Facebook is detaching grey verified badges from the pages later this month. Grey verified badges show Genuity of the page. Page owners will receive notification for the same by this week through their pages.

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  1. Facebook grey verified badges for small businesses provides an easy way for them to show their authenticity in the market but after removing badges they have to put an extra effort to prove their authenticity.
  2. Marketers have to keep a regular check on other pages who are claiming of being associated with their company.
  3. According to facebook, to prove the Genuity of page, the page admins make sure that their information is completed with correct profile picture and up to date contact information.
  4. Facebook advises the page owners to post content on a regular basis as it shows the business is still running in the market.

More Information:

  1. This decision was taken on the user’s feedback who are unclear about what grey verified badge means says Facebook.
  2. This will not affect the blue verified badges of public figures, media companies, etc.
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