In order to attract more gaming content on the platform, Facebook is opening up a new tipping feature which will allow the users to donate money to their favoured game while it is live-streaming.


About the Gaming venture

After their latest debacle with trustworthiness of Pages and Publishers, Facebook is now focusing on the gaming market. Starting from assembling its partnership with Blizzard Entertainment who are popular for Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft back in 2016, the social networking platform launched live streaming via desktop previous year with their centralized focus on gaming. Moreover, Facebook also added a button to Messenger games that could broadcast the games via Facebook Live.

A Competitive Donation

With YouTube and Twitch offering similar in-stream payment options, Facebook is moving forward with same monetization options. The donation being made by the user is displayed through various symbols that reflects their status of support. Like in Twitch, there are animated icons for every amount the user donates.

While in YouTube, through the ‘Super Chat’ feature, the colour on the comment and the time till which it remains on the screen depicts the amount being donated.

The Inspiration and Future

Though Facebook is much keen to on encouraging gaming, it has not cleared on the amount of tip that could be donated. Given the already existing popularity of gaming space, Twitch which boasts 15 million daily active users with 106 minutes of videos watched per day, Facebook is keen to encourage such a feature. But, it is still unclear whether the tipping will be restricted to gaming only or could be extended to other live-streaming options.


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