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Brands spend enormous money on influencer marketing, and it is becoming popular for many people to earn income. Some influencers charge a big amount if they consume a large follower base along with an engaged audience. Being an Instagram influencer is an easy way to earn money and get famous. Having a large follower base alone is not enough to become an Instagram influencer. It involves considerable time and effort to reach a position where you could perform Instagram influencer marketing.

Let us discuss how to become an Instagram influencer?

1. Describe Your Niche

To turn out to be an Instagram influencer the first thing that must be in place is to discover your niche that goes in par with your personality. You need to find something that interests you and have good knowledge about it. To become an Instagram influencer in any domain, you are required to post consistently and regularly. Hence, the right niche selection is essential as you would be spending a lot of time researching and posting about it. Hence, select a niche that you like and passionate about it. You might like fashion, food, handicrafts, etc. You should ensure that your Instagram posts should be about your interests and this would help you to become an influencer on Instagram. Sometimes your niche can be a mix of more than one thing. It can be about food, travel both together. In this case, you should maintain a good balance of posts that relates to both.

Describe Your Niche
Describe Your Niche
Image Source: Entrepreneur on Fire

2. Create A Remarkable Profile

Once your niche is ready, you need to adjust to your Instagram account. This will help to become a good Instagram influencer. You should first create your profile that attracts the audiences. It should highlight your story that engages people. The first thing that your audience sees would be your account details. So, to gain more Instagram influencers, you need to first learn ways to create an eye-catching Instagram profile.

Image Source: Quora

3. Highlight Your Stories

You cannot become an Instagram influencer by sharing only photos. Along with photos, the captions are equally important. Make use of them to share your stories that will help to connect with your followers at an emotional level. Showcase the ways that the followers can trust you, follow you, and get involved with you always. Be honest with your followers as it would be highlighted. Also, share some personal stories that would interest your audience and trustworthiness.

Image Source: Business 2 Community

4. Make Your Instafeed Pleasing

This is the main point for becoming an Instagram influencer. Each of your photos should be attractive and match with an overall theme, meaning that all your photos should be attractive against each other. Most of the Instagram Influencers follow the same patterns for their photo editing so that there is uniformity in the look and feel of the photos. Ensure that your photos are taken with a good camera and in high-resolution with lighting effects to make them look attractive.

Make Your Instafeed Pleasing
Make Your Instafeed Pleasing
Image Source: Later

5. Post Content Constantly

Yet another critical point for Instagram Influencer is to post content constantly. Most of the influencers post every day, a few times per day, and a few times per week, and so on. Ideally, when your content posting rate is high, it improves engagement rates. Choose wisely when you decide on your posting schedule. Do not overdo it and once a schedule is done, ensure that you stick to it. If you feel it tough to adhere to the schedule that you set, make use of various available tools like Buffer, Preview, Ripl, and so on for your posts scheduling. These tools help you to create your posts well in advance and set the schedule for your posts. With this, you need not fear about it and then content gets posted at the said time and date automatically.

Post Content Constantly
Post Content Constantly
Image Source: Android Police

6. Make Use Of The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are an important feature for any Instagram influencer. It enables your content to be visible on other Instagram users. You can make use of about 30 hashtags on a photo and make use of all the hashtags you can. Using hashtags that have high search volumes is not required as it would suggest high competition as well. Hence, finding your hashtags using those hashtags would be unusual. Hence, you need to select hashtags that have got good search volumes and that would increase the chances of your posts to come to the top. Preferably it would be ideal to use a blend of hashtags that has good search volumes.

Make use of the Right Hashtags
Make use of the Right HashtagsImage Source: Sprout Social

7. Create Good Instagram Posts

You need to post good content so that people would like and comment on your post. When there is good and quality content, it inspires people a lot that would educate and entertain them. So, for your Instagram account to grow and become visible, you need to finance a decent camera and spend quality time taking photos that have solid composition, good lighting, and the right place. Along with this, you need to provide engaging content and the right hashtags that go with the photos.

Create Good Instagram Posts
Create Good Instagram Posts
Image Source: Hubspot Blog

8.Create A Business Account

 To become a successful Instagram influencer you need to get an Instagram business account. The following lists the benefits of having a business account:

  • Instagram Analytics – Business account allows you to get in contact with Instagram analytics. You can see the details of your followers and the posts that get good engagement on what date and time. 
  • Understand Audience – You need to know your audience well and have a study as to what content suits them well. This is very important for your brands as when there are huge numbers it indicates a lot. 
  • Ads – Having a business account allows you to run ads. You will be able to promote your posts to get more engagement. 

Hence, having a business account is indeed an important point for influencer marketing on Instagram.

9. Influence Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a big hit on the Instagram platform these days. Many users join this platform and use it daily. This would help them to get more followers and be visible among them. By including stories or hashtags, even those people who are not your followers can determine your brand from your stories. When you reach more than 10000 followers, you can include an outbound link by using a ‘swipe up’ option on your stories. You can also tag others to your stories and provide a shout out for your accounts. This way you can build more followers and get more visibility.

Influence Instagram Stories
Influence Instagram Stories
Image Source: Buffer

10. Do Not Force or Buy Followers

Followers should flow into you out of their interest, hence do not try to force or buy to your account. Paid followers are not good for your account. Organic followers are the only way to succeed. Paid followers can be harmful to your online growth as they would not be engaged. It might increase your follower count but not the engagement. It would affect the engagement rate and reduce collaboration with other brands.

Do not Force or Buy Followers
Do not Force or Buy Followers
Image Source: The Guardian

11. Engaging Content

To stay abreast of social media platforms, you need to engage with the audience properly. Engaging content is an important factor that helps to gain more Instagram influencers. When an audience places a comment on your photos, ensure that you reply to them and like or comment on their content as well. To increases engagement for your post, here are few tips:

  • Place a call-to-action in your photo caption.
  • Post your content when you are likely to get more engagement, find out the best time to post.
  • Including contest.
  • Include polls in Instagram stories.
  • Follow similar domain posts of other influencers and engage in their content.

On Instagram, there is an ‘Explore’ option to search for the content that engages with. Also, you can even follow hashtags so that the applicable content is shown in your Instafeed.

Engaging Content
Engaging Content
Image Source: XiomiToday

12. Tag And Contact Related Brands

To become an influencer on an Instagram platform, there are two ways:

  • Organically enhance your followers and engage with them.
  • To earn as an influencer.

Hence, when you reach more than 1000 followers with good engagement, start your outreach. Put yourself on their radar to tag relevant photos to relevant brands. At times, brands would feature many such photos on their Instagram platform that gives you more visibility. It is a good idea to place messages to brands that you think would be relevant to your niche. It would collaborate with other influencers. Inform them as to why you are trying to reach them and what you could offer to them.

Tag And Contact Related Brands
Tag And Contact Related Brands
Image Source: Hublaagram-Duda


It is a known fact that you cannot become an Instagram influencer in a few days. It takes a lot of effort and time. You need to be patient as well and follow the right steps to implement it. Indeed, it would take a few months to get the desired results. The above-listed steps would guide you on the way for influencer marketing on Instagram.

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