10 Social Media Trends Ruling 2017

Social media sites have proved to be a backbone for the Business Tycoons and all the start-ups. To capitalize the traffic and earn an image, there is nothing like Social Medias. If you wish to connect with people and share lives, what’s best than social networking. A little change in these sites has changed the whole game.


From tracking the mood of the user to paid advertisements; social media has proved to be a Godfather to this world. Although an uncertainty always remains while guessing the upcoming social trends but algorithms performed by social media’s makes easy to estimate. Hence, social media bring about a revolutionary changes periodically, here are some of the social media marketing trends which are estimated to rock in 2017.


    The Instagram and Facebook stories have stolen the charm of Snapchat. According to the calculations of Tech Crunch, it is said that within 2 months, Instagram gained 100 million active users for the stories.


    This has put a lot of pressure over Snapchat because it has got active 150 million users so far.


    The artificial intelligence I.e – use of filters over Snapchat s making the interface more attractive and interactive. People are inclined to these filters to a huge extent.

    Other Social media’s tried to copy the same but couldn’t find a way to success.


    Certain platforms such as Facebook messenger, slack take the help of chat bots to ensure a smooth and quick conversation. To answer all the FAQ’s and immediate information required for the product and services, Chatbots have gained the popularity.

    A rise of 18% population considering the Chatbots has been noticed. While Facebook has 300 million active users, Slack is no less with 4 million active users.


    People have left no corners undone to promote their business on social networking sites. Instagram and Facebook have introduced web pages for the shopaholics. They can interact with the seller by few clicks.

    Amia conducted a survey and an approximate of 56% users committed that they use social media for purchasing stuff. Social trends are reaching new levels. Sites like Instagram and Facebook upload product demonstration which is quite attractive as well as interactive. Flipkart, Myntra are the best examples of social E-commerce.


    The largest social media marketing trend wouldn’t be surprising at all. It’s live videos for sure. YouTube was entitled to display some real and not captured moments. Not only Twitter and Facebook launched the concept of Live videos but Instagram is also testing this concept. They are providing their own Live video option and people are appreciating it.

    The world of Social Media is changing and the credit goes to these live videos. You can have a look all over the world with live eyes. No old flicks, you ‘ll get updated with the most recent news and production of services. People tend to get attracted with video streams and so it has procured place in the list of social trends.


    If you are operating between your Facebook Business Account and private account, you can easily switch between the both. By opting an account over Instagram and Facebook will help you in obtaining the detailed statistics over the internet. You can better describe your services with these apps.

    Let people follow your account and discover your services. Since a lot of population is addicted to the apps these days, you will earn a lot of traffic from it. Facebook business manager is also doing a lot good to businessmen. You can easily manage multiple pages at a single centralized location. If any of your staff members leave or stop working you can simply remove his access by just one click. Isn’t Facebook business manager amazing ? This social media trend is gaining importance worldwide.


    By the word commenting, what comes to your mind first? Tagging friends in funnier memes, replying someone etc. But social media marketing trends have taken a step forward, commenting is no doubt an art.

    People comment their ideas, about their services and lot more to gain public attention and it is a successful strategy. Since many of us have a habit of scrolling, people with sharp minds have made a latest social media trend which is spreading like fire all over.


    Mark Zuckerburg has already confirmed the news that Facebook is experimenting on some facial filters which can be used during the live videos. Since, no social Media trend has come up with such an amazing idea. So it will come with a bang.

    Get ready for this upcoming social media marketing trend. Since 70% of the people are still not into going live, Facebook is trying its best to attract the people and get them out from virtual reality. Lets see how people react to such augmented reality.


    Since we all know that nothing comes free in this world, we have to pay something to get something. You surely might have listened about free advertising but when you wish to gain more traffic, you have to pay for it. Sites like Facebook, Instagram help in sponsored ads.

    These ads attract more traffic to the site and it is a paid advertisement. More than $ 7 Million were invested in Facebook during 2016 which has proved to be a win for it.


    As the technology has reached some unexpected heights, there is some artificial intelligence which is being used in your favorite social media. It is unnoticed by many people.

    Here are some techniques which were built to attract people and it is now becoming a good social media trend.

    a. With the help of facial recognition, you can tag your friends on Facebook.
    b. Pinterest is now using the technology of robots for boosting the recognition of images and search optimization.
    c. Deep learning is inculcated by the Facebook through algorithms and news feed tactic.

So, these were top 10 social media marketing trends which are supposed to be followed throughout 2017. Being an entrepreneur, businessmen you have to do some challenges which will make you stand out of the queue. By paying attention to these tactics and trends, you can use it in an optimized way. Also, you have to let go a lot of practices which are not effective anymore. Go with smart work by choosing these tactics. Reinvent the stuff, play with technology, you will have a lot of fruitful results. We live in a world which is evolving very fast and so you have to match the speed to win the battle of success.



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