Google added a new of displaying the location of the business in the title tags of the SERP page. This feature of location would immensely provide a positive impact on the local business.

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New Feature:

Google started showing locations initially in the Uk region. Locations are being added to the title tags at the end of it. It’s been seen that the locations are not originally been added in the title by the site owners. Google seems to help multiple local and small scale business through this.


Locations Are Added In The Title Tag
Locations Are Added In The Title Tag

Image Source: Search Engine Land


Following are the findings from the news:

  • Locations are only visible if the user has searched for company/agency/business.
  • The automatic location will only be shown if a user search query is not location-specific.
  • This feature comes under the On-page Content.


While having this feature sometimes it removes the important information from the title tag which is very crucial for the searcher according to site owners.




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