Google Adwords Enhances Quality Score and It’s History


Google has announced that historical quality score column has been added to the report of Google AdWords. Now you can check the relevancy of the keywords, landing pages, and ads through the quality score column. This change lets you experience the more enhanced quality score report and it will help you to achieve the enhanced visibility in the score.

Some More Columns In Google Adwords Report For Quality Score

Three more optional columns are added to the keyword tab: Landing Page Exper, Ad Relevance, and Exp. CTR. You just have to add these columns in your keyword reports for getting a snapshot of Keyword’s current scores.



Improve Keyword Quality Through The Added Column For History Lessons

Understanding how the account like impact quality score, ad optimization, and other changes will help you to improve the performance of a campaign. Now Google will let you view the data of historical quality score and related components through more added columns: Qual. Score (hist.), Ad Relevance (hist.), Exp. CTR (hist.), and Landing Page exper. (hist.). Now you can easily analyze how it varies over time.

How It Will Look Like After The Addition Of New Columns:

Consider that you want to watch the report of keyword “orange” from 3rd -8th Feb, and then it will look like below figure:



In the above figure, you can watch the quality score of the keyword of current day as well as the selected days.

  1. Column “Qual. Score” will show the current quality score irrespective of which dates you have chosen.
  2. Column “Qual. Score (hist.)” will show the quality score of each and every day amid the period you have chosen.
  3. You can see that column “Qual. Score (hist.)” for date Feb 7th and Feb 8th are blank. It happens because of lack of enough clicks or impression to calculate the quality score.

Important point to be noted:

  1. Please note that quality score will not be available for the date chosen before 22nd January 2016.
  2. The report will show the quality score of the keyword on daily basis and it will reflect what the score of a keyword is at the EOD.

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