Tips To Increase YouTube Views For Free In 2021

Everyday many people view about one million hours of videos on the YouTube platform. Businesses make use of YouTube to post their video content. YouTube keeps changing and growing constantly. Currently, YouTube benefits marketers to market their business. A marketer tries to increase YouTube views as this platform is an excellent tool for business. You should get more views on YouTube platform to increase your sales. You should find out ways as to How to boost YouTube views to gain more market. In this article, you will learn a few ways as to how to increase YouTube views for your videos. Before we discuss the ways to increase YouTube views let us discuss in short on the ways to create a YouTube video a few of you might not be aware of it. 

  • Plan Your Video To Upload – Before you start with the making of a video for the YouTube platform, you first need to plan what you prefer to produce. Develop a storyboard that would outline the various scenes of your video. Think about the goal of the video and the message that should be portrayed to your viewers. Also, make a detailed plan as to where in the video you need to include the call-to-action. 
  • Arrange For The Script – Basis the video plan, you need to write down the video script. The language used in the video should be applicable and interesting to the audience. For example, if your video is about a beginner’s guide, you should not include many technical terms on it. As per the video’s objective, you need to work with it. 
Arrange For The Script
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  • Arrange The Scene – Decide on the video type, whether animated, real-time, or live-action. Determine the props type that you require to make your video so that the video viewers can be more attentive during the entire playing of the video. Include background to your video and thumbnails for your video to be of high quality. 
  • Video Edit – After you take on a few scenes or create it, start to edit it to avoid small mistakes. 
  • Upload The Video On YouTube – Once your video is done, it is time to upload on the YouTube platform including adding title tags along with a description. These parameters would help your audience to search your video through the platform. In case you plan to create multiple videos for a specific topic, you have the option to create a playlist and include it in this. 
Upload The Video On YouTube
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  • Go Live – Once your video meets all the required details, then it is ready to go live. 

Increase YouTube Views

Now, having the video, how do you increase YouTube views?

  • Create Fascinating Content – If your video is not good, people don’t bother the ads in between and just exit watching. So, your video should have fascinating content to the viewers, and this is one of the ways as to how to improve YouTube views. But then you should think of ways to create compelling content for your videos. Well, one of the ideal methods is to create ‘how-to’ videos. You need to identify the requirements of your ideal customers and then go ahead to create videos that would meet their requirements. This indeed works a lot. So, you need content marketing tools to create content consistently that would solve your ideal customer’s issues and meet their requirements. This way you could create a loyal community fan list and get more views on YouTube.
  • Boost Viewers To Subscribe – Yet another way to increase YouTube views is to encourage many viewers to subscribe. There is a saying that, ‘Your best new customers are almost your old customer’. Having said this, customer retention is a powerful way for your business growth. The same holds good for YouTube views and hence you need to improve your YouTube views. That’s why the easiest method to get more YouTube views is to boost your existing viewers to subscribe as subscribing would increase the YouTube views on the videos that you release. Now, what are the ways to increase your subscribers that would have more views on YouTube?. The only way is to indicate in the video start and end of every video to ‘Subscribe to More’ as shown below.
Subscribe For More
Image Source: oberlo

You need not ask viewers to get subscribed to your YouTube channel but ensure that you indicate them to set the notification to on after they have clicked on subscribe. With this, you can get more views on YouTube. Using this technique, when a viewer subscribes to your YouTube channel, every time you upload a fresh video the viewers would get a notification. Increasing your subscribers is essential for you to get more free YouTube views, so the best way to increase YouTube views is to ask them to subscribe.

  • Create A Playlist For People To Watch Regularly – Another way to increase YouTube views is to create a playlist so that people could keep watching on it. Most of YouTube’s top-performing brands promote more playlists. The reason for playlists to perform well is Auto-play. A YouTube playlist denotes a list or group of videos that keep playing in order, one after the other. When one video gets over, the other one starts automatically. With this, the viewer need not click or search to play the next video. When there is much content consumption, it ideally makes sense that YouTube users would have plenty of videos to select from. It is a fact that YouTube uploads about 400 hours of video every minute. The top benefits to use YouTube playlist for viewers are:
    1. For any video where the viewers could not watch it in one short. Viewers need to cut them to watch as per their convenience. 
    2. Saving videos to the playlist would ensure that videos are viewed again.
    3. Viewers can organize the videos for easy access

Benefits Of YouTube Playlist

The top benefits of using YouTube playlist for creators are:

  1. Increase in exposure n YouTube search results
  2. Showcasing to the viewers about the enormous content that you have
  3. Help the viewers to travel through the list and get the YouTube videos
  4. A content source for YouTube users 

Hence, creating a playlist on YouTube would improve YouTube views.

