10 Google Shopping Campaigns Optimization Ideas for 2021

What are Google Shopping Campaigns? 

By definition, Google Shopping Campaigns are created as a part of Google Advertisements. These campaigns are used to related user queries with actual businesses. 

When a user chooses to execute a query in the search engine, Google is responsible for presenting the best match. Indeed, for every query, there will be a thousand, if not a million options in the online market. It is important for Google to present the most relevant results to the user. Meanwhile, it is crucial for businesses to take advantage of Google’s ability to guide online users. This is where shopping campaigns become useful. 

Google Shopping Campaigns serve as a bridge between businesses and potential online customers. It helps customers identify products with its description and price tag. As a result, customers don’t need to engage in expensive searches to find and buy products. 

Let’s understand this with an example.

Imagine you want to buy chocolate cakes for a special occasion. As you search with key phrases like “chocolate cake”, google has to identify businesses that specialize in this industry, and within the client’s chosen geographic location. If you want to be listed as a part of this search result, and if your chocolate cake has to top the SERP, you need to invest adequate time and effort on Google Shopping Campaigns. 

Benefits of Google Shopping Campaigns 

The benefits of Google Shopping Campaigns are quite evident. First of all, you need these campaigns to stand out in the competition. Securing a prominent spot in the search engine results page is a success story for most businesses. It is not very easy to become a key player in your niche. And, topping search results is a way of proving this. With the help of Google Shopping campaigns, your chances of making it to the first few SERPs are high. 

Benefits of Google Shopping Campaigns

Secondly, you will be able to grab attention easily. Many times, businesses struggle to attract the right mix of customers. The process of targeting and gaining new customers is easy said than done. Fortunately, google ad campaigns help in grabbing the attention of the right customers. As you grow higher up in the rank, you are bound to be seen by potential customers. 

Thirdly, Google Shopping Campaigns will be useful in better conversion rates. The ultimate aim of any optimization strategy is to increase the conversion rate. When compared to text-based ads, the Google Shopping Campaigns can boost your conversion rate by 40 to 80 percent. In fact, your store will receive more relevant traffic than ever before. This is mainly because Google products have a broader reach.

Reasons To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns

In order to witness the actual power of Google Shopping Campaigns, you must try and optimize your strategies. If your campaigns are not set properly, you will start to miss the actual benefits of this platform. 

In the beginning, optimizing your Google Shopping Campaigns will be tricky. In fact, you’d wish you had never thought of using it! But, with constant improvements, you are bound to see positive results. And, this is when any business would start to appreciate the use of google shopping campaigns. 

Reasons To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns
Source: Search Engine Land

Five major reasons to optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns would be:

  1. Higher ROAS
  2. The ability to share your impression 
  3. The ability to click and share
  4. Benchmark the CPC of your business
  5. Benchmark the CTR of your business 

These are just basic concepts to help you kick start your optimization efforts. According to experts, point 4 and point 5 carry plenty of value to any business. It will impact your revenue directly. Conversely, these are difficult improvements to achieve. You may need to make plenty of changes to your website for a higher CTR and CPC. 

Top 10 Google Shopping Optimization Ideas

Here are some ideas for Google shopping optimization campaigns:

1. Optimize Your Product Titles

Do you wish to improve your CTR by ten times? If yes, product titles are a great place to start. Google Shopping campaigns depend strongly on the product feed. And, the product feed collects information from product titles, descriptions, and even images. That is why your product titles must be drafted with care. 

Ensure that all essential keywords are integrated with the title. The integration should occur seamlessly. 

The product titles should be relevant. When users search for “these” items, the search engine must not have any trouble recognizing them. To achieve this, you must study more about the frequently used search keywords

2. Optimize Your Product Feed Descriptions & Categories

Many times, businesses don’t worry about organizing their product feeds. This might have worked before the advent of Google Shopping Campaigns. Now, it is crucial to optimize your product categories and descriptions on the google shopping feed. The effort is highly crucial when you want to enjoy an edge in the market. 

Categorized and sorted product feeds in e-commerce websites make it easy for the crawler to decode information. This helps in boosting the overall performance of the site. For example, it would take very little time for the search engine to spot your products, and display them.

3. Optimizing Your Product Images

Gone are the days when advertising was only text-driven. Today, businesses are more reliant on images and videos. Let’s not venture into the latter. But, you need to focus on images. 

