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Cloud Apps Services


Amazon Web Services

Our team of indefatigable AWS experts has an eye for every detail in cloud computing development and assisting the firms leverage Amazon web services. Providing an inclusive suite of technology and consulting solutions for AWS and it starts from determining business case moving towards AWS, designing, deploying and managing AWS innovations as well.


Microsoft Cloud

Banking on the proficient knowledge of Microsoft cloud application development,, cloud based web application, cloud mobile app development, we are developing new custom applications and migrating already existing applications to the cloud. As this is a preferable cloud platforms in the eyes of the professionals, so we are also dedicatedly harness all the skills for the implementation of all the techniques.


Sales Force

We, Cloud Applications Development company in Gurgaon setting up, configure and customized Salesforce to support business enterprises. Approval processes, email templates, and workflows for the purpose of business automation. Salesforce comes with the 100 % customer gratification and productivity. Through our prior experience in salesforce consulting services, we deliver results at minimal risk.


Google Cloud Platform

Offering you an inclusive range of innovative, architecture cloud application development blueprints and tools as well to assist you more efficiently on Google cloud platform, Google Cloud based Applications.By using optimal methodologies, coding, and innovative designs pattern to deliver excellent performance cloud applications and providing support for optimized cloud models.

Advantages of Cloud App

Most of the renowned companies have already moved to cloud.We are providing the Cloud Applications Development in Gurgaon. It increases efficiency, improve cash flow and deliver you propitious benefits. So if you have not move to cloud technology, then get to it now.


Low maintenance expenditure

We are the leading Cloud based Application Developers in Gurgaon. Pay as per the usage of services and nothing else for, which implicitly helps in planning your operational cash flows and other liabilities of the project. There is very low risk associated with the investment, which allows businesses to utilize the most innovative technology and serve clients within the budget or at a small fraction of cost.

Delivery on Multiple Devices

In this fierce competition, today’s customers want a user-friendly interface so that they can access services from any nook and corner and can interact they wish to. The application through the cloud enables you to design the applications for the devices preferred by clients.We provide the cloud based application services in Gurgaon.

Scalability & Elasticity

Cloud computing workloads should be able to function rapidly, automatically and seamless as well to realize the demands of dynamic marketplace. And all the factors which pave the way for these functions have to in the mind, while developing the applications for a specified business. And the service scale can be demand for the removal and addition of the resources if needed.


Shared virtual environments pave the way for new security threats since applications and data may no longer present in your data center. We have been making every possible effort to protect sensitive data through right application design and optimal controls through cloud computing applications.

Streamline processes

It can be counted as one of the prime benefits of the cloud computing because of the optimal and efficient use of all the resources. Applications are specifically developed to harness all the virtualized IT environments and can made business processes more efficient and bring prominent business value.

How We Do It?

Development and deploying process of the cloud applications, cloud based applications, cloud computing development requires careful assessment and planning for security, scalability, capacity and integration with other on-premise or cloud applications. And we are doing it with the fervor and dedication, to deliver you maximum benefits out of it.



Involves a painstaking research of all the leading platforms of cloud by the development team and identifying the optimal practices for the business objectives. Comprises of identifying databases and applications for cloud migration, cloud computing services, developing a cloud roadmap and strategy of migration, and determine how you can harness leading cloud platforms.


Designing applications for the cloud must be dealt with distinct approach. Offering solutions which bridge the cloud with the traditional enterprises functioning and cloud computing development, cloud based computing. Ensuring maximum benefits all the time, our architecture cloud patterns are optimal to handle handling failure, distributed users, scalability, and the huge data as well.


Leverage our development expertise to put yourself ahead with the innovative operations. We have taken the operation of the development of cloud application to another level through readymade cloud framework and 30+ reusable components. Having a keen understanding of the complexities of back-end systems, we implement what, which is best for the business.

Why us?


Peerless performance

Designed cloud based applications by our proficient developers are having the peerless ability to support multiple clients without negotiating on the high-functionality aspect. Comes with the ease of maintenance and leveraging all the resources, it also paves the way for an efficient application architecture. Apart from it managing the design flaws efficiently.


Elasticity and breadth

Bringing the different geographical location of your workplaces close to ensure a seamless communication on common projects. Though effective implementation of SaaS, we effectively weed out any aspect of miscommunication and the lag time generated through a massive traffic of emails. Putting all the terms and locations on the single platform through cloud computing.


Complete control

Though to develop and design cloud application is our discretionary, but we are delivering you a complete discretionary over the control and function. Our clients can access, subscribe and make changes to lower operational expenses and provide a superior user interface subsequently.


Cost Effective

Cloud applications development comes with an innovative option in which there is no need to install a software or license fees. Through this option, charges are only applicable as per the usage. Pay-per model developed by us gives your clients a greater flexibility and prevent the need of significant expenditures.


Focus on building great applications, not babysitting hardware

Utilizing the most advanced cloud enabled platforms and tools and the peerless skills in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, we build the high-customized and performing apps. Our customized apps deliver error free integration with systems like ERP, CMS, CRM, HRM, and the third party libraries as well.

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