Best Social Media Management Tools For Beginners In 2021

The organization’s success depends on its marketing strategy. Every business should be able to manage its social media platforms to get deeper into business operations. These days, social media is a common platform for communication. Social media platforms are ideal to manage many profiles in a single place, schedule advance posts, track analytics, execute contests, etc. Social media management is the procedure to create, schedule, analyze, and engage with various content that is posted on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Analyzing various content across all social media platforms requires a lot of effort to main data integrity. Using social media management tools would help you to spread out to a huge audience thereby making the social media campaign a great success.

Ideally, a social media marketer has a bunch of work to be completed per day, right from developing and publishing content, and to generate its relevant analytics and reports that support their marketing. With the help of many free social media management tools, it could happen easily. The various available social media management tools help to streamline the flow, save time, and make sure that your content is reachable at the appropriate time to the appropriate audience. 

Through this article, let us discuss a few of the best social media management tools that would help you with the analytics required for your marketing. The various social media management tools are available for the following business types:

  1. Small-to-medium Business
  2. Enterprise Business

Small-To-Medium Business – The social media management tools for small-to-medium business are listed below:

  • Buffer – This social media management tool is a streamlined and in-built tool that is acknowledged by many brands, individuals, and agencies. This tool helps to initiate good engagement on social media and yields good results. This platform is simple for authentic engagement. It has the following products under this tool:
    1. Publish – This allows users to plan, cooperate, and publish wonderful content that helps to drive user engagement and increase your brand value. Using this, you can build your audience and grow on any social media platform.
    2. Analyze – This allows you to grade the performance of social media, get reports, and recommendations to increase your reachability, engagement, and sales.
Buffer Social Media Management Tool
Source: Zapier
  • Hootsuite – This free social media management tool is available for free for a 30-day trial. This social media management tool is an ideal platform to accomplish all your social media in one place. Hootsuite helps you to do more with social media platforms right from finding out the requirement for servicing the customers.
Hootsuite Social Media Tool
Source: Make a Website Hub

This tool has the following features:

  1. Scheduling – Ensure that your social presence is active all through the day by scheduling automatically many social media posts together across your various social accounts.
  2. Manage Social Content – Be able to manage your pre-approved content store on the cloud. You can easily tag, search, and use statistics thereby making content curating an easy job.
  3. Track And Improve Social ROI – Measure your social media campaigns using inclusive reporting. You can measure conversions through various social channels.
  4. Filter Social Conversation – You can be able to search and filter various social conversations by using keyword, location, hashtag in various languages. With this, you can hear people’s voices about your brand, industry, and competitors.
  • Sprout Special – This best free social media management tool is available for free for a 30-day trial. This social media management tool guides you to create and enhance a stronger relationship on social media platforms. You will be able to understand and reach your audience, engage with your audience, and measure performance with all the social media platforms. This social media management tool is trusted by almost 20,000 world-class brands and many organizations of all sizes. This platform is strong in its usability, satisfaction, customer support, ROI, and user adoption. This tool is a single platform for all connection points.
Sprout Social Management Tool
Source:: Sprout Social

The main features of this tool are:

  1. Smart Inbox – This feature lets you unite all the connected profiles and networks into a single stream to enable monitoring the incoming messages and give quick responses.
  2. Message Spike Alerts – Stay notified of messages.
  3. Review Management – Be able to manage reviews across various other platforms to strengthen your online reputation.
  4. Bot Builder – Using this feature, chatbots quickly respond to various incoming messages, share information, and resolve support issues.
  5. Task Assignment – Using this tool, you can assign a task to specific team members and be able to measure their efficiency.
  6. Messaging Tapping – You can sort and label messages to access communications easily that are related to business objectives, workflows, and marketing strategies. 
  7. Social CRM – Be able to access the conversation history and contact details.
  8. Team Reports – Be able to analyze the time users take to respond to social messages.
  • AgoraPulse – This social media management tool helps to accomplish social media easily. This is a simple tool and you can perform content scheduling, get relevant reports, and engage followers at one go.
Agorapulse Tool
Source: Agorapulse

The powerful features of this platform are the following:

  1. Flexible Scheduling – This feature allows you to plan your posts and there are various options for your content calendar.
  2. Monitor Every Conversation – This feature lets you easily get your comments, filter them, and manage your comments.
  3. Unlimited One-Click Reports – Regulate engagement ROI and content strategy with various online reports.
  4. Built-in CRM – This feature lets you tag and groups your available audiences into various segments. Also, you can add internal notes for these users and view the conversation history for every user.
  • Sendible – This best social media management tool helps social marketers to streamline the process of managing social media for their brands. It involves planning, collaboration, engagement, and analytics.
Sendible Social Media Dashboard
Source: Sendible

The main features of this tool are the following:

  1. Build Strong Brands On Social Media – This tool helps you to improve your communication by means of collaboration while content scheduling. 
  2. Content Plan – Schedule individual posts and tailor each post to various social networks to get more reach.
  3. Custom Reports – You can showcase your findings with good reports.
  4. Collaboration – Keep your work organized by setting up individual dashboards for each client. 

