Facebook has very emotions to show on someone’s post but it sometimes creates a fight or even makes them jealous if someone gets a good amount of likes. Therefore, Facebook is trying to hide the like counts from the post. Facebook has started doing so by today only in Australia. A different test will be done on Instagram as official wants to update this on a different platform as well.  A post’s author can see the count but not everyone else who can see who gives reaction to that particular post.


Facebook-Removes Like-Counts
Facebook-Removes Like-Counts

Image Source:Techcrunch

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Now the like button and other emotions are still visible to everyone and the comment count will be there but the count of likes is shown as some people like it with others. Technically the person can open the list who liked the post and count themselves.


The motive of Facebook:

The main objective of facebook for doing this is that people should feel free before expressing themselves. Their main focus should be on the quality of the posts they are sharing and well they can connect with their people whom they cared for not just for the engagement they get on their posts. 

The expulsion of like count could likewise diminish group attitude, urging post’s author to choose for themselves to enjoy that without thinking to overcome some other author’s post. 


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