eCommerce Marketplaces from Business and Consumer Point of View

What do you mean by eCommerce? Well, ‘e’ in the term eCommerce stands for electronic so it’s electronic commerce. It means conducting online transactions to buy and/or sell products or services electronically on the internet. We are leveraging this beautiful technology because of the advent of internet. If we talk about its development, it has been augmented considerably in a few years of time. No-doubt the future of eCommerce is very bright.

At the start in the dearth of central authority to describe rules many frightening that internet isn’t safe for the augmentation of commercial happenings. Utilizing internet for the commercial uses has been discarded on these bases. But as we further stepped into the time, the 80’s and the 90’s has proved revolutionary time period for the development of internet. Now everyone started using this free platform to share information.

Now we are living in the era where internet is a colossal platform for business owners to get to their clients from across the globe and develop their brand. Seeing that online security gradually started to get better, to a greater extent customer feel comfy to shop online. These days the trend is so extensive that it is difficult to see anyone having internet not going and purchasing from an eCommerce site.


What are eCommerce marketplaces?

  • eCommerce marketplaces also known as online marketplaces are websites that amassed information about products from various sellers in order that customers can do comparison and buying products online.
  • These are a fantastic place for online traders to augment visibility of their products outer of comparison engines and from their personal sites.
  • All transactions happen at eCommerce marketplace and they take a percent of pay out.
  • Perfect examples of eCommerce marketplaces are,,, etc.

eCommerce site Vs eCommerce marketplaces

Examples of eCommerce sites are, Dell etc. They simply refer to standalone sites whereas eCommerce marketplace like ebay, rakuten etc. possess a number of varied sellers with shops on the single website. However with an eCommerce site, it is simply you. When we do comparison between eCommerce site and eCommerce marketplace, it’s like doing comparison between a mall and a standalone shop.

With an eCommerce site you need to get your own web traffic, on the other hand with eCommerce marketplace such as Amazon, you got some included web traffic from customers surfing through all the various stores.

ecommerce consumer girl shopping

What is eCommerce from business point of view?

Talking about the time period of a few years earlier, merely big brands having great budgets were able to build eCommerce sites, for the reason that employing a website designer charges huge amount of dollars. Nowadays majority of the offline traders have web presence. Luckily in latest years to a greater extent SMEs are creating online stores too, since the barrier to entry reduced radically owing to the expansion of package deal eCommerce solutions. At the present retailers irrespective of their size and shape can expose their products to billions of customers across the world with the help of seo and marketing, which in case promoted adequately can radically augment business profits.

What is eCommerce from a consumer point of view?

Without any doubt, eCommerce has brought a great deal of convenience in the lives of the people across the globe. In this internet world, whatever users want to find online they can find instantly and moreover avail the snap deal by comparing different retailers on the same product. With the help of eCommerce now everyone can shop from the comfort of their homes without actually going out and find a physical store. Moreover you can shop 24x7x365 from any part of the world.


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