Optimizing Your Product Images
Source: Kinsta

When you choose images for your e-commerce website, ensure that they are original. They must represent what your selling. There must be no confusion on what is shown, and developed! Image quality matters during search engine optimization. Try to experiment on multiple images. Each of the chosen images should be acceptable quality. Many times, customers prefer products that are actually worn by others. This increases the chances of conversion. 

4. Use Google Shopping Ad Extensions

Traditional Ad extensions have proved the influence they have on text-based advertisements. However, these extensions cannot be used with Google Shopping Campaigns. You need to elevate your game to the very next level. 

There are two different types of extensions for Google Shopping Campaigns. This includes the Merchant Center Program and Automated Extensions. 

Use Google Shopping Ad Extensions
Source: Found

A very good example of automated extensions would be shipping and pricing information. You are not expected to program these details separately. Once programmed, they will be shown with all the images automatically. 

Merchant center programs are a collection of Google Customer Reviews, product ratings, and exquisite merchant rewards. 

5. Use Products Rating & Review

Just like personal recommendations, online ratings and reviews can mean a lot in e-commerce websites. After all, these reviews and ratings are made by real people. 

When you want to build trust with your customers, you need to have plenty of reviews and ratings. Ensure that the content published is both genuine, and reliable. Building a brand image using reviews and ratings will take time. This is mainly because you need to achieve them from actual customers, who have used your products and services. 

6. Implement a Negative Keywords Strategy

How would it be if your business appears for an irrelevant query? Imagine your customers typing, “Unhappy running shoes”, and your business pops up! In such cases, the customer is likely to shun away from your running shoes. There is only one way of tackling this problem. You need to make use of negative keywords. 

As suggested by its name, these keywords are phrases and terms you don’t want your business to be associated with. When the user enters these keywords, Google will make sure that your business doesn’t appear. 

Indeed, the process of handling negative keywords is no longer manual. Much of the work is done by the search engine. All that you need to do is find the right collection of negative keywords. 

7. Adjust Bids By Device Performance

A recent survey revealed that the majority of online shopping happens in mobile devices. You need to understand this and build your e-commerce website.

ROAS has become an integral part of many e-commerce sites. It is important for businesses to identify the benchmark for their venture. And, when you place bids, the actual value needs to be fine-tuned based on the device. Hence, the bid you make for a mobile ad should be different from the one for a desktop device. 

8. Optimize by Geo Location

With the dawn of e-commerce marketing and websites, the world is your market. However, demands differ from one location to another. For instance, customers in a specific region will have different demands than the rest. Your Google Shopping Campaigns have to identify these requirements. And, the products and services showcased must match with them. To enable location-based Google Shopping Campaigns, you need to understand the actual persona of your customers. You need to be aware of their interests and dislikes. 

Optimize by Geo Location

Capturing the needs of your target audiences is never easy. Mainly because demands change from time after time. The best way to figure this out is through frequent market research. 

9. Increase bids For High-Performance Products

Performance is bound to differ from one product to another. This theory is not valid only for e-commerce sites. Instead, this is a golden rule for traditional shops too! Never forget this thumb rule when you venture into the online market. What is essential is devising plans based on this theory. 

When certain products perform better, you need to focus more on them. The ROAS Bids in these products can be higher than the rest. You are less likely to fail with this theory. 

Likewise, don’t forget to categorize performance based on devices. 

10. Create a Remarketing Strategy

A. Dynamic remarketing 

Has a customer just abandoned their cart? Are you wondering how to reach out to a customer who bought from your site several months ago? Well, attracting customers is an art! And, when you need to re-market, the challenge becomes even more difficult. This is where dynamic re-marketing comes into the picture. 

Targeting customers for the second time will need something bigger and better. You need to ensure that the messages and requests are highly customized. According to many businesses, customers expect brands to send mails with their names, and based on their individual interests. This is the level of personalization expected by potential customers. 

B. Remarketing lists for search and Shopping Ads 

If your e-commerce website is designed using Shopify, RLSA is the best way to advertise. This is not similar to any conventional campaign. Instead, it is all about letting audiences design and build their own Google Ads. Conversely, their Google Analytics results are attached to the ads. Whenever a user chooses to scan through your site, their interests are carefully monitored. The next time they enter into your website, or execute a search – the results will be improved based on their previous preferences. 


On the whole, Google Shopping Campaigns are important for any business to grow. If you ought to launch your first e-commerce website, the above points will help in putting together a perfect shopping campaign.

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