Social Media Management Tools For Business Enterprises

We have discussed a few social media management tools for small-to-medium businesses. So, let us see a few for enterprise business.

  • Sprinklr – This best social media management tool is ideal for modern marketing. This tool helps you with the following:
  1. Produce more sales with improved content
  2. Reduce cost for content marketing production
  3. Protect the reputation of your brand
Sprinklr Tool
Source: Software Advice

The main features of this tool are:

  1. Content Plan – Increase content marketing ROI and re-use it across various channels, markets, and business units.
  2. Produce – Using this tool you can save time and permit agile marketing workflows and automation.  
  3. Publish – Be able to create content and publish them across various platforms.
  4. Analyze – Measure content ROI and operational efficiency across various marketing channels.
  5. Oktopost – Yet another social media management tool for enterprise business, you can manage, analyze, and measure your social media activities to reach your marketing goals. This platform provides three powerful solutions from one place. 
    1. Social media management – It is a simple tool to build a data-driven social media strategy.
    2. Social Employee Advocacy – This is a robust platform to connect employee advocacy. 
    3. Social Media Promotions – It is a platform that provides a whole suite of collaborating marketing campaigns.

This tool helps you to push social media data to your automation software for marketing to enable you to improve the method that you take to nurture leads and take them forward. The various features of this tool are:

  1. Social publishing 
  2. Social listening
  3. Social analytics
  4. Employee advocacy
  5. Social governance
  6. People database 
  7. Integrations
  • – This social media management tool is ideal for all kinds of social media marketers. Using this platform, you can be any of the following:
    1. Content wizard
    2. Team whisperer
    3. Analytics geek
    4. Customer hero
    5. Strategy guru
Falcon Social Media Tool

The following lists the feature of this tool:

  1. Create Magical Content – This tool helps you to create paid and organic posts for all the social platforms. 
  2. Manage All Channels And Movements – Be able to involve in engagement, community management, and customer support. You would get one social inbox across all your networks and customer data in a personalized profile card.
  3. Data Management – This feature allows you to know more about your audiences with social listening and be able to track content performance. Your social data can be combined with CRM to provide a whole customer view.
  • HubSpot – This social media management tool helps you to connect with people who mean a lot for your business and helps you to arrange your social interactions. It is an all-in-one solution for marketing. You can perform the following with this tool:
  1. Blogging
  2. Landing pages
  3. Email
  4. Marketing automation
  5. Lead management
  6. Analytics
  7. Partitioning
  8. Social media
  9. SEO
  10. Call-to-action
  11. Ads
  12. Salesforce integration
Hubspot Social Media Software
Source: Hubspot

The main features of this platform are:

  1. Publish On Social Networks Where You Build Campaigns – You can easily share landing pages, blog posts, and other content types using the same tool that you make use for marketing. Also, you can schedule your content and get suggestions for the best time posting.
  2. Monitor Social Happenings And Connect With Relevant People – You would not miss another opportunity to join conversations that are of great use to you.
  3. Tie Up With Social Media To The Bottom Line Of Your Business – Social reports help you to compare the platform’s performance, publishing time, and campaigns.
  • Spredfast – This social media management tool is used by top companies to handle various aspects of social media management. This is a very powerful tool that enables businesses to connect with clients and people who matter a lot to them. This platform is built on the latest technology with which they can manage their online social media presence across various channels, create effective social media campaigns, and be able to evaluate its performance. It provides business with an efficient platform to manage and progress its social media presence. It has many tools and features to smoothen the content planning and to restructure responses while permitting users to share insights with the marketing team. Spredfast also provides a secure platform for businesses that would help them to reach, inspire, and engage the audience with the best published social content and delivered across any platform.
Spredfast Tool
Source: Crozdesk

The various features of this social media management tool are the following:

  1. Smart tool
  2. Curated social content for all the digital property
  3. Limitless and real-time social data
  4. Custom social campaign management
  5. Robust integrations and collaborations
  6. Key partnerships with all social networks
  7. Unparalleled support and training

These features allow the business to monitor their audience and to check with their performance against the competition and improve on the campaign effectiveness. 


Social media management tools come in many forms and in all sizes filled with many features. You need to select the right tool that best suits your social media goals and requirements along with the budget you have. As social media is the current form of business, the growth of your business solely depends on your marketing strategies, you need to have the right tool that would do the best fit in your requirement. Also, many tools have a free trial for a few days so that you can make use of it for a few days and then decide the way forward with the tool.

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