On their Social Good Forum, held in New York, Facebook declared their latest set of tools for non-profit and community organisations among which some has extended application beyond what they use to be. They are introducing a new program which will connect the mentors and mentees.

What Facebook has to say about their latest development?

“Mentorship and Support is a new product that connects people who may need support and advice to achieve their goals with people who have the expertise and experience to help. The mentee and mentor are matched by a non-profit partner organization and work through a step-by-step program on Facebook developed by the non-profit organization and tailored to the needs of the mentee.”


More features to look out for

They are also giving out charitable tools that will help people raise fund for a non-profit organisation. These tools were available in US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand.

About ‘Fundraisers API’

This is the feature which will help users in raising awareness among masses and also collect donations. Facebook commented “People will be able to sync their off-Facebook fundraising efforts to Facebook fundraisers, making it easier to tell friends and family about the causes they support on and off Facebook. When people connect their off-Facebook fundraising campaign with Facebook, it creates a Facebook fundraiser that syncs with their campaign page.”


Blood Donation Feature

Previously introduced, Facebook has now four million blood donors signed up to connect with the needy. They suggested that by early 2018, this feature will be expanded to Bangladesh where the blood donors are looked for every week like in India.

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