The Ultimate Guide To Use LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn for business helps you to build reliability and you could find your place amongst the professional community. A business page on LinkedIn helps you to generate more leads, drive more website traffic and builds brand awareness. If you are not making use of LinkedIn actively for your business marketing, then you are missing out on many potential audiences. LinkedIn is considered the top three social networking platforms next to Twitter and Facebook with regards to unique per month visitors. Almost 255 million people visit LinkedIn every month, the visitors being individual employees to business leaders. LinkedIn for business can be used for marketing to reach many people and engage with many of your audiences.

Ways To Use LinkedIn For Business

Having a LinkedIn for business page does wonder for your business and here are a few ways as to how to use LinkedIn for business:

  • Tell A Story On Your Business Page – Maintain your LinkedIn for business account page and optimize it as per the norms. Create short and engaging content about your company description. Include your company logo and a banner image to make sure that LinkedIn members would see your company. Have an analysis of the LinkedIn platform to make sure that you use the accurate tools to build the current layout to your best.
  • Show Your Products And Services – Develop the showcase pages for your LinkedIn for business that would come out from your main business page. This page would target products, services, or any special feature of your business. So, use LinkedIn for business to project out your products or services that would help to identify the user experience to a definite area of interest.
  • Influence LinkedIn Groups – Build up your LinkedIn group in your domain and connect with many groups as well. The group that you have created, and any related subgroups can guide to establish you as a specialist in your industry and encourage followers with your useful tips and posts. Similar groups created by other companies in your domain and interaction with them would help to create a friendship. Within the LinkedIn group, send messages to its members using a LinkedIn announcement that goes straight to their email inboxes. People would get engaged in using these messages.
  • Boost Your Company’s LinkedIn SEO – LinkedIn for business requires that your LinkedIn should be considered a valuable source to generate B2B leads and create other connections. Linked for business page should be SEO optimized just like your blog and website. The following tips would help you to increase your LinkedIn SEO:
    • Have a proper name that denotes your company for your LinkedIn for business account.
    • Do not make use of any job title as your professional headline.
    • Do proper keyword research.
Boost Your Company’s LinkedIn SEO
Source: Search Warrant Marketing
  • Publish Articles – On your LinkedIn for business page, publish articles and promote the content. 
  • Find Out Who Is Reading – Make use of analytics to get the insights on who is reading your copy. This will enable you to best target and reach out to those people who are more engaged with your company and the content.

In short, LinkedIn for business would help LinkedIn members to know about your business, your job opportunities, and your brand. You could also establish industry expertise using LinkedIn for business.

LinkedIn for business page is used to view mostly as HR landing pages for your brands. This platform is seen as an ideal place to raise brand awareness, drive business results, educate potential customers, and promote career opportunities. Proving time and again rich content and convincing status updates help you to promote your brand well.

LinkedIn Company Page Creation

Let us discuss how to use LinkedIn for business by creating a business page on your account. In case you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you need to create one.

  • Add Your Company – Go to the ‘LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ web page to create company pages and then click on the button ‘Create a Company Page’.
Creating Company Page On LinkedIn
Image Source: Hootsuite Blog

Here enter your company name and select the URL that people can access to find your business account on the LinkedIn platform. This is a non-editable field, meaning that you won’t be able to change the URL at a later stage. So, you need to think properly before you choose one. Check on the box that indicates that you have the right to act anything with regards to your company and then clicks on the button ‘Create Page’.

Create Company Page
Image Source: Social Media Examiner

On these operations, LinkedIn would automatically create your company page’s shell. You just need to fill in the required details. You will get a welcome pop-up box, where you need to click the option ‘Get Started’.

