Customer Acquisition and The Strategies to Boost it

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is one of the basic goals of any organization refers to customer engagement in the company. It is the lifeblood of any organization as no company can make money without the clients. Acquiring new customers is referred to as ones who purchase the products or services of the company. Businessmen consider customer involvement …

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Mobile Marketing Trends In 2018

mobile marketing trends 2018

According to the trends, a note to businesses and marketers today is Go Mobile or Go Home. The market has now been inclined to mobile and to that extent that the perception of the people has now been driven by it giving rise to more mobile marketing strategies. It has been estimated that by 2019, …

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Top Content Marketing Trends for 2018

content marketing trends 2018

Various organizations are deploying number of techniques and huge investments in content marketing to earn the best dividends for the investments. Hence, they have come up with content marketing trends 2018 to get a new way to promote the content in a new and dynamic way.

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Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing

role of social media in digital marketing

Social media is a platform which not only connects people worldwide but also serves best for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a practice which is usually performed to connect the target audience to the business owners. This is done to expand the business quickly and efficiently. Role of social media in digital marketing is one …

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5 Basic Steps to Create Online Presence for Your Business

Suppose, you have just started your business and is new to this entrepreneurial world; many questions must have made you think and leave frustrated. Nowadays, every customer turns up to the internet; whether for searching any product or making any purchase decision. Even if you send a casual introductory mail to a recently met person, …

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10 Ways to Boost Your Business Profits With Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered when you explore any shopping website to check your favourite collection, later of which you start receiving the ads of the same collection on another online platforms as well? Somehow you forget to buy an item and a few minutes later you receive an email stating that “ You have one …

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10 Reasons why CRM is Important

One of the most crucial aspects of business throughout the history of business has been customer relationship. It is not just in this digital age that customer relationship is relevant. The importance of CRM cannot be overstated. There are many reasons why we use CRM Software. Since customer relationship is an indispensable aspect of a …

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10 Benefits of Live Chat for your Business Growth

Today’s customers are curious and wandering all over internet from shopping, paying bills, looking for particular services and information and much more for most of the time. However to feed their “query hunger”, organizations these days provide a range of options from email, phone, social media and live chat to connect with them easily. Why? …

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The CMO Pocket Guide to Pitching Inbound to a CFO

Contents • Introduction • CFO Pressures & Concerns • Speaking the CFO’s Language • Speak Finance to Explain Inbound Marketing • Why CFOs Relate Well to PPC • Handling C-Suite Objections to Inbound Marketing • How to Present to your CFO Introduction As a CMO, you know Marketing must make radical changes over the next …

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10 Social Media Trends Ruling 2017

Social media sites have proved to be a backbone for the Business Tycoons and all the start-ups. To capitalize the traffic and earn an image, there is nothing like Social Medias. If you wish to connect with people and share lives, what’s best than social networking. A little change in these sites has changed the …

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