5 Fundamental Tips To Foster Facebook Organic Reach

Getting an organic reach for your account does wonder for your business. Organic reach indicates the number of persons who view your content without paid distribution. It includes people who have shown interest in your post. In the current era, organic reach is reducing, and you should try to maintain Facebook organic reach for better reachability. 

Recently, numerous social media marketers have seen a decline in organic search, as a marketer you should find ways as to how to increase reach on Facebook. So, the main goal of a marketer is to increase its Facebook organic reach. 

Declining Facebook Organic Reach

Decline on the Facebook organic reach is due to the following main reasons:

  1. More content is being available than the space in the news feed for it to be displayed. Facebook sees more than 30 billion pieces of content being published per month on Facebook.
  2. Facebook exhibits only the most applicable content for each user. To get more engagement and to optimize user experience, the content displayed on the platform is customized to the user’s individual interest.
Facebook Declining Organic Reach
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Social media is a great platform to market any products and services on the internet. This is a trend that is happening for quite some time. Facebook has seen enormous users over the years and is an ideal platform for all marketers. This is a fact and indeed Facebook is a platform for any business to get a strong presence among the users as Facebook is being used by all that would include even your target audience. Few reasons as to why Facebook is essential for your business would be:

  • Has about 2.41 billion active users per month
  • Its messenger app has about 1.3 billion users
  • Out of its users, more than a billion is seen active on the Instagram platform

Since Facebook sees so many users, it makes it essential for your business to use this platform for marketing to reach for maximum users and to maintain the right connection. Also, to see its result positively, you should make use of the right strategies, funneling the targeted traffic right from the Facebook platform to your website is a challenging activity for you. For some business brands, marketing on Facebook is not yielding good results as they fail to stand apart from the rest. While you market on Facebook, ideally you end up competing with other like businesses from your niche who would be having the same target audience as yours. So, your competitors are more here and should focus to be unique from others to connect with the right audience. Also, when the competition increases, you should focus to provide a valid reason for the audience to leave Facebook and enter your website. Meaning that you should be able to convince them with the offer where they find it difficult to resist. A situation where the users should act. This is where the concept of Facebook organic reach comes from. 

Tips To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

So, having said these facts, let us discuss how to increase organic reach on Facebook. 

Facebook organic reach indicates the number of people who view your post without paying for it. Promotional posts and sponsored stories come under paid reach that means that users have viewed your content or post using paid promotion. The type of users to view this content depends on the ad targeting options that you select. Many businesses make use of Facebook organic reach to create a perfect marketing strategy to ensure that they succeed. Sometimes, the businesses do not see the required results that they expected after posting on their business Facebook page. Even though a lot of effort has been put into creating and sharing good content, they don’t see much traffic to report either an engagement. Organic reach on Facebook allows people to engage with your content directly. The following tips provide you the ways to increase Facebook organic reach.

  • Share Engaging And Natural Video Content – Every experienced marketer finds it difficult to bring the Facebook organic search for their business. Even though Facebook gives preference to the original video content. Facebook sees a rise in the native video content and it really helps to create engagement. Hence, many brands try to focus on creating native video content. Facebook sees more views on video content than other content. Facebook hosts about eight billion videos being watched through their platform per day. The main reason for video content is more important are:
    1. Earlier photos were ruling Facebook that made all the business pages post more photos as it was highlighted more than the content. This has forced to smooth down the number of photos that are being shared by a business page. As users should find it pleasing to check various images, Facebook does not prefer users to check with the same marketing content type. One such media type is nature video, which is tough for the brand to create. Hence, this media type is created less and shared by business pages. This would provide a better Facebook organic reach.
    2. Video content is gaining popularity over the other content types. It is being welcomed as an ideal media type for all the marketing purposes that would dominate the web soon. Hence, it is no surprise that Facebook requires to be seen at the top level for a video sharing platform. Video content provides more increase in the Facebook organic reach.
Share Engaging Content With Emoji
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So, to increase Facebook organic reach and customer engagement, you need to include more videos to your social media content. But ensure that the videos serve the purpose and just not create it for the sake of it. Even if you are sharing videos you require good content for a long-term result. Few tips for your Facebook videos to stand out from others and to gain more views are:

  1. Instead of landscape videos create square videos as landscape videos perform better.
  2. See that the videos grab the attention span of the user to about three to four seconds.
  3. Include meaningful captions to your videos as most of the Facebook users watch videos without audio.
  4. Create video around a single main point instead of touch base on multiple points.
  5. Ensure that your title is clear and short
  6. Include a strong call-to-action. This would help you to get more responses.
  • Facebook Live – Launched during the year 2016, Facebook Live video has been successful enough to help many businesses to connect with their followers at a higher level than the other content types. Facebook Live helps a business to get a higher engagement level and this can help in better Facebook organic reach. In case you want to grow your business through Facebook presence, you should indeed try Facebook Live for sure. You should start to experiment with it. As related to the regular video content, users spend more time on content broadcasted through Facebook Live. Currently, this is a more effective broadcasting tool that is available on the web. As Facebook Live is preferred by many and it has the capacity to get more engagement rate, it is more preferred on the Facebook platform. Few tips for you to launch your Facebook Live video are listed below:
    1. Select a topic for your Facebook Live video. The topic should be relevant to your target audience and interesting.
    2. Create a Facebook event with session date and time and spread the word about your Facebook Live that is due to come.
    3. Stream your Facebook Live broadcast. For this, you need to download the Facebook pages.
    4. Generate a rough outline on your Facebook Live video so that you will clear with the information that you share.
    5. For your video, record it using a good camera and test it out before it goes live.
    6. Ensure that you shoot the video with good lighting in the room and no background sounds coming in between.
    7. Go to the Facebook page app. You can start to record by clicking on the ‘Live’ button.
Facebook Live For Increasing Organic Reach
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  • Competitor Analysis – Every time you end up analyzing your content performance and forget to look around and check what your competitors are into. While analyzing your content is good for your business, also make it a practice to check what your competitors are doing as well. This would provide you an idea to create better content that would trigger your audience and help you to work more with your marketing strategy. The best part is, Facebook eases out the entire process when you are clear with your competitors. You can include your competitor’s page on yours and start monitoring their content. It gives you an idea of the way your competitor’s content is performing about engagement. You can analyze each of your competitor’s posts by clicking on the respective links. The main idea is to include only those Facebook pages that target the same audience as yours. When their audience is more relevant to yours, then the outcome for you would be better. While you analyze your competitor’s post and content, focus on the following points:
    1. The post types that gives best results
    2. The content topics that they select
    3. The content style and tone
Competitive Analysis For Organic Reach
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The main idea is not to copy what your competitors are doing, you should basically aim to get inspired by them and include your unique content and findings better than your competitor. These findings from your competitor can be thought of as an initial point to connect with your target audience at a better level. Get a good plan that would be the best ideal for your business. 

  • Avoid Content That Is Engagement Bait – When you post relevant and great content on Facebook, it would be liked by your audience and would engage them as well. This would lead to communication that is an asset in the eyes of Facebook. The comments that are written by the audience on seeing your Facebook posts are natural conversations and this would help to increase Facebook organic reach. This is because these kinds of natural conversations permit you to increase your value and work within the newsfeed algorithm. The main idea behind this is to create original discussions. You can discuss not specific to any topic but on those topics that would increase the life of your brand. Basically, focus on topics that would help you to bring you as a great brand and show your value among your followers. When the communications are natural, the better the outcome. Content that is engagement bait would not do good and backfires on you. Meaning that you should not request your followers to comment on your Facebook posts. Facebook’s algorithm does not support engagement bait posts as it would be forced engagement and does not value your content. 
  • Think of Quality Content Over Quantity – When social media platforms have seen increasing competition every day, brands also strive to create and share more content. While you should focus on the quality rather than the quantity of your post. Facebook, during the initial days, encouraged more posts to get more views. But as Facebook is being popular these days, the Facebook marketing strategy should be more strategic to get more effective in your business. While many businesses are using Facebook for their business marketing strategy, it also sees them quitting the platform because they lack good results. When a business does not make use of Facebook it does see a lot of drawbacks but instead, each business should take corrective measures and find out the effective way to use it. You should think in a different way than your competitors with respect to your content post. Also, you need to focus more on the quality content of your post in order to be seen more. Ideally, you cannot consider a comprehensive approach with your Facebook marketing. Instead, think about focusing on high-quality content even though you post less often.


Facebook has indeed become a great platform and it provides the best user experience for business. If your content has an organic reach on Facebook platform, then it gives the best user experience. Once you win over Facebook organic reach it would be seen by many users. 

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