Facebook is working on a new app to help former prisoners reintegrate into society, as it seems to add more tools to serve a broad scope of the community.


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

According To A Report

A promotion for new software called The Re-Entry App was shared at the top of some users’ Instagram feeds on Wednesday. The notification, proposing help with “preparing for life after prison with community support,” asked users to click for early access to try the app and provide feedback.

Becky Abraham a Twitter user posted this picture of the Instagram alert that she was served in the app.

Facebook, therefore, confirmed the test, stating that the alert was made public unintentionally. Facebook further states that the app is created “to help close gaps faced by those in marginalized communities across our apps”. Facebook has noted previously that the company wants to start “building products to advance racial justice”. A report also states that Instagram has an equity team that focuses on creating “new features that respond to the needs of underserved communities.”


Considering this, the development of a reintegration app does make sense, but there will be concerns as to how Facebook uses the data and where exactly such details are being stored, and who has the access. It seems to be a risky move but it depends on the full development of how the app is set up and what it is designed to.

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