Must-Know Proven Strategies To Use Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is a popular social network where people can get ideas and motivation for their hobbies and interests. The Pins also link back to their websites and this is the reason for the Pinterest platform to drive more traffic and sales. Most important for business, Pins helps people to get more data on the products that they look to purchase. Pinterest for business is a unique proposition. It is like other social media platforms where it can connect with friends and influencers. Pinterest, being a visual search engine and a great tool for your business does more for your business.

Using Pinterest for business is an ideal way to increase your marketing. Let us see few reasons for Pinterest for business

  1. The platform is the fourth popular social media platform in the US. This platform ranks ahead of Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. Most of the US adults have an account with Pinterest. So, having a Pinterest business account for your business is an ideal way to increase your brand value.
  2. Pinterest has a strong presence globally. The platform sees a strong base internationally and always increasing users every month.
  3. Pinterest sees increasing users always. The number of Pinterest users is increasing and there are about 322 million active users.
  4. The Internet sees an increase in visual search. Being a visual search engine, Pinterest is the only social media platform that provides visual searches. Most Gen Z and millennials say that they prefer to search by image. 
  5. Pinterest can be used to shop, and many people make use of this platform for shopping. Most of the users make use of Pinterest to help to decide what they need to buy. Almost 55% of the Pinners mainly lookout for products. Most of the weekly users buy from this platform based on Pinterest content. 
  6. The Pins helps to increase brand acquaintance. Pinners generally prefer to determine new products. Almost 75% of the Pinners says that they prefer to check out the platform for new products.
Activities Perform In Pinterest
Source: Redstage

Having discussed the reason for using Pinterest for business, you can use it more effectively on knowing its essential terms.

  • Pinner – Like all the social media platforms has members, Pinterest has Pinners. Pinterest users who make use of this platform are termed with the name Pinners
  • Pins – The main post type published on the Pinterest platform is termed as Pin. Basically, Pins includes an image, text, video, and links back to an original source. 
  • RePins – A RePin arises when a person pins to a post that they did not create to one of their boards.
  • Promoted Pins – A promoted pin is a regular pin that companies would have paid to promote it. These pins are available in the search result and home feed and have a ‘Promoted’ label on it. Also, promoted video pins and app pins are available. 
  • Rich Pins – Rich Pins place more information on the pin. Various information includes price details, installation details, etc. Rich Pins are seen in four main formats – Product Pins, Article Pins, Recipe Pins, and App Pins.
Rich Pinterest Pin
Source: Source: Yoast
  • Shop The Look Pins – Using Shop the Look Pins, businesses would be able to add product tags and showcase their creativity. This would enable Pinners to shop the look by just a tap on the pin’s white dots.
  • Boards – Pinterest boards are used to group various pins across a certain topic or theme. For example, you can create a board for a product launch or for periodic content. 
  • Group Boards – Group boards are like boards, but over here more than one person can include content. Most of the group boards have less than five people on it.
  • Select Boards – A select board is viewable only by its creator and invitees. When there is one select board, you will notice one lock symbol beside the board name. These can be used to plan before going public.
  • Protected Boards – Protected boards contain promoted pin, and these are available to the advertisers. Pins on the protected boards can be visible across the Pinterest platform, but the boards are not seen on the profile pages. 
  • Save Button – The save button is a browser plugin on the Pinterest platform for Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. This can be installed on your website so that the Pinners can be able to save your products on the Pinterest boards.
  • Audience Insights – Pinterest business account can access its analytics using Audience Insights. You can check with the right metrics that you can use for tracking.
  • Pinterest Lens – Pinterest Lens is an effective cameral tool, is available on devices with Android and iOS. It allows users to take a picture and find any content related to it from the website. 
Pinterest lens Feature
Source: The Verge
  • Pincodes – Pinterest uses Pin Codes that are basically its QR codes and are considered the Pinterest version of Snapcodes. These can be digitally scanned and can be linked back to your profile board.

Create A Pinterest Business Account

Now, let us discuss how to use Pinterest for business. For this, you need to create a Pinterest business account. 

Pinterest for business starts with an account created for a business. To create a Pinterest business account, there are three methods for it. 

  1. You can include a business profile to your existing personal profile.
  2. You can convert your personal account to the Pinterest business account.
  3. You can create a new Pinterest business account.

Let us discuss in detail to use Pinterest for business.

1. Go To The Website

From the website, go to the options business / create. In case you have a personal account, you need to log out from it. Enter your email address and new password. After you enter, click the option ‘Create Account’.

Pinterest Account Creation
Source: Hootsuite

2. Include Your Business Name

Once you choose your language and location, include your business name. After that, choose the description that would best fit your business and includes a link that takes to your website.

