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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy


Real Time Personalization

Real-time personalization, a sort of product-based delivery system that comes with real time contextual contents across different channels. We use this unique system to make emails more contextual to the readers through live contents. Using its customized features, we create a sort of urgency in customer’s mind and creating a call to action attitude.


Multi-Channel Marketing Intelligence Solution

Multi-channel marketing intelligence solution enables us to get the viewpoint and interest of your customers. Allows us to study their channel behavior, purchase behavior, and activity in relation to their demographic and psychographic information.


Schedule your Campaigns

Email campaigns always be more effective when to schedule it on the time when the audiences visits more oftenly. With our full support for scheduled sending, our clients can schedule the email campaign as per the time and date and with the immediate option as well.



Content is the prime aspect of our whole campaign because it can tempt the user attention at first and drive him/her to go through further. Here our content developers play their role and prepare the content as per the user attention and conscience. We write mails which can convey the message of your business.

Email Creation

E-mail creation is the first and foremost step of the email marketing campaign and all the further activities are relying on it. It is an ideal creation which is consortium of myriad factors, like – content, format, design, graphics and much more. Some of the factors of email creation follow by us are-

Email Marketing Process

Create professional emails in minutes

Earned a reputation in designing the most customized templates as per the business model. Choose any of our customized templates and make it yours with the easiest option of drag and drop editor. Add image, text, social buttons, and brand name to create a unique business email so that you will easily get recognized.

Automatically Redesign

Gone are the days when the email were used to open on the Pc. Today, they all are accessible on phones and tablets. On the similar lines, our templates are customized to be responsive on all the platforms. It always looks good irrespective of the device and automatically adaptable to the reader’s screen size.

Sign Up Forms & Welcome Emails

Turn every website visitor into customers through email subscription by adding a sign-up form or through sharing a link on social media to your form. Our keenly design sign-up forms also allows you to engage with the audiences through a welcome email that automatically generates and sent to the one who sign-up.

Email list Management

Our list management strategy rightly from filtering the contacts across multiple lists based on parameters such as interest, location and send emails to this particular segment. Apart from this we ensure you a zero presence of duplicate email addresses in your list and all the bounced emails will be removed from your list.

Google Analytics Integration

Our strategic email campaign can be easily tracked with Google Analytics. Providing you full integration for the total number of visits, goals, no of visitors in a particular span of time and e-commerce conversions as well.


Our emails are not just comprised of some content and a graphic, but we take it to another level and include many relevant features. Feature enabled email is undoubtedly the essential feature of any marketing, but features must be complement with the business vertical and that’s what we are doing.

Email Marketing Strategy

Great looking Custom Email Designs

Over a decade of experience in proficient graphic and web-design services backed by the experienced indefatigable web designers, we acquainted with the art of the communication through aesthetically designed emails. Our email designs are having the elements of utmost creativity and vibrancy that can tempt the attention of any viewer.

Enticing and Business Relevant Content

Our content developers are having a unique acumen to develop a strategic communication for your emailers. Our keen attention has always been on every part of the content, right from the mailer subject to the main body content. Knowing that what type of content can tempt the attention of which user and always functioning with a specific strategy.

Publishing Emails Online

Like others, our job function is not confined to deliver the email design. Converting the mail to HTML and assist you to publish the mail to your audiences for the better engagement. For the better experience, we have partnered with the leading mail service providers like Constant contact and MailChimp in emails publishing.

Subscriber Management

It is a constant function for us with the other strategies. Managing mail subscription can be proved a blunder, if not handled with the expertise. If you are looking for it the management of your subscriber list and want to create user segments, then come to us for an optimal solution.

Email Performance Tracking

You always love to hear how your whole email campaign performs. Including this reporting part in our strategy, we can help you to track the performance of your campaign on myriad counts. These reports can also assist you to improve conversions through email-marketing.

Benefits of E-mail Marketing


Talk to them with targeting

Craving to evident a significant increase in your email newsletters? Draw the particular segments of your database and specify the customer’s list as per their interest. Then subsequently send more business relevant messages to them, they will certainly more likely to respond and more likely to become prospective customers through your emails.


Get Immediate Response & Action

Through our designed campaign, it is very easy to send customized emails, and it is quick to see outcomes through real-time reports. Our campaign also allows us you to schedule email delivery time, when the audiences are more likely to engage. So that they can more likely to read and take prompt action on it.


Get More Referrals, More Easily

E-mail newsletters are easy to send/forward to other peoples. So your local customers can bring good prospects for your business my referring your service to their friends. And through ‘Join My Mailing list’ button on the website, it is become very easy for them to sign-up for your mailing list. Through this communication, these interested audiences can turn into loyal customers.


Boost Customer Communication

Email newsletters are fast and inexpensive to create as well. So it is a better tool to engage with someone than paper invitations. Our email services put you in the customer’s mind more deeply than regular emails. And through our engagement program, we will put you on top of the minds of people who want to hear from you.