Real Instagram Followers To Lift Brand Visibility & Engagement

Even if you take social media marketing, you must have all bases covered in online marketing by implementing SEO. Putting it the other way, your online marketing activities that include branding should begin with SEO and incorporate social media marketing, which can considerably boost your efforts. Although all social media channels ensure engagement through sharing and help to build a follower, which shows the strength of the brand or businesses, the channels have varying degrees of business supporting features, and you must choose the most business-friendly one. 

In this regard, Instagram is the most preferred social media channel for marketers because of its extensive exposure and reach that is simply incomparable.  The visual-based platform offers immense opportunities for engagement that marketers can use creatively to build brand awareness and ensure business growth.

Buy Real Instagram Followers To Add Value To Your Marketing Efforts

Instagram has come a long way and evolved from being just a photo-sharing platform. Indeed, visuals are the mainstay of Instagram, but in addition to creating visual content, it offers comprehensive array options to be more creative with your marketing efforts.  Instagram advertising is a powerful tool for marketers to attract more real followers on Instagram and draws attention to the brand, and Instagram Stories allow you to create compelling content that evokes a positive response from real Instagram followers.

You can also sell your products on Instagram, which is not possible on other social media platforms that restrict its features to creating brand awareness and engagement only.  Using the feature Instagram contests, you can boost brand awareness, connect with influencers, and generate higher engagement. To bolster your Instagram campaign, you can buy real Instagram followers that add more value to your marketing efforts.  

Look Beyond Instagram

Although Instagram is an excellent platform for launching a robust marketing campaign that creates extensive outreach and better engagement, you must look beyond it to expand the reach. To achieve the goal, you must know about how to get real Instagram followers and make use of your web designing skills to seamlessly integrate Instagram with SEO or, more precisely, your website. The primary way of integrating Instagram with your SEO campaign that revolves around your website is to leave a link of your site in the Instagram bio that encourages your real Instagram followers to reach your website by clicking on the link. 

Not all your customers follow you on Instagram, and many of them might not be aware of the presence on social media. An easy way to showcase your Instagram presence, you can embed your Instagram feed on your website so that it helps to generate more brand awareness among new people and for real followers on Instagram.

How To Embed Instagram Feed In Your Website

There are many ways of embedding your Instagram feed on your website, but regardless of the method you choose, you must ensure that your feed shows up responsively so that it instantly connects with the audience.

1. Instagram’s Official Embedding Tool 

The most reliable way of embedding Instagram feed on your website is by using the official tool that allows easy adding of your feed to your site. The tool meant for developers will enable you to embed both Instagram feed as well as other visuals like photos and videos on your website.  Using the tool, you can insert individual posts on your WordPress website at any place you want.

Source: Pinterest

The task is simple and consists of copying the URL of the post by accessing Instagram in a browser and then pasting it instead of using any app. The tool is most trusted and should be your first choice, among other options. One thing is for sure that after trying the tool, you would not like to try out something else unless you are too ambitious and want to experiment.

2. Widget Generators

Another way of embedding your Instagram feed on your website is by using widgets. You can create your widgets for free using Widget Generators, which are third party websites that facilitate creation and customization of your own Instagram feed widget. The widget generation option works very well if you are using some hosted platform.

Although the free versions allow embedding, it will not work on websites with secure domains. If you have a secure website displayed by the green padlock icon, it means that your site uses SSL encryption, and the free widget will not work on it.

3. Instagram Feed Plugin

If yours is a WordPress website, you can use the free Instagram Plugin created by a third party named Smash Balloon. The plugin is a favorite for many because it is robust than the widget generators because it allows you to cut out a link in the chain and then connect your site directly to Instagram.

Instagram Feed Plugin
Source: Mashable

Adding your Instagram feed to your website enhances traffic and conversions, as well as the brand presence in front of your real Instagram followers. 

4. Use Ads to Your Advantage

This is the best answer to how to get real Instagram followers as Instagram lets you accomplish incredible natural business results; in any case, in the event that you dispense a budget plan for paid promotions, you can get much more out of the stage and buy Instagram followers for cheap.

It broadens your content’s compass, gives you more and your devotees more CTA highlights to utilize, and makes bringing and improving deals to a close much quicker. 

IG-explicit campaigns can assist you with accomplishing certain objectives significantly quicker and can turn into a fundamental aspect of your online media technique. 

On Instagram: 

  • You can run campaigns that advance your items with shoppable posts. 
  • Run campaigns that improve your general perceivability on the stage. 
  • Make IG challenges to help commitment 

5. Monitoring Your Performance

Regardless of whether you’re running ads or not, you have to follow your measurements with explicit examination devices to perceive how your general content and individual posts perform and see what you are doing well and where are they staying focuses where you’d need improvement. 

Monitoring your performance for real instagram followers
Source: Galileo Performance Explorer

Instagram Insights is an extraordinary beginning stage when you need essential highlights; in any case, there are plenty of social media management tools that can assist you in estimating your brand’s Performance.

6. Cross-Advance Instagram Posts On Different Channels 

Social platforms are about cross-advancement. On the off chance that individuals like a page on one stage, they are additionally liable to like it on different stages. You can advance your Instagram account on different stages to build your adherents. Numerous Social Bookmarking websites likewise let you share a connection to your other web-based media handles. 

As indicated by a study of one billion Facebook posts, pictures posted on FB by means of Instagram get 23% greater commitment. 

So influence other social websites to advance your Instagram page, this is an incredible method to build Instagram devotees normally and naturally. 

7. Work Together With Others Like Influencers 

The coordinated effort is the most ideal approach to expand your Instagram reach and develop Instagram supporters. Cooperation can be either through organizations or sponsorships with different renowned stars or influencers. This strategy is an extraordinary one for all business Instagram clients. 

On the off chance that you can contribute more measure of a penny for web-based media sponsorship, at that point influencer showcasing can be the most ideal path for you to pick up reach and develop followers. You can pick any of the influencers like from miniature influencer or top influencers, it relies upon your image and the advantages that you offer influencers.

8. Use Video Content 

Video showcasing is an extraordinary medium to pass on a message without utilizing an excessive number of words. Recordings are an extraordinary method to leave an effect on your crowd and furthermore rapidly give them content. 

Recordings give more commitment than picture posts on Instagram, particularly when the recordings are long. For recordings over 60 seconds, you can use the IGTV include. While transferring recordings on IGTV do choose the choice to ‘post an audit’. This aide in advancing the video through feeds. 

Use Video Content
Source: Lifewire

Instagram is famous for video sharing, and you can utilize this reality in your Instagram advertising. The more individuals view and offer your video content; the more will be the commitment and followers for you. 

9. Instagram Bio Is Likewise Helpful 

Your profile is the thing that educates the client concerning your page and what you speak to. Numerous individuals follow a page by taking a gander at the bio of your Instagram page. Bio is a short depiction that you give on Instagram, which characterizes your page. 

You are just permitted to utilize 150 characters in your Instagram bio, so you have to pick admirably. 

Utilize your profile to make an extraordinary and energizing portrayal of your page which pushes the client to tail you. Utilize the correct watchwords and make your Instagram Bio helpful to real followers on Instagram.


Give your thoughts about the strategies to develop all the more real Instagram followers by means of the remark area underneath and furthermore share your Instagram encounters or your own tips to increase true devotees on Instagram.

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