Business on Pinterest
Source: Hootsuite

3. Connect With YouTube, Instagram, And Etsy Accounts

You need to connect with other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy Accounts. When you connect with these platforms, you ensure pins from these platforms would be attributed to your business.

4. Run Ads On This Pinterest Platform

You can let Pinterest know that you are going to execute ads on this platform. You may also select to provide contact information to get in touch with the audience. Pinterest would attribute Pins from your requested accounts, and you would get Pin statistics. The account information gets distributed to your Pins and gets new Pinterest recommendations and features.

5. Edit Profile

Pinterest for business would be successful when the right profile is uploaded for your Pinterest business account. To edit your profile, go to the business hub dashboard, click on the pencil icon displayed next to your name. You can update your profile name as this field is automatically taken from your email address. Place your profile photo that exhibits your brand. Check for the appropriate pixels of the image. Fill in the about section and ensure that you place a few keywords on it. Once you have done with this, click the option ‘Done’ so that the profile gets updated and saved.

Edit Profile
Source: Hootsuite

6. Claim Your Website

For using Pinterest for business you need to claim your website. Click the options claim seen in the left-hand menu to perform this. Doing this would allow you to track your website analytics as well. Also, if there are any pins that would link back to the claimed account, then you should include your profile photo to ensure that you follow them. This would ensure better visibility and due to this, you would see more followers.

Claiming Website Over Pinterest
Source: Hootsuite

7. Create A Pinterest Board

On your profile photo, click the symbol plus over ‘Create a Board’. Include a descriptive title. Then, search for the board on your profile and click the pencil icon. Include a description and ensure that the description includes keywords. Select your board category and this would help you with SEO. After this, upload a cover photo.

8. First Pin Creation

Go to your dashboard, click on the plus sign that is seen at the top right corner. Include a title and description and ensure that you include keywords and hashtags supporting it. Place a destination link. Ensure that it works and matches the pin’s content. Also, you need to upload an image or a video. Using the Pin editor, you can upload an image, including logos and text. Also, you need to check that your Pin has high-quality content on it. Once this is done, hit the option ‘Publish’ and select the board type that you require to include.

9. Select A Profile Cover Photo

On your profile page, click on the pencil icon seen above the image. The Pinterest platform creates it automatically using creative techniques from your pins or on your boards. Select either pin or board creative. After this, a business would be able to include videos to their covers. 

10. Include A Pinterest Tag

For advertising on Pinterest, you need to include the Pinterest Tag to your website. Using this, you can track conversations and understand people’s actions and reactions on your website after viewing your pins. 

The above steps would help you create a Pinterest business account. This way you can start to attract more followers.

Ways To Set Pinterest For Business

Having discussed the ways to set Pinterest for business, let us discuss tips that would help you with the Pinterest marketing strategy.

  • Create Attractive Content – Images speak more than text on Pinterest. On the Pinterest platform, more Pinners would give more importance to images that text. Hence, your Pins should balance both images and text. Your Pins should deliver considering all factors. The following guidelines tell you a good Pin creation:
    1. Vertical images – Most of the Pinners are on mobile. Shoot for a 2:3 ratio of images, so that your images do not get cut. Also, aim for a high-quality image.
    2. Descriptive Copy – Inform people what they see and tempt people to learn more.
    3. Text overlay – Include a headline that conveys a message about your Pin.
    4. Tasteful Branding – Include the logo of your brand, so that your Pin does not get lost at the time of RePin shuffling.
    5. Good Storytelling – Once you get people in, display your brand in action. 
Attractive Content For Piinterest
Source: Broker Pulse
  • Pin Constantly – Pinterest suggests pinning at least one per day. Pinning this way is more effective than a board creation and to fill it at once. Pinning regularly would ensure that your content would be reachable to a wider audience and increase your brand awareness. So, schedule Pins on the Pinterest platform regularly and ensure that your pin constantly. Make use of Audience Insights to find when your content would get the most engagement. Posting would be more effective when most of your audience is online. 
  • Plan For Seasonal Content – Ideally, all Pinners should plan their Pins ahead. Meaning that brands should be good planners as well. The biggest opportunities for brands are during the holidays and festivals. Naturally, content that is consistent sees a big boost during the holiday season. As per the Pinterest, Promoted Pins that line up with holidays and life moments sees an increase in online sales. 
  • Optimize For Pinterest SEO – Pinterest is a visual search engine. Like the text search engine, keywords are important for finding content on the Pinterest platform. Hence, it is important to use it in your company, pin names, boards, and description. There are many things that you can do to optimize Pinterest SEO. 


Pinterest is the platform where highly engaged users who mainly search for inspiration. So, using Pinterest for business is an ideal way to grow your business brand. Make use of the various steps to make use of Pinterest for business.

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