  • Include A Cover Image And Your Company’s Logo – Select an appropriate cover image that would best reflect on your business and that captures your business feel. The image size should be specific to 1536 X 768 pixels. As LinkedIn is a professional platform, your company logo is very important and occupies the space of a profile picture on the other social networking platforms. Your company logo would also get displayed on the LinkedIn profiles of your employees. This is a very important skip and does not skip over this step, it is estimated from the LinkedIn data, that those companies who have placed logos on their profile get about six more times web traffic to their pages.
Include Cover Image To Your Company Page
Image Source: Appy Pie
  • Create A Description For Your Company – You need to give a company description, and this is important for your LinkedIn for business page. There are about 2000 characters space available to describe your company’s operations and the reason that a potential follower would care about. This is an important part of your LinkedIn for business page and you need to train your content and marketing teams involved in this activity effectively. In your description, 156 characters are important as that would appear in your company’s page Google preview. Beneath your company description, you need to add about 20 company specialists. These would act as a tag or keyword that would help people to locate your business account on the LinkedIn platform. So, ensure that this detail is filled and do not skip it. Ensure that you present your company’s details like products, strengths, services, etc. here. 
  • Enter Your Company Details – This is another important parameter on your LinkedIn for business account. You need to enter the URL of your business website. You will then have to give your company details that make use of many drop-down menus that specify your company size, industry, and type of the company, whether it is non-profit, public, educational, etc. Then mention the year when your company was formed. For better effectiveness, you should also present one business location. In case you are already available in some applicable LinkedIn Groups that you would like to project on your company page, you can enter it in the appropriate section here. Or else, for time-being you can leave this blank.
  • Publish Your LinkedIn For Business Page – Once you have filled these details on your LinkedIn for Business page, click on the publish button and then your company goes live. Before proceeding, click on the option ‘Go to Member View’ button that is seen at the top right of the Linked for Business page to check the view of the company page for the viewers. If the page is good and you are happy with it, then go ahead, otherwise, click on the option ‘Manage Page’ to make any further changes that you prefer.
  • Include Page Administrators – One person alone need not manage the LinkedIn for business page. The LinkedIn platform allows you to choose the employees who can manage your business page. To include team members, click on the option ‘Me Icon’ that is available at the top of the Linked for business page. On this, choose your company page that is seen in the ‘Manage’ section. Click on the option ‘Admin Tools’ that is seen at the top right. Then select the option ‘Page Admins’. Include your team members with their names as you must be already connected to them. This way you can include them as LinkedIn for business page administrators. The same is shown in Image 2.
Manage Admin On LinkedIn Page
Source: Medium

Click on the ‘Save’ option to complete the team setting.

  • Optimize – At this point, you must be ready with your LinkedIn for business account and now you must keep monitoring that it performs at its full potential.
Optimize your LinkedIn Account
Source: Deversity

You need to check the following checklist as part of your optimization process for your LinkedIn for business page to ensure that you follow the best practices for the optimization.

  • Profile Image And Banner – The first thing that people would search on your business page on the LinkedIn account is your profile image. So, check this and see whether it creates a good impression. When your business page has a good profile image, it would get more visitors than the ones who do not have. A profile image can be your company logo and then resize it so that it would fit into LinkedIn’s requirement.
  • Write Good ‘About Us’ Section – Having a well-optimized ‘About Us’ section would provide good information about your company to your audience. This section should focus on answering the following questions:
    1. Who are you?
    2. What are the services that you provide?
    3. Where are you located?
    4. What are your strengths?
    5. What is your brand voice?
    6. What are the ways people can contact you to understand you more?
  • Fill the Other Details – To optimize the LinkedIn for business account, make sure the page is included with the following details:
    1. URL
    2. Address
    3. Headquarter Location
    4. Industry
    5. Company Size
  • Create Showcase Pages – Check that your business page has a Showcase Pages that would mention the day-to-day activities. These are customized pages and are tailored to the organization’s requirements. Based on their interests, visitors would come to your page to get an insight into your company and the various products and services that you provide. 
Showcase your Page
Source: Business 2 Community
  • Create A Career Page – LinkedIn Career Pages provide you with customized modules where you could show high-quality images, articles, videos about the daily organization. Including a URL in all your posts would get more engagement. 
Create A Career Page
Source: Linkedin Business Solutions
  • Collect Endorsements And Give – There are many peer endorsements provided on the LinkedIn platform. Get more recommendations as possible and don’t hesitate to ask for it. Endorsements are always beneficial mutually. For this you could do the following:
    1. Ask the Employees – If your employees are connected to your LinkedIn business page, request them to provide one and ensure that they write good recommendations. 
    2. Ask Associates – Most of the good endorsements come from B2B interactions. Most of the B2B buyers prefer to work by providing and getting recommendations from their connections in the professional network. When you get any positive recommendation from others, connect with them and provide one in return.
    3. Ask Customers – One more way to increase your brand is to get recommendations and engage directly with followers and customers. In case when someone comments on an article that you share on the business page, make use of this opportunity to get an endorsement and communicate with them. Also, when a customer posts a positive experience about your company on another social media platform, you can send a personal message to them and request them to endorse the LinkedIn business page.
    4. Keep An Eye On The Competition – Always keep track of the direct competition.
Collect Endorsements
Source: Jobscan


Having a LinkedIn for business is essential for better growth of your business. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where millions of people would log in to view various kinds of details. So, get your business account for LinkedIn and see the wonders it would make for your business growth.

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