On December 5, Google updated its quality raters guidelines. Google added a page in the guidelines which makes it of 168 pages at present. Earlier Google updated the guidelines on 5 Septemeber this year only. The revisions majorly focus on diversity, impartiality and pertained to language.

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Key Changes Made In The Guidelines

  • The Search Experience:

The guidelines are now started with 0.0 section which covers the search experience. It includes why people conduct searches and in which they perform the act.

  • Removal O Rater Bias:

Retitling segment 0.2, another section was added training evaluators to put together their appraisals with respect to the directions and examples that show up in the rules.

  • People And Political Affiliations:

Two paragraphs within section 14.6  received small, but meaningful additions in which “people” have been replaced with “users” and political has been added that provides new diversity.

Search Quality Raters Guidelines Download PDF



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