Facebook is on the move to release various updates to video publishing, which will enable users to upload multiple videos at the same time. Updates include:

  • Upgrades to Playlists
  • Updates to the Bulk uploader
  • New features for Bulk actions
  • New series feature

Upgrades To Playlists

Facebook is upgrading its playlists to offer users a better way to organize related content without setting up a new page.

Upgrades To Playlists
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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  • Control: Managers can make changes to the order in which users view videos in playlists.
  • Placement: Playlists are displayed attractively on your page.
  • Organization: A new easy, flexible way to organize your content.
  • Sharing: Sharing your playlist as a post in your news feed can be done easily.
  • Links: A specific URL is generated for each playlist so as to share with people in or outside Facebook

The page managers have the ability to make changes, create a new playlist from the creator studio.

Updates To Bulk Uploader

Facebook has improved its ability to upload up to 50 videos at a time to your page. While videos are uploading users can make changes to the description, title, put tags and other settings. Facebook has also improved the efficiency to schedule your post, you can choose the specific time you want your video to upload. Users can also choose to publish their uploaded videos at a regular interval. Say if you have 20 videos uploaded then you can choose to automatically publish one video per week, per day or any time duration you want.

Updates To Bulk Uploader
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

New Features For Bulk Actions

Facebook claims that its Bulk actions are very efficient editing tools that let page managers make changes to videos in bulk.

Facebook’s Bulk actions :

  • Bulk scheduling
  • RM lite and RM pro right managers
  • Ads in-stream
  • Edit features like adding tags, add captions, custom labels, and audience restrictions

Using Bulk actions is very convenient for users as you can choose a specific setting to multiple videos rather than doing it individually.


Facebook’s new feature “Series” is similar to its playlists, which allows users to explore video content. Creating a series of videos offers the same benefits as playlists along with a few unique features.

  • Users will be able to continue watching series in its Facebook watch.
  • The series episodes are displayed in the continue watching section on the series page.
  • Users can select specific episodes or seasons and can also resume watching from where they left off.

Facebook recommends using series when uploading a new collection of episodes.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Series is therefore designed for episodes that portray a story.

Videos Tab

Series and Playlists are put together in a new video tab that is there on all pages. The tab allows users to follow the page and stay updated about all new videos as when they are published.

Videos Tab
Image Source: Search Engine Journal




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