting on yellow pages or catalogues is now gone, and it is replaced by videos and other interactive content available on mobile and other electronic devices.

11. Shoppable Posts

It is noticeably clear that social media plays an important role in digital marketing. Many surveys disclosed that most people get to know about or discover new products using social media apps such as Instagram and other apps like Pinterest. It is a quite easy process that convinces the customer into buying the product or service.

Shoppable Posts Trends
Shoppable Posts Trends

You may be casually scrolling through a social media app like Instagram, and you come across a really great product that intrigues your interest. You must simply click on that product, and it will enable you to buy such a product. This process of transition from casual browsing to buying decision is achieved using a simple integration of social media and an e-commerce site that enables the latter to create a shoppable post in the social media site.


So, it is evident that digital marketing is on an all-time high with a large number of trends being generated. Some companies also conduct digital marketing test to evaluate a person’s understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing. In today’s time, there are a lot of competent digital marketing companies that can provide their services according to the varied needs of different businesses and organisations.

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