Google’s AdWords Rank Threshold Changes: Things you should be aware of

Google has been stepping up for rolling out the new Ad Rank thresholds since earlier this month. After that there has been minor and major reports regarding shift in AdWords CPCs. Let us look at those changes

Ad Rank decides where an ad will appear on the page which is based on the calculation of:

  • Expected CTR
  • Max CPC
  • Landing page experience
  • Ad relevance
  • Expected result of ad extensions including other formats

Each Ad must need minimum Ad Rank thresholds to appear on the first page of the result. There is a greater probability that thresholds would display the ads on top of the page above organic results as compared to bottom of the page. Thresholds are geographic and device dependent and may vary from place to place and device to device.

Ad Rank Thresholds to impact meaning of search query

Change occurs in context of determining the Ad Rank thresholds which is now based on the importance of query which is not a part of past.

As per a representative of Google, he said that he thought this may need to do with the current changes to correct match but he found himself in with wrong concept and he put his statement “We can also confirm that this started ramping up at the beginning of May, and that it isn’t related to exact match/close variants”.

He also clarified that it does not mean that onlookers were being contemplated such as those who are submitting the query or they include in the list of retargeting or comparative users list. Additionally the change doesn’t influence the bid adjustment.

Category of Query

It means that Google is taking into consideration the latest query and consumer product. Since the inquiry significance varies, different sorts of query may vary in Ad Rank thresholds. It can prompt the increment or decrement in number ads appearing on a search. Such as on a news-related question, threshold is probably going to be rather high with few ads completing the requirement on a product related query.

Bids may have higher consideration in Ad Rank calculation

Thereafter two changes will happen:

  1. Bids may increase and it will depend on the meaning and category of query.
  2. Quality factors play a vital role while determination of Ad Rank but the changes will let Max CPCs to acquire more weight in this process for several queries.

Google Statement to CMI Media

“While ad quality continues to play a very important role in the Ad Rank calculation, this particular improvement adjusts the thresholds such that bids may carry a larger weight in Ad Rank than in the past for some queries. You may notice that on these queries, even though you continue to have high keyword Quality Scores, that you experience a change in your core ad metrics.”

Higher CPCs Vs Quality Score

If you are experiencing the increment in CPC then it may be possible that you cannot see any changes in report of Quality Score because bid is being considered more as compared to quality factors.

Under Planning Phase

These changes are yet to be launched and expected to come in to effect from the end of the May and that’s why the help center pages are still not updated. Still if you are experiencing the higher CPCs or lower traffic then it might be possible that you have been affected by the change. You must check out the quality score and you can also verify through the historical quality score data. In fact first you should check impression share data and consider trying with different bids. More recommendations would come from people in future who are affected by the change.

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