iPhone App Development

Turn Your Ideas into Engaging iPhone Apps


Our methodology


Define project scope

Conjuring and building on ideas on the basis of painstaking results and single out what is the best fit for your mobile app requirement. We operate entirely on the strategies which clearly defined the project scope.


Assess feasibility within budget

At Technians, we effort a lot more than just developing iphone applications. We operate with cost- effective mobility solutions that always ensure a high return on your investment and you will get the full value for your money.


Analysis & Planning

Our application development goal is to maximize results with minimal work within a firm timeline without negotiating on the aspect of quality because for what we have been recognized as the most professional iphone app developers in the market.


App coding as per guidelines of Apple

Though giving maximum results in the short span of time is our foremost concern but that no means that we can use something out of the practice and legal system. Our apps certainly deliver you results because our coders firmly go as per the guidelines of Apple, and our results sustain for a time being.


Third Party API

We enhance app functionalities to the highest order by integrating robust third party APIs in iOS apps with different businesses; promising fast functionality, scalability and optimal performance all the time.

Our inclusive strategies

Everything we develop as a proficient iphone app developer is directed to provide our clients the best possible ROI and brand equity in the market. We built a professional team in order to keep every aspect of our process up to the mark. And this performance can be evident through our comprehensive strategy.


iPhone Enterprise Solutions

Custom mobile applications are having prime importance in the functioning of the enterprise and empower employees and customers with the key information. We can identify the optimal solution for enterprise mobility needs so that you can track every function on your fingertips and keeps pace the ongoing competition.

iPhone Data Security

Data protection is the prime reason that draws many firms to go mobile. Banking on your seasoned experience in developing iphone applications, we can guarantee you to address all your security concerns and providing the seamless and bug-free functioning as well. Keeping your sensitive information intact on the devices you want.

iPhone Marketing Application

Now businesses can operate through their applications and it allows them to engage the customers with their product. Providing you the marketing application that can track the audience activities on their iphone and allows us to make smart decisions as per the competition level. It works both ways, as audiences download your app and you can run a business as well.

iPhone Advertising Application

Deliver product information and advertisement to the end-users of the iphone has now become possible through the customized applications. It can be referred as the most engaging advertising platform for the business for the promotion. Any business can target and retarget the customers for the seamless communication. Our developers can help you out on this cause.

iPhone Entertainment and Gaming Applications

Iphone comes with the extensive capabilities such as accelerometer, GPS system, 3D rendering capabilities and much more; and it makes the iphone a perfect device for entertainment applications. Our development team has laid its focus on the same and making these apps by keeping a quality and utmost security.

Industries we serve

Our operations and strategy are not confined to serve to a single vertical. Our designed operations and skill set can go across all the verticals and serve them efficiently with the high prosperity.

Industries we serve


From payment reminders to account alerts and from welcome messages to bug alerts, our I-phone applications have specifically designed to encircle all these aspects. Providing a convenient and effective solution to access mobile banking services that can save a lot of time of yours.


These apps are basically destined to reduce the cost of healthcare through a set-up of error free communicative procedures like clinical workflows, prescription management, and hospital performance management. Through the optimal use of these apps, healthcare organizations can function flexibly, quickly, and on a less budget.


Delivering many applications for the Iphone platform which have e-commerce integration through web API’s to many clients around the world. Since all the e-commerce applications use third-party gateways for the payment so we have made our apps by using utmost levels of security.


Offering optimal and integrated solutions to the education industry in form of virtual classrooms. Our customized apps allow smooth communication between faculties and students, curriculum delivers to the some specific groups, promotion of college through social media integration, bringing new developments through creative apps.

Social Networking

Working with an ideal consortium of social networking and mobility solution, we are building online communities of people through our customized apps. Today, when mobility have recognized as the most preferred channel for delivery, we are harnessing this platform through Iphone applications.

News and magazine

Having a rich experience in delivering newspaper and magazine content on the devices through customized iphone apps. Aggregating large news items in a nutshell for the targeting users through interactive and relevant content. Presently, our clients are from the leading publication houses.

Our Capabilities


Maintenance and Back-end Support

Our indefatigable and seasoned experience in Iphone application development is at your service all the time and active to assist all the clients in deploying and administering all the applications seamlessly without any irregularity.


Fast and Robust Applications

Banking on the team work, our programmers make use of every optimal technique pertinent to swift coding to ensure seamless operation, secure and fast applications that can provide you an overwhelming experience on the I-phone.


UX/UY design

Our proficient team of designers work with keen attention with the clients to lay down the design of the app being developed to come up with an effective, engaging, intuitive design of an app. And this aspect has been covered up with without negotiating on other aspects.


Proven Methodologies

The seasoned experience of working with a client-base of distinct verticals and latest technologies has enabled us to operate with best functions and high-optimal methods.