The Secret to Success Lies in Futuristic Impact Marketing


Marketing is fun as well as crucial. Even if you have no degree in marketing, no matter what career background you come from, if you want to start a business, you can learn it at any point in life. But, the crucial part comes while creating an online presence for the business. Learning Traditional marketing and digital marketing trends is a need in today’s time but Impact marketing is one of the latest aspects of the marketing world. Well, not exactly new as far as the concept goes, but it is gaining popularity in recent times. Trust it, it is not difficult.

What you need is a lot of confidence and dedication. Learn everything, stay curious for more, and observe market patterns. Track the marketing strategies of various companies including the big ones you look up to, and the budding ones you can relate to.

What is Impact Marketing?

The term ‘impact marketing’ is almost self-explanatory. It is marketing done to leave a strong impact. But, what kind of marketing is devised to have no impact? The very point of marketing is to create an impression, an impact on the target audience that gets them interested in the product, or feel relatable to the brand.

impact marketing

True impact marketing is marketing or advertisement that specifically targets the psychology of the people. If it has an impact on you, it is not accidental. Impact advertisement is very strategic. Everything about an advertisement that follows impact marketing will be made after a thorough analysis of what kind of effect a certain idea will have on the minds of a certain group of people, depending on their psychological state, socioeconomic state, and other factors that determine perception.

Why Impact Marketing?

This kind of marketing is done with the intent of having not just a very strong impact for a time being, but a long-lasting impact on the human psyche. It targets specific groups of people though and is an absolute add on to the online presence of business. Unlike usual marketing, impact ads are different for every different profile of the target audience.

Generally, marketing is about trying to reach as many people as possible, but true impact marketing is about targeting a smaller group of people with one impact ad or a series of impact ads and sustaining the effect on the group for a longer time.

Impact vs. Impression marketing

Impression marketing is about creating an impression, which is different from the impact. The difference lies in the depth of the viewer’s psyche that the advertisement reaches.

  • Impression ads target large groups of people in general, and the repetition of these ads makes people remember them, thereby registering the existence of the product in concern. Impression marketing is done with the aim of recognizing and establishing contact.impact marketing vs impression marketing
  • Impact advertisement, on the other hand, is done with the aim of creating a bond. If we really think about it, how is marketing important in general? Marketing is important for broadly two reasons. Firstly, for product pricing and distribution according to demand statistics. Secondly, for advertisement of the said product.

Impact advertisement takes care of the latter part.  In this, the marketing professionals get together to figure out how to make the product relevant to the client. The target audience of impact advertisement is already narrowed down to make sure the product is reaching the people who are interested. Now, the rest of the advertisement determines how important it can portray the product to the target.

Ways to Get Impact Advertisement Rolling

  • Impact based marketing is generally done through web content that is relevant to the brand or product.

utilization of impact marketing

  • Some new interesting facts are revealed, some new related trivia, some information that gets you emotionally attached to the product, or inspires you personally, this is how impact marketing works.
  • Email is another mode of communication for impact advertisement. It is more personal, makes the receiver feel specially attended to.

email marketing

Of course, emails for impact advertisement won’t feel like spam because it is not randomly distributed. The connection between the target’s interest in the product and the reason behind the interest has already been established. It is just these target receivers, who surely are interested in the product or brand in concern, who receive these emails.

Significant Aspects of Impact Marketing

  • Human Psyche

One important aspect of true impact marketing is the good old dating ethic approach. If you want someone to be interested in you, you show interest and give the space for the other person to reciprocate. You go in just the right amount and wait for them to make the next move.

Impact advertisement is similar. The only difference here is, the target will be interested because the introductory contact you made, was made following the impact theory. Hence, the little contact was well calculated, well timed, and well devised to ensure that it caught the attention and interest of the person approached.

  • Non-Annoying Advertisement

When our mind is already preoccupied with something, we will either remove the ad, or roll our eyes through it, impatiently waiting for it to end. Rarely anybody is paying attention to these ads. This is where impact marketing comes in.

Impact based marketing considers the psyche, mood, and disposition of the target so that it catches them at the best time possible. It sounds simple but only an expert can determine when is a good time to slip in the ad so that it is noticed and paid attention to, and received well. This is why impact based marketing is the future of marketing. There is no annoyed target audience anymore but intrigued target audience instead.

  • Influencer Branding

Influencing someone is a part of creating an impact on them. The target needs to be given relevant and welcome bait that they will catch on to so that you can show them an ad based on true impact marketing. Influencer marketing is the future, but it is already very popular in the present generation. It is basically personal branding.

An influencer can be a celebrity from the entertainment world or someone who has achieved great success in a field closely related to the product or brand in concern. An influencer makes people believe in the brand.

With proper training and experience, an influencer knows exactly how to touch a chord with the audience. An influencer inspires and leads the target not only towards the product but on a personal level to begin with. It is about making bonds so that it becomes easy to convince the people to buy your products and to stay loyal to you after the first purchase.

Benefits of Impact Marketing

1. Impact based marketing is way more cost effective than paid ads on social media.

cost effective

2. These are also way more effective than popup ads.

3. Since impact advertisements target only groups of people to whom the product or brand is relevant, the return on marketing investment value or ROMI is high.

Return on investment

There is little chance of waste of money invested in impact based marketing.

4. Since impact advertisement targets specific groups of people who are already analyzed to be interested. The brand looks prestigious even in pursuit of customers.

 target specific group

With a meticulously cultivated personal brand, the influencer has already got the target audience interested. The target audience is selected with the help of analytical tools and the expertise of specialists in marketing, to begin with. The final stage of impact marketing involves a friendly and candid approach to make the pitch.

The Future of Advertisement

Impact and permission-based advertisement is the future. If you just cannot tolerate the popup ads despite an Ad Blocker app, here is good news. It will be all gone in about five years from now. Impact advertisement will replace it all because it is already proving to be more effective than the ads that are randomly forced into the faces of the target.

The Future of AdvertisementThere are still people wondering “How is marketing important?” Yes, even in the generation where digital marketing is everything, there are people doubting its function in strategising customer acquisition and growing business. Start now, and get ahead in the race because these people are not your competition. Your competition is the businesses that are already at the top. With true impact marketing strategies, you can reach the pinnacle of success.

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