Single Page Website Design: Tricks and Tips for a Perfect UX

Some website projects like portfolio pages, product sites, and sometimes company pages too, work better with single page designs.

Portfolio Pages are the one where you portray who you are, what you do, etc. Product sites are the ones where you can buy or see information about a product whereas company pages are the one which is built for providing information about a particular organization’s product and services to its consumers.

You can use little content on your site but it should have strong branding & clean navigation to create a strong online presence for your business. But, how can you make an excellent single page layout? And how your design will be the one that’ll offer the best user experience? There are many ways to craft a single page site. Here we will discuss some ideas that will take you on the right track.

1. Auto-Scrolling Nav Link

Auto-Scrolling Nav Link is a link or an anchor on a web page that takes you to the bottom of the page automatically. It is a popular feature found on single page designs.

When you click a link, it’ll automatically scroll to the corresponding section of the page. It is just like a regular navigation menu except for the custom animation scroll effect which offers the visitors an excellent experience.

2. Side Navigation Labels

You can always design vertical navigation if you don’t want the navigation fixed to the top of the page. In vertical navigation, the menu is displayed on the left of the website, and you can scroll it up and down. But this technique doesn’t work well for all the websites.

Side Navigation Labels

Don’t choose the vertical menu if you have a lot of text or need to support smaller screens with the same menu. Instead, you can use a mobile-friendly accessible menu with responsive techniques. Many websites also use dot navigation links. In Dot Navigation, small dots or circles are used for a thumbnail preview or a page scroll navigation horizontally or vertically. This disadvantage is that it doesn’t tell you which section of the page you’re currently viewing. But they do look pretty and sleek.

3. Portfolio Layout Ideas

You’ll have a lot to keep in mind while designing a portfolio site. An impressive portfolio has a mixture of you and the content. This can all be easier if it’s on one page.

Portfolio Layout Ideas

Every portfolio shouldn’t be just a single page. However, it can work well in a minimalist design sense where the designers express only the most important and necessary elements of a product.

4. Add Call to Action Buttons for Sales Pages

A Call To Action (CTA) is a button or hyperlink in the website intended for an immediate response from users.

Add Call to Action Buttons for Sales Pages

It’s always recommended to include CTA buttons somewhere on your page if you’re selling a product or a digital course. This is true in case if you’re designing a landing page where it’s the simple icons and smooth design but no CTAs to sell your product, then your site isn’t going to deliver results.

5. On-Scroll Page Animations

In On-Scroll Page Animations, you can add page elements that animate themselves throughout the page when you scroll the page. As you scroll down, you can make the different page elements animate into view. They shouldn’t move too fast or too slow, but there should be a clear movement. This idea can grab people’s attention while they’re scrolling down on your web page or site.

6. Split The Page into Sections

While designing a single page layout, you should segment your content.

Split The Page in to Sections

Please break it up into sections using different background colours, header styles, icons, dividers, whatever. This helps users to understand the content faster and easier without any problems.

7. Parallax Single-Page Trends

In Parallax Scrolling, when you scroll the webpage, the background of the web page moves at a lower speed to the foreground which creates a 3D effects.

Parallax Single-Page Trends

The Parallax Techniques are all too common these days all over the web. So if you are going to add parallax to your site, a single page design website is the place where you can do it.

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