Create A Playlist For People To Watch Regularly
Image Source: Essentials
  • Make Use Of End Screens And Cards To Promote Other Videos – Increase YouTube views by promoting other videos by using end screens and cards. These are specific tools that could be used for your video promotion to get more views on YouTube. For this, you need to check your YouTube account to get these features. To perform this, click on the profile picture that is seen on the top right. When you go into it, click on the option ‘Creator Studio’. Then click on the tab ‘Status and Features’.
Creator Studio
Creator Studio Image Source: oberlo

Here, on this page, you can check with other YouTube channel features and then set it as per your requirement. Now, to get a clear idea of what is on the end screens and cards. An end screen denotes a dedicated frame that is placed at the video end to wrap up the video and then use it to highlight the call-to-action. A card is a tool where you can use it to set pop-up at any time during the video. This can be used to direct viewers to another playlist or video or can also be used to create a poll card that can be used to query your audience. Using the Creator Studio, you can add end screens and cards. Here, you need to click on ‘Video Manager’ and then click on the option ‘Videos’. Search for the video where you want to include the end screen card and click on the option ‘Edit’. Using the menu available on the page top, include the end screens and cards. This is available on the video editor page. Also ensure that you make use of the powerful tools, end screens and cards to present call-to-action in the videos for YouTube.

  • Include Watermark To Videos – Also regarded as a top way to increase YouTube views, watermarks help your videos to get more subscribers and more YouTube views for free. This is done by promoting your YouTube channel across all your YouTube videos. A watermark is an image that you can set to display on all your videos. Most of the brands make use of their logo. When a viewer hangs the mouse over a watermark, it would prompt them to subscribe to your channel. To add watermark to your YouTube video, go to the option – Creator Studio – Branding, as shown below.
Adding Watermark To Increase YouTube Views
Adding Watermark Image Source: Oberlo

Then click on the option ‘Add a Watermark’ and then upload an image. This can be used for your brand promotion on your YouTube channel. 

  • Ensure That Your Videos Are Enable With Embedding Option – Yet another option to increase YouTube’s view is to permit viewers to embed your YouTube video on to their blogs and websites. This is an effective method for your brand to reach to many new audiences and get more views on YouTube. For this, you need to enable the embed option in your video. When this is enabled, at the time a viewer clicks the ‘Share’ option, YouTube displays the ‘Embed’ option.
Embed Option On YouTube Video
Embed Option Image Source: oberlo

Once this is clicked, they would be able to take the video’s embedded code and paste it on to their website or blog. 

  • Video Promotion On Other Social Platforms – In case you have followers on other social platforms, trigger them each time you have a new YouTube video upload. A perfect way to perform this using a short teaser video. To ease things, make use of a social scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. But, along with promoting to social media channels also embed your videos in its applicable blog posts and your website pages. Also, you can include email marketing that is a powerhouse when it comes to sales conversions. 
Video Promotion On Other Social Platforms
Image Source: Studio 52
  • Watch Time Monitoring – Watch Time denotes the duration people spend watching the YouTube video. YouTube explains the algorithm as a ‘Search and Discovery System’ and this algorithm finds out which videos are shown on the following:
    1. On the Homepage
    2. As suggested videos
    3. In search results
    4. In the Subscriptions tab
    5. Through notifications that the viewers have created

The algorithm does not impact distinct videos but impacts the entire YouTube channels. The algorithms of YouTube are complex but the most important thing to check is that it is largely based on ‘Watch Time’. As per YouTube, each video that is uploaded is ranked by watch time. YouTube rewards those videos that meet the quality. When your videos are good, people will spend more time watching them. This would increase the Watch Time and due to this, YouTube could favor your YouTube videos and channel. Also, YouTube can earn credits for Watch Time to refer viewers to other videos, this is like affiliate marketing. Focus to retain viewers for as long as possible.

Watch Time Monitoring
Image Source: BforBloggers
  • Nurture A Community – YouTube is not only a video search engine; it is also a social network. So, to increase YouTube views you should make use of it like other social networks. Not only should you regularly share videos, but you should also actively engage your audience. The ideal way is to just respond to comments when someone asks for a direct question, as other viewers would be more likely to comment when they know that they will receive a response.
  • Video Title Optimization – YouTube is seen as a search engine, meaning that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters a lot. YouTube’s algorithm would take many items to account while selecting videos for search results. The platform provides many chances to optimize your videos and channels that include the following:
    1. Name
    2. Title
    3. Description
    4. Tags

So, you need to include as much information as possible. Ideally, you need to be aware of the keywords that you require your videos to rank for. 

Video Title Optimization
Image Source: Wyzowl


Increase YouTube views using the above-mentioned methods that focus on the content, promote the video, and nurture the relationship with your viewers. 

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