Best SEO Tools For YouTube To Get Better Ranking For Your Videos

In the world of digitization where anything is just a single click away, video content is the reigning king. As a matter of fact, video content draws more than 80 percent traffic on the internet today and these figures are just going to get intensified in the coming future. Because video content is the talk of the town, the first thing that comes in our mind is the great search engine YouTube which hosts the majority of the videos on the internet. 

YouTube is well known to be the second-largest search engine after Google. Since, the audience count on YouTube is colossal, more and more content creators are emerging on a day to day basis. Being a content creator all you need to do is market your YouTube videos in such a manner that they attract maximum traffic. YouTube marketing benefits both internet marketers and online business owners from the massive shift of the web towards their videos. The growing traffic received by this platform justifies that the search engine is an emerging trend and an efficient means to reach specified target audiences. 

The majority of us are well aware of the basics of SEO tools for YouTube which include inculcating keywords in title, description, and tags. Since all the search engines can only crawl text — not images or audio — the content creator needs to use the video’s text at its most. That is the reason why having a full, accurate transcript is considered as an asset to the SEO tool for YouTube.

So, the easiest way not to get lost in the sea of videos is to create and publish great content and then optimize those content videos using SEO tools for YouTube.

What Is YouTube SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of designing web content in such a way that it will rank high in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Since search is often the first key for the exploration of your content, optimizing your website for search is necessary to attract online traffic and grow a following to the website.

Youtube SEO
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The SEO tool for YouTube is the practice of optimization of your channel, playlists, metadata, description, and the videos themselves. The videos can be optimized for both with and outside YouTube. A vital part of the SEO tool for YouTube is to harness the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles.

How Does YouTube Search Works?

Google’s being the parent engine of YouTube has helped to launch it to powerhouse status in video search. The two companies seamlessly share data. Call it as a favor from Google, all the videos uploaded on YouTube are immediately indexed by Google.

Even with such an intertwined relationship between Google and YouTube, the viewership growth of your content will require some tenets of SEO tools for YouTube. A well-optimized content gives search engines the necessary indicators not only to find but also to index your YouTube videos. 

We live in a world where things of interest go viral overnight. But this video can’t go viral if Google can’t understand what the video content is. And since search engine bots cannot watch videos, they completely rely on the descriptive text of the video for indexing them. The first text detail about a video is obviously its title. Other things that help in getting the video on the map are tags and descriptions. All these boxes for better traffic can be checked using different SEO tools for YouTube. 

How To Optimize Your Videos?

Now that you understand the basics of SEO tools for YouTube and the right things you need to optimize your content, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s how you can optimize your videos for success on YouTube other than using SEO tools for YouTube.

1. The Title

The primary thing the audience will notice is the video title so it should be punchy and grab the user’s attention. Instead of choosing a wordy title, it should concisely convey the user about the exciting parts of the video. Being a content creator what you should do is hit your audience with the good stuff!

Before giving a title to your video thorough keyword research needs to be done. Once the keywords are decided you need to look up your competitor using the same keywords. This is done because there are the videos you’ll be going up against, so you want your title to be as good as theirs, if not better.

2. The Thumbnail

A video’s thumbnail image is another thing that will attract traffic to your content. The thumbnail that you choose for your video should be appealing to the audience. A content creator could do everything right using the correct SEO tools for YouTube, but if you have a lame thumbnail, no one is going to click on your video.

To overcome this, go for a “custom thumbnail” and have some graphical texts in the thumbnail picture.

Optimize Your Videos
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3. Description

The best way to write a description for your video is to write detailed information of the video along with calls to action and performer bios. Also, include some enticing hook in that first sentence that will get people to click “Show More” to see the rest of your video’s description.

It can be quite a task to do SEO manually. So, to speed up the process of SEO and conduct it effectively, YouTube SEO tools are essential. Some of the best SEO tools for YouTube are mentioned here which can prove to be extremely beneficial for your channel.

Best SEO Tools For YouTube 

1. Find A Unique Topic Using Google Trends YouTube SEO Tool

Video may be the king, but the content is the unquestionable queen so the content that you’re presenting in your videos should be one hundred percent what the audiences want. SEO tool for YouTube helps YouTube optimization quite as much as the audience’s genuine interest in the topics you cover. The content worth ‘YouTube-able’ comes in all shapes and sizes – the only trick is to find yours.

Here is where Google Trends prove helpful. It is a free SEO tool for YouTube. Start exploring with Google Trends. Google trend is an SEO tool for YouTube which is user friendly and uncomplicated. What all the user needs to do is type in their focus topic, specify ‘YouTube Search’, then pick a geographical region, category, to narrow down the results.

