Previously introducing polls on Instagram, Facebook is now rolling out poll options on its platform for all the profile and Pages. Along with the user will be able to add GIFs and images to their Facebook polls that will generate more interest among them.

The New vs. Old Poll option

Users had access to simple polls in Groups on event Pages and Messenger. But the user could not add images and GIFs. This GIF and animation were brought about by Facebook on its profile picture as well. Since the testing of this new system, it will provide users with something new and generate more attention towards News Feed.


How is the new poll created?

Whenever a user wants to compose an update, he could see a new poll option and will get the option to attach an image or GIF in each field. The user can set a time limit for a day, week or for an infinite time. The time limit that is set could be viewed by all the users, encouraging them to participate faster. A list of voters could be viewed who all have participated in the voting event.



Beneficial for Advertisers/ Businesses

Polls will prove to be the much interesting experience for the users, keeping them engaged in the News Feed and Pages of the brand. This will also help in creating awareness among customers about some new upcoming brand, building a better connection with an event. This will also help in gaining feedback and look out for their demands. Recently, Facebook bought some change in their Ad analysis Option to help advertisers learning about different ad campaigns.

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