7 Steps to attain Digital Transformation for an Accelerating Impact on Business

digital transformation

The businesses today are all inside a digital sphere that has changed their proficiency, competency, models of activities all over the world. More of a buzzword in today’s corporate world, digital transformation has influenced various facets of the organization. It has resulted in improving management decisions and inculcating development in the business efficacies. Though the …

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How to Measure ROI of your Marketing Campaign

what is ROI

ROI stands for return on investment or return on marketing investment. It is also called MROI or ROMI sometimes, both ‘M’s standing for ‘marketing’. It refers to the profit you make from your marketing investment. A high ROI implies good marketing investment where the money invested proved to have been well spent. A low ROI …

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10 Minute Guide for Facebook Lead Ads (Facebook Lead Generation Ads)

facebook lead ads

Lead generation is one of the important terms you will hear a lot in Digital Marketing. It refers to the act of initiation of contact with a potential customer, to get their attention. But if you want to catch the attention of as many people as possible with a lead generation ad, you need to optimise …

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10 Latest SEO Strategies Needed to Get Huge Traffic in 2018

seo strategy 2018

Search Engine Optimization is the ladder to success for the digital marketing influencers. Since technology has engrossed our lives, most of us rely on the internet for everything. In that case, there is an amount of toil on the shoulders of influencers to aggrandize their strategies. If you are looking forward to get noticed, then …

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Remarketing vs Retargeting: Explained for Everybody to Understand

Remarketing or Retargeting

  Remarketing and Retargeting are two words that you must be familiar with if you are trying to get your website to rank or your business to get popular on a national, local, or global level. If you start having a discussion about remarketing vs retargeting you will hear all kinds of contradicting opinions because …

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The Secret to Success Lies in Futuristic Impact Marketing

impact marketing

  Marketing is fun as well as crucial. Even if you have no degree in marketing, no matter what career background you come from, if you want to start a business, you can learn it at any point in life. But, the crucial part comes while creating an online presence for the business. Learning Traditional …

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10 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape Your Business in 2018

digital marketing in 2018

As another year passes by, 2018 has witnessed some dramatic shifts in the digital marketing trends. Gone are the days when people awaited for the morning newspaper searching for news and completely relied on their radio. As technology is no more a newborn baby to the society, digital marketing trends are having tremendous changes. There …

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Customer Acquisition and The Strategies to Boost it

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is one of the basic goals of any organization refers to customer engagement in the company. It is the lifeblood of any organization as no company can make money without the clients. Acquiring new customers is referred to as ones who purchase the products or services of the company. Businessmen consider customer involvement …

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Mobile Marketing Trends In 2018

mobile marketing trends 2018

According to the trends, a note to businesses and marketers today is Go Mobile or Go Home. The market has now been inclined to mobile and to that extent that the perception of the people has now been driven by it giving rise to more mobile marketing strategies. It has been estimated that by 2019, …

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