With their latest Amazon Seller services in news, it is now investing substantially in the advertising business in India for which it has conjured up a team of experts in Bengaluru who will create innovative products for advertising.


Why is such an innovation being built up?

According to Colleen Aubrey, global Vice-president of performance marketing there is the number of Indian sellers who are advertising on Amazon. Even, a number of India-first and India-focussed features are introduced by them.


What did Amazon say about this?

Colleen Aubrey said “We have a really strong team focused on India’s advertising business. Some of the India-focused features will be rolled out globally later. For instance, we enabled prepayment in India first, where sellers can set aside funds upfront for advertising,”

Branding with Amazon

Amazon is opening opportunities for those products who do not sell from their platforms to advertise on the platform as part of their brand building. These brands will be present through third-party sellers. Even such kind of project is run by Samsung successfully.

More on advertisements

Back in 2007 in India, Junglee, the Indian subsidiary was launched and that too at the time when advertising was not much of a concern for the platform. But, with growing competition in the market and to come above their rivals like Walmart, Amazon is considering the advertising section.

Amazon’s Current Status in Advertising

Its current share in display advertising is 2.5% in US and their self-service advertising products are available in 10 countries.


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