Mobile usability tracking new feature in Google webmaster tools

google webmaster tools

The mobile users of internet are increasing on a rapid pace across the world. Keeping this fact into view Google introduces mobile usability tracking feature in its webmaster tools on October 29. Now webmasters and site owners can check how Google spiders see their website. There was so much noise around the internet market that …

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Penguin 3.0 released by Google. Rolling Low Quality Backlinks Websites

So finally the much awaited Google penguin 3.0 has been released. I am the using the phrase “much awaited” due to 2 reasons, 1st is Google has not released any penguin update since the last one year which by far the longest time Google had taken to release its new penguin update and 2nd is …

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8 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Ecommerce Product Category Page Seo

ecommerce product page seo tips girl

According to Google, creating great content is the key to rank top on it. So in this way if you want to rank top on Google or on any other search engine you are required to produce great content, well after reading this you could say you have already listened to it a thousands of …

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TopSEOs gets banned by Google

google serp penalty

Well you may be shocked to know that TopSEOs got banned by search engine giant Google lately. TopSEOs whose has alexa rankings 23,843 globally and 14,158 in India penalized by Google for “possibly” using false means to get to their clients soar on their business listings. I am using “possibly” word because there is no …

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10 Amazing Title Tag Significance Hacks With Best Practice

title tags best practice

What is a Title Tag? A title tag is a portion of code that’s comes under back end of website.  It is as well what will come into view on the top of a browser’s tab/window. A well written title tag is akin to a signboard on an active highway. An apparent sign board will steer …

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Synchronize Seasonal SEO and Content Marketing Plan

seasonable website traffic

What is Seasonality? Each SEO who has performed analysis on web traffic understands that many sites content has been merely not striking all year long. If you are pro in search engine optimization you can understand such sites content is popular only on special periods such as summer or winter holidays, or other special occasions that …

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Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Ecommerce Conversion Better

eCommerce conversion improvement better

The main aim of having an eCommerce website is to turn more shoppers into buyers. Your conversion rate is greatly dependant on the look and feel of your ecommerce site. In this blog we are going to discuss some of the essential tips which can transform your site into a magnet to engage more visitors …

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eCommerce Marketplaces from Business and Consumer Point of View

e-commerce purchases benifits

What do you mean by eCommerce? Well, ‘e’ in the term eCommerce stands for electronic so it’s electronic commerce. It means conducting online transactions to buy and/or sell products or services electronically on the internet. We are leveraging this beautiful technology because of the advent of internet. If we talk about its development, it has …

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Relationship of SEO and Marketing Copywriting

SEO copywriting

When it comes to inbound marketing, more or less your content is everything. How successful you will be as an inbound marketer very much depends on your content’s quality. It determines your web presence and augments credibility. With the help of your content you can educate and inform which establishes long term relationships with your …

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How to create content that speaks voice of the reader?

content creation strategy

To create a content that speaks voice of the reader consumes a lot of time. I, being a writer always keep on thinking what I should put in my pieces of content so that it can engage visitors. Majority of the people writes for search engines and try to fool them by finding loopholes in …

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