Electronic commerce company Amazon’s subsidiary, Amazon Web Services which provide cloud computing platforms has now displayed new machine learning tools along with few algorithms that can automate decisions and speech recognition to harden its dominant position over Microsoft and Alphabet in the fast-growing and profitable cloud-computing market.


Making Technology more Accessible

Amazon Web Services CEO, Andy Jassy has announced more than 20 new functions. The machine-learning capacities are planned to make the technology more accessible to developers who don’t have sufficient energy or assets to explore different avenues regarding it all alone.


To go after Amazon’s Market Share

AWS has top clients in each industry, however, Microsoft and Alphabet’s Google are utilizing their involvement in artificial intelligence and machine learning to pursue some of Amazon’s market share of the overall industry. While clients are keen on machine learning, many do not have the assets and mastery that the cloud organizations can give.


Introducing SageMaker

” Few companies own their own data centers, and those who do own have significantly smaller footprints. That means all of that data is moving to the cloud, said Jassy.”

Amazon introduced SageMaker, which provides popular tools for helping developers write, tune and deploy algorithms for tasks such as parsing data or recognizing images and speech.


AWS DeepLens

Amazon has showed off a device called AWS DeepLens that help developers understand and experiment with machine learning. This device programs a garage door to open when the camera recognizes a license plate number. The device also gives Amazon a look into how image- recognition technology is being used.

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