Google Initiates ‘Solve For India’ For Developers Of Primarily Tier II Cities

Google announced its new programme called ‘Solve for India’. The programme aims to help budding entrepreneurs and developers in the country.

This programme currently focuses on Tier II cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, Kochi, Nasik, Nagpur, Kanpur, Madurai and Chennai.

It also expects the developers to come up with solutions for enhancing the connectivity in these cities.

Programme will help developers & entrepreneurs

In an official statement, Google said about the development is that, “The programme will provide a platform for developers, entrepreneurs in Tier II cities to hear from experts and learn about the latest Google technologies and get access to direct mentoring and support from Google.”

Vision of The Programme

The programme will let the entrepreneurs to interact and get connected with engineers at Google. They will help them with product usage insights and train them for developing the mobile first solutions with strong offline as well as language capabilities. This program also includes that Google’s engineer will assist them to develop the solution in various sectors as well.

Google will train developers

Moreover, Google will provide training to web developers who are experts in Firebase, Android, Machine learning, Progressive Web Apps, Indian Language translation solutions, and Cloud APIs.

English is the main language

Program manager lead at Google India, Karthik Padmanabhan, said in a statement that, “Majority of India’s Internet users are Indian language users, and over 80 % of them access the Internet from their mobile phones. But the current Indian startup ecosystem is building products for English speaking audience and caters only to 15 percent of the population.”

Other accelerator programs

Google is involved in assisting and nurturing the talent in India. In this context, it had launched Launchpad Accelerator in year 2015 which is an accelerator program for six months.

This accelerator programs are started with the vision to help technical startups, serve mentorship, to serve access to Google Product Managers, and to provide an equity package to startups including free support, access to complete site of initiatives and connection for launchpad and product credits.

Previously, vice president of India and Southeast Asia, Rajan Anandan prepared a plan to train almost two million developers for android in order to prepare India as global hub for innovation and technology.

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