Google Trends which is one of the best SEO tools for YouTube blows other SEO tools for YouTube out of the water. Not only does it show you tags and suggest titles, but it also gives you what most software does not – Rank Difficulty, which is everything when pursuing video topics to create. Not only this, but Google Trends also offers a list of topic-related queries as well as highlights the topic which has the audience’s attention. The users of this SEO tool for YouTube can also download, embed and share all this data if needed.

  • Other Perks: The above-mentioned related queries include spot breakout trends to boost videos ranking potential
  • Pricing: Google trend is a free SEO tool for YouTube.
Google Trends YouTube SEO Tool
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2. Fetch Apt Keyword Ideas From Google Ads

Making time to find the perfect keywords for your content is probably the most time consuming /but the most ecstatic thing that you can do as a part of the YouTube strategy. This SEO tool for YouTube has a keyword Planner that fetches tons of keyword ideas based on your parent phrase.

  • Other Perks: This SEO Tool for YouTube allows the user to enter up to ten keywords at a time – putting in a URL also works
  • Pricing: This is another free SEO tool for YouTube which gives you access to change your world of content.
Keyword Ideas From Google Ads
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3. Step Up Your Keyword Game With Rank Tracker

For optimized keywords, the content creators can use an SEO tool for YouTube known as the Rank Tracker. This is an ultimate SEO tool for YouTube which lets you pull keyword ideas from YouTube’s suggestion.

  • Other Perks: This YouTube SEO tool allows you to set YouTube as the search engine so that video statistics can be quickly tracked.
  • Pricing: Rank Tracker is a YouTube SEO tool that offers free trial versions for a certain period after which a nominal fee of $124 is charged by the user.
Keyword Game With Rank Tracker
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4. Do Your Metadata Homework With TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the best YouTube SEO tools. Optimizing the video content is just as important as optimizing the content of the web pages – the only difference being that there is a time foundation with the latter. The metadata optimization deadline being just forty-eight hours after your content goes live online makes it a tedious catch in the process. In cases where the deadline is missed, the algorithm marks the content as less regular which makes it furthermore difficult to make a comeback. 

Save yourself all the hassle by joining hands with YouTube SEO tool TubeBuddy. It is an SEO tool for YouTube with a browser extension that simplifies channel maintenance and provides a helping hand with the nitty-gritty components like titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, cards and more.

  • Other Perks: This SEO tool for YouTube will not only improve the traffic on your current videos but also promote the older ones using the feature of Vid2Vid.
  • Pricing: TubeBuddy is a great choice due to the affordable prices for its subscription. The app charges a subtly amount of $9/month, $19/mo and $49/mo depending upon the user type. 
Metadata Homework With TubeBuddy
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5. Manage SEO On Your Fingertips With VidIQ

VidIQ is an SEO tool for YouTube that provides an unparalleled standard of channel management. This YouTube SEO tool operates as a browser extension and deals with presenting statistics of each YouTube video that the user opens to watch- which means it keeps a check on the competitors and analyses their videos so that you can at least match their standard if not override it. 

One of the most talked-about features of this app is the tool that lets you make out the video with the best performance and then compare these videos with one another. This can give the user a fair idea about how the YouTube industry operates and what do the general audiences prefer watching. Another intelligent feature of this app is that the user can manually select any two or more competitor channels and what the app will do is compare the videos of these channels with each other. This provides the user with a 24/7 audit report at the action of a click.

  • Other Perks: This YouTube SEO Tool has bulk copy cards and end screens and bulk edit end screens.
  • Pricing: This SEO tool for YouTube has different paid and unpaid plans starting from $7.50/mo. up to $39/mo. The free version of this YouTube SEO tool has a limited tenure after which it will need to be operated on a payment basis.
SEO On Your Fingertips With VidIQ
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 6. Contemplate Your Channel With YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is simply the best YouTube SEO tool when it comes to the self-analyzation of your own channel. This SEO tool for YouTube puts forth the strength and weakness of your own channel so that they can be improvised in a simplified manner which makes it user friendly too. The app helps you to get a fair idea about what the audiences want, what grabs their attention and what will make them stay for as long as possible which is an efficient method to improve the channel statistics and make you stand out of the hundreds of fishes swimming in the sea of video content. 

  • Other Perks: This tool allows the user to have an elaborated report from the past six months about the statistics of each video on the channel and make out the patterns seen in the like, favorite, comment and sharing.
  • Pricing: Being as amazing as this app is, it is a free SEO tool for YouTube.
Channel With YouTube Analytics
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Since YouTube is now something that every second person has access to and is being chosen as a profitable career choice, Video optimization is the first skill that should be mastered. YouTube SEO tools demand undivided time and attention to learn but once mastered it can prove dynamically beneficial and rewarding. 

Choose the best fit for your content by Hooking up to this listing as a road map and tap the unexplored potentials of this platform is what a content creator should